PayPal Credit: how it works, fees, and the interest-free loan offer

Online shoppers can get a four-month interest-free loan, or rather finance, in a matter of minutes. However, there are several pitfalls to watch out for.

If you want a cheap or interest-free lend then your options are limit – and PayPal Credit is on that shortlist .
Since 2016, the payments provider has allowed shoppers to borrow from it to make purchases, allowing PayPal to function as an online-only credit rating poster .
Like a citation menu, if you pay your remainder within a adjust menstruation, you don ’ thyroxine catch charged interest .
For purchases above £99, however, this interest-free time period shoots up to four months ; you just need to make minimum repayments.

so, what ’ s the catch ? Well, PayPal Credit has many of the pitfalls that apply to credit cards, plus a few singular concerns .
We ’ ll now run through PayPal Credit ’ s pros and cons, and the alternatives .
Compare credit cards (Image: CTM)

Apply with caution

Most people think of PayPal as a payments supplier ; it takes a minute to set up an report and start shopping .
The PayPal Credit application imprint is satiny – you can receive your credit limit on the same day, unlike a credit calling card – but it does involve a wide credit check .
Unlike the soft credit check used by comparison sites, a full arrest impacts your credit rat, even if you get approved for the product .
That could make it more unmanageable to get credit rating cards, a mortgage or certain bank accounts .
A full credit check could impact your credit rating (image: Shutterstock)
unfortunately, PayPal Credit doesn ’ triiodothyronine give an indication of whether you ’ ll be approved advance .
It does list criteria, which includes :

  • Being 18 or over and a UK resident;
  • Being employed and having an annual income of over £7,500;
  • Not recently declaring bankruptcy;
  • Having a ‘good’ credit history.

If you have a hapless credit history or plan to apply for a mortgage soon, badly consider whether you actually need PayPal Credit before risking your recognition rat .
You might want to wait and build your recognition history rather ( here ’ s how ) .

Four-month interest-free offer

If you spend more than £99 in a single transaction, PayPal Credit gives you four months interest-free to pay it off .
This can save you a huge sum, because PayPal ’ second interest pace, although lower than some credit cards and overdrafts, is a considerable 21.9 % APR .
You need to meet minimal repayments : 2 % of the great balance, or £5, whichever is higher ( on clear of your monthly instalments ), or hazard £12 former payment fees .
And you ’ ll want to pay off your entire balance before the four months end .
Getting finance at a memory ’ south checkout international relations and security network ’ t new, of course, and Argos, John Lewis and many others offer interest-free payment periods, many improving to 12 months.

But each of these involves filling in a form and a wax accredit check : with PayPal Credit you need alone do this once, and not have to keep respective payment plans in thinker .
furthermore, having the exemption to shop anywhere that accepts PayPal ( excluding a few gambling outlets ) makes it more probably you ’ ll find the cheapest translation of what you ’ rhenium looking for .
That ’ s besides why you should avoid rent-to-own stores, which frequently mark up the original prices of items they offer, so it ’ ll monetary value you more even if you avoid paying interest .
An investigation by the FCA found an electric cooker worth £300 being sold at £1,044 with citation .
If you ‘re struggling with debt, here ‘s where you can get aid .
Man using a credit card. (Image: Shutterstock)

Compared to a credit card

If you don ’ triiodothyronine judgment undergoing a credit check and want to shop anywhere, including physical shops, why not get a recognition calling card ?
The best 0 % purchase cards allow you to pay no interest for up to 24 months, even on sub-£99 purchases .
There are even credit builder cards with interest-free purchases for those with a hapless credit rat who wouldn ’ metric ton be eligible for PayPal Credit .
Where PayPal Credit has the edge is in its relative appliance and simplicity. The application process is promptly, and you could receive your credit on the same sidereal day, rather than waiting days for blessing and card rescue .
besides, PayPal ’ s One Touch function makes checkout quick than using a calling card .
It ’ south simple to use as the four-month menstruation from PayPal applies every meter you spend more than £99, whereas once the initial interest-free time period on a 0 % purchase card ends, you must pay interest on newfangled purchases .
It ‘s besides worth noting that, like a credit card, PayPal Credit provides Section 75 protection from faulty items or failing companies ( unlike usual PayPal payments ) .
Over the long term, PayPal Credit ’ randomness limited functionality could become irritating – you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use it in physical stores or places that don ’ t accept PayPal, or as deposits for rental cars or hotels, for exemplify .

PayPal scams

There are many ways to get scammed, but PayPal users are peculiarly targeted .
Whilst you ’ d normally entirely lose the money in your PayPal wallet, with PayPal Credit you have a credit limit ( which varies depending on your individual circumstances ) ; so, if you ’ re scammed, the results could be black.

Phishing scams, which purport to be from PayPal, could ask you to provide your login information .
If you use PayPal on eBay, besides look out for overpayment and advance tip fraud. We ’ ve put together a lead to PayPal scams which you can read hera .
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