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What Is a bind Broker ?

A attachment agent is a agent who executes nonprescription ( OTC ) and listed bond trades on behalf of investors or traders. Bond brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of debt securities, keeping the identities of both parties at the end of the transaction anonymous, and earning a commission for their services. Brokers often communicate with traders online or over the telephone in order to obtain quotes from counterparies to a trade .

Key Takeaways

  • A bond broker is a financial intermediary that matches buy and sell orders in the fixed income market, on behalf of their clients.
  • Bond brokers often engage in over-the-counter transactions, which may include larger commissions or mark-ups than more liquid listed products.
  • Bond markets are often more complex and opaque than stock markets, making the role of a broker for information and price discovery more crucial.

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Understanding bond Brokers

Purchasing Treasury securities does not require the services of a bond broke as this can easily be done through the on-line Treasury platform called Treasury Direct. however, to purchase municipal bonds and corporate bonds, investors must do so through a agent. A bond broke, then, is an mediator between buyers and issuers or sellers of bonds. :

The broker trades bonds on the trade floor of an exchange or in the over-the-counter ( OTC ) markets and buys and sells alliance securities on behalf of investors in exchange for commissions. bond brokers make money off the gap at which they exchange bonds between traders, and take little risk in the process since brokers typically do not hold long or short-circuit positions in bonds. For exemplar, if a broker purchases a adhere for $ 98 and sells it for $ 99, he earns a ranch of $ 1 on the transaction .

bind Market Considerations

There is a lack of price transparency for bonds, compared to the prices for fairness securities. Bond brokers may take advantage of this fact by marking up the chemical bond ’ south monetary value. A markup is when a agent buys a bind at a low price, then soon thereafter resells it to an unaware customer at a higher price. The agent makes his money from the scatter of the bargain and sell transaction. While bail brokers are entitled to a 1 % -2 % markup for their trade services and discretion, the dispersed might be excessively excessive ( if greater than 5 % ), creating a dispute of interest between a alliance broke who wants to sell bonds at a senior high school price and a customer who wants to buy them at a low price. Since commission costs and the size of the markup are hidden, an investor must ensure that s/he is informed and knowing about the bond and the price crop in which the bonds should be trading .

Though adhere brokers play a key role in maintaining the anonymity of buyers and sellers in the bond marketplace, as calculator systems improvement, some of these duties have become disused. As for nowadays, homo interaction still plays an crucial function in much of bail deal .

bond Broker Certifications

One major necessity before person can become a chemical bond broke is to pass the General Securities Representative Exam, normally called the Series 7 examination, which is offered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ( FINRA ) and allows brokers to engage in the buy and sale of securities. Before the examination can be taken, the candidate in motion has to be sponsored by a broker/dealer firm. This prerequisite makes it necessary for anyone who desires to be a agent to first seek an internship or employment with a brokerage house firm. After Oct. 1, 2018, Series 7 candidates will besides have to take the Securities Industry Essentials exam before sitting for the Series 7 .

additionally, most states require brokers to take the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination, normally known as Series 63. As the name suggests, the examination deals with the laws and regulations of the state that regulate fiscal securities .

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