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If you ’ re a veteran and a clientele owner, you ’ ve probable looked into a veteran-owned business certification in the past. You ’ ve besides probably found the wholly process confusing. There are a count of ways to get certified, and considering the substantial time commitment, it may not seem worth it to go through the march. veteran-owned business certification however, becoming a certified veteran-owned company can help you win more business from both politics agencies and corporations. It can besides be used as a market tool to help you reach potential customers that want to support veterans. Read on for :

  1. Why you should certify
  2. What you need to qualify
  3. A breakdown of the different types of certifications
  4. How you certify

Why should I register?

The basal rationality to register your occupation as veteran-owned is to win more business. specifically, both government agencies and many big corporations set aside a certain sum of business each year for veteran-owned businesses ( vitamin a well as women and minority-owned firms ). To compete for contracts from government agencies, the certification serve is pretty time consuming. however, if your small occupation focuses on selling to government agencies it ’ s worth the time and attempt. Corporations will besides prioritize giving business to veteran-owned companies. For example, closely 15 % of Fortune 1000 companies have set goals to give business to veteran-owned businesses. The procedure of registering as a veteran-owned supplier for corporations tends to be less time consuming than the process for government agencies. additionally, many businesses and consumers like to prioritize purchasing from veteran-owned businesses, so getting your business listed on more consumer-facing sites like can help you reach a larger group of likely customers. The process of getting listed is pretty dim-witted compared to some of the other authentication options.

How do I qualify for a veteran-owned business certification?

To be eligible for most veteran-owned business certifications, your commercial enterprise must be :

  • More than majority (51%) owned by a veteran
  • Veteran owner must have been honorably discharged from service
  • Veteran owner must be involved in management and daily business operations

If you ’ re looking to qualify for the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business ( SDVOSB ), you must meet the above standard. In addition, the veteran business owner will need to prove a service-connected disability ( which should be included in your discharge paperwork ) .

What are the different ways to get certified?

There are a few different levels of certification. To compete for national government agency contracts, you will need to get either veteran-owned humble clientele ( VOSB ) certified, or SDVOSB certified via the Vets First Verification Program. The verification process includes submitting occupation ownership-related paperwork, your ethical discharge papers, and a federal review. If you ’ re looking to be included on national registers of veteran-owned businesses to attract employment from early private businesses, you plainly need to register with the National Veteran Owned Business Association as a Certified Veteran ’ second Business Enterprise ( VBE ). As mentioned above, you should besides consider listing your occupation on websites like

Beyond specific veteran clientele owner programs, there are besides broader contracting aid programs with the union government that you are eligible for as a veteran business owner. Check out the SBA web site for the full tilt of programs you may besides qualify for .

Are there other resources for veteran-owned businesses?

SCORE, a non-profit administration ( and OnDeck partner ) that provides resources to help entrepreneurs grow their commercial enterprise, has besides pulled together educational articles for veterans – check them out. Want to learn more about how one of our veteran customers jumped into entrepreneurship after serving ? Check out our customer narrative, “ From Summer Worker to Business Owner : Curtis deLagerheim & Grinders 13. ”

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