Become a Distributor: Wholesale Clothing Distributor

We, Alanic Clothing, are driven with the quest to satiate the retailers and occupation owners with the trendy and advanced scope of fashion clothe pieces and accessories in majority. We as a celebrated fashion boutique in USA is expanding and we continue to add one feather after another to our hat. We call out to all entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the boom invest industry and to all commercial enterprise owners wishing to expand their business to become one of our wholesale fashion distributors. We have a potent network all over the globe and are confront in Australia, China, Canada and Saudi Arabia .

Who can become our distributor?

We are one of the top-class sweeping clothing companies that have an international think of and can offer our products and services to be utilized as you please. Our manufacture hub offers total and guarantee provision to buy our fashion clothes, gymnasium wear, seaworthiness fashion tire in majority at exciting and cheap wholesale price rates and finally supply them to different markets .

There are two ways through which the distributors can work

  • You can be our priced wholesale clothing distributors and spruce up the stocks of the retail stores
  • You can also be an autonomous and independent body to sell the products directly to people, keeping a profit margin for yourself

If you associate with us as a distributor, apart from constantly supplying fresh stocks of clothing items, we besides guarantee fabulous ROI and lucrative rewards. You will besides be assured to receive up-to-date services from our deft team.

How to become our distributor?

To activate our plan of being a distributor, you have to follow the simple steps.

  • The business account application form is to be filled with your major and specific details, so that we can have an idea about your venture.
  • Your eligibility and business policies will be studied by our team on receiving thus, and we will take things further.
  • For proposal discussion, you have to contact us to give us an idea of your bulk requirement. On this framework we will satisfy your demands with a complementing product designing that match the market
  • To get the distributor kit and wholesale price, you have to submit a quotation request.

Why chose us to become a distributor?

Being hailed as the think of sweeping dress manufacture hub, you can rely on us for the most ace products, exuding stylistic details and high- choice comfortable materials. We have the widest array of trendy, fashionable clothe items ranging from blistering dresses in a broad palette of designs and colors and we are creating ripples with our fitness-fashion apparel collection and to make a position in the business, with huge dollar volume and maximal profits, be our clothe distributor .
We are a wholesale hub that is equipped with best transport services to supply the products to anywhere within the stipulate deadline. Our products have already secured their position in the fashion scene, with enormous need and appeal .

What we offer?

  • We serve you with the basic services in a hassle-free manner.
  • The products reflect high quality, with longevity and perfect tailoring.
  • Match your specific requirements with our sartorial customisation options.
  • Pre and post-sale support with no- compromise attitude.
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