California landscaping license and insurance requirements

Becoming a licensed California landscape architect makes it possible to take on better projects and potentially increase your income. According to the California Landscape Contractors Association, a accredited landscape contractor earns an average of $ 72,000 a year .
To get this license, you ’ ll need to pass two exams and pay the needed fees. Although the requirements for landscaping contractors in California are reasonably rigorous, the benefits of becoming licensed are well worth the effort and investment .
In this lead, we ’ ll base on balls you through the process of obtaining the necessity license and indemnity to get your landscape business up and running in the Golden State .
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How to become a landscaper in California 

California requires landscapers to have adequate trail, education or know before they can begin working independently. Getting a C-27 license is one of the most authoritative steps in this procedure. You ’ ll besides need to pay the ask fees for your license and obtain policy to protect your business .
Although these steps can seem intimidating at first, this template will walk you through the action, so you know precisely what you need to fulfill the requirements for professional landscape in California .

What are the requirements to get a landscaping license in California?

California has rigid requirements to become a license landscape architect. In addition to applying for a California landscaping license, you need to pass two exams that cover the many aspects of running a landscaping business .

C-27 license for California landscaping contractors

similar to general contractors in California, landscapers need a contractor license to operate. The peculiarity class C license for landscaping contractors is the C-27 license .
Issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs ’ Contractors State License Board, the C-27 landscaping contractor license covers all work that improves grounds “ aesthetically, architecturally, horticulturally or functionally. ” With this license classification, you can construct, maintain, repair or install landscaping projects. It besides allows for subcontracting landscape work .
To get your C-27 license, you ’ ll need :

  • To be at least 18 years of age
  • A Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Four years of journeyman-level experience
  • A professional reference who can attest to your experience, such as a foreman or supervisor

You may be able to substitute a associate college degree for up to three years of work experience. California contractor license reciprocality options are available for accredited landscapers from Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada .
Depending on the type of work you do, you may besides need a Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Certification from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation .

California landscaping contractor exams

Like all contractors in the state of matter, landscaping contractors must pass two exams to obtain a license : a jurisprudence and occupation examination and a trade examination .
The law and clientele examination will test you on business management and construction law. This examination includes eight major sections :

  1. Business organization
  2. Business finances
  3. Employment requirements
  4. Bonds, insurance and liens
  5. Contract requirements and execution
  6. Licensing requirements
  7. Safety
  8. Public works

The trade examination focuses on landscaping skills and abilities. It covers six major landscaping categories :

  1. Planning and estimating
  2. Construction preparation
  3. Hardscape installation
  4. Drainage, irrigation, lighting and plant installation
  5. Maintenance and repair
  6. Safety

Both of these are multiple-choice, closed-book examination. The California contractor licensing display panel provides helpful report guides with suggest resources to review before the test :

How much does it cost to get a California landscaping license?

The California contractor licensing circuit board requires the follow fees for landscaping licenses :

  • License application: $330
  • License fee: $200

You ’ ll besides have to get fingerprints taken at a live Scan web site before you can receive your license. The fees for this process entire around $ 50 .

Landscaping license bond

In orderliness to obtain a landscaping license, CA contractors must have a $ 15,000 shackle written by a surety caller licensed through the California Department of Insurance. This adhesiveness covers possible damage, license law violations and amateur wages for employees .

Insurance requirements for California landscapers 

All California landscape contractors with employees must have workers ’ compensation policy. If you don ’ t have any employees, you can file a Workers ‘ Compensation Insurance Exemption form, but you wo n’t have wage security and early benefits if you get hurt on the job. Liability indemnity is besides required if you own a specify liability company ( LLC. )
Although the department of state only requires California business policy for certain situations, most landscapers get insurance coverage to protect their business from fiscal risk. In accession, clients frequently require that a landscape architect has adequate indemnity before a cultivate project can begin .
The succeed types of landscape indemnity are highly recommended for contractors in California .

General liability insurance 

General liability policy provides coverage for damage to person else ’ second property american samoa well as accidents that hurt person early than you or your employees .

Workers’ compensation insurance 

The state of matter requires all businesses with employees to have workers ’ comprehensive examination indemnity. It helps to cover checkup bills and lost wages if you or one of your employees gets hurt on the job .

Professional liability insurance 

If a customer accuses you of making a mistake, professional liability indemnity can help with reimbursement and legal defense costs .

Commercial auto insurance 

If you use a fomite for workplace, commercial car indemnity can help with costs related to collision repairs, checkup expenses and other damage-related costs .
Tools and equipment insurance provides protection for the gear you use on the job. You ’ ll get help with repair and substitution costs for damaged or stolen gear .

Commercial property insurance 

If you own or lease any property for your landscaping business, including storage space, commercial property policy can help cover costs related to damage or vandalism .

How NEXT supports California landscapers

adjacent makes it easy to protect your landscaping business. With our on-line services, we ’ ll help you assemble an indemnity software that ’ s customize fair for you. That means you ’ ll entirely pay for the indemnity your business needs for fiscal protective covering and fulfilling California license requirements.

once you ’ ve selected your policy policies and applied for coverage, you can get a Certificate of Insurance instantaneously. The whole work takes less than 10 minutes and provides the validation of insurance coverage you need to compete for the best landscape projects .
Because we specialize in small business policy, NEXT is the best place to get coverage. We ’ ve helped thousands of contractors get low-cost landscaping insurance from the convenience of a calculator or mobile device .
Get an clamant quote on-line nowadays.

Find more information on landscaping license requirements in other states .

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