How To Get A Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License

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Learn how to become a mortgage lend military officer in Massachusetts, choose mortgage license courses, and get an NMLS license .

Steps to Getting a Mortgage License in Massachusetts

To sell mortgages, you need to be licensed as a mortgage loan originator ( MLO ). This is besides sometimes called a “ loanword policeman ” or “ mortgage broke. ” Each country has its own license requirements for becoming a mortgage loan originator. All states use the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System ( NMLS ) to track MLO license. To do business as a mortgage lend originator, you need to :

  1. Apply for an NMLS account and ID number.
  2. Complete your Massachusetts mortgage Pre-license Education (“PE”).
  3. Pass a licensing exam.
  4. Apply for your Massachusetts mortgage license though the NMLS.
  5. Complete background checks and pay all fees.
  6. Associate your NMLS account with an employer.

1) Create Your NMLS Account

You can get started with this step right now ! By starting an NMLS report, you will be assigned an NMLS Unique Identifier ( “ NMLS ID ” ) which will be your license phone number for the rest of your mortgage career. You will need this total before you take any education or do business. Coordinate your bill universe with your future employer .
Create your NMLS account here .

2) Complete Your Massachusetts Pre-License Education

Before you can get your Massachusetts mortgage license, you need to take required pre-license courses. These help you learn mortgage laws and procedures. Each state has unlike mortgage education requirements for doing clientele. If you work for a non-bank initiation ( a “ mortgage party ” ), you must get licensed in each submit that you want to do business in. The SAFE Act requires that you take 20 hours of pre-license education at a minimum. Some states have extra mortgage license requirements. Visit the NMLS web site for a complete list of express requirements .
Massachusetts Education Requirements: Take 20 hours of pre-license department of education and pass a license examination. MLO pre-license education must include a 3-hour Massachusetts state-specific elective .
Shop Courses

3) Pass a Licensing Exam

After your education is completed and recorded, you need to schedule an appointment to take your license examen at a testing facility. This is sometimes called the “ safe quiz ” or “ MLO examination ”. This examination is administrated by Prometric. Follow the guides below to schedule your examination :

How to schedule your examination
Exam scheduling promptly lead
Contact Prometric at 1-877-671-6657 or visit their web site .

4) Apply for a License

You will need to complete and submit an application for a mortgage lend origin license via the NMLS web site. ( note : The mortgage caller you plan to work for may fill out your application for you. Please check with them before submitting any paperwork. )
How to apply for a license

5) Background Checks

As part of your application process, most states require you to get a criminal background check, resign fingerprints, and present to a credit rating report :

How to request a background check

6) Get Hired

Although you may already be working close with your fresh employer, your NMLS record will need to be associated with your employer before you can receive a mortgage lend license and do business .
How to sponsor your nmls phonograph record

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