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The air travel wiretap can be infectious and drives people who ’ ve caught the microbe into careers like flight attendant, aircraft care, publicize traffic control, and of course, navigate. Those who choose to become pilots and learn the ins and outs of flying planes must climb the ladder by earning pilot ’ s licenses, staying up to date on the latest aviation trends and equipment through annual train, and possibly becoming a flight teacher to gain clock and experience. If you want to be hired as a individual jet pilot program, you ’ ll follow this course to get started on your career .

Learning to Fly
The Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) dictates the qualifications for original licenses. One of those qualifications is completing a fit number of train hours before you ’ re eligible to apply for the license. The number of training hours varies the character of license you ’ rhenium prosecute. If you start with a sport pilot program security, you ’ ll need fewer hours than for the private original security but there will be restrictions on the type of aircraft you are permitted to fly. This is a road you can take to get the basics while ensuring flying is for you .
Learning to fly can be costly, but there are a number of ways to go about it:

Attend flight school. These institutions specifically train people to learn to fly planes of all sizes. Their pre-set course of study means you get robust and comprehensive examination aim .

Hire a individual flight teacher. This will take more legwork to find person who can teach you one-on-one .

Join the military. People who want to become pilots frequently find that a good route to take is with the armed forces, most frequently the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Navy .

Earn a bachelor ’ s degree in aviation from an accredit university. many four-year universities offer an aviation program that includes flight train and licensure .
Earning a Private Pilot Certificate
To become a private pilot program, you must meet the qualifications that the FAA sets forth for Private Pilot Certificates. You must be at least 17 years of age and must pass both a written cognition test and practical fledge test. Earning this license allows you to legally fly a minor aircraft by yourself, in and out of all civil airports, vitamin a long as the aircraft you fly is appropriately rated .
The FAA requires secret pilots to complete 40 hours of training under an FAA-certified teacher. You can spread this trail out over prison term, or complete it in a few weeks. It ’ s ultimately up to you how you want to pursue your train. Flight train includes aircraft maneuvers, seafaring, hand brake procedures, and flight plan.

An authoritative thing to know about a secret pilot burner license is that you can not be paid to fly an aircraft if you hold only this license. You will need to continue working toward other licenses. But since it ’ s where you start, you can learn more about the secret aviation industry .
Earning a Commercial Pilot License
If you want to be hired and paid to fly private business jets, you will need a commercial pilot license. To do therefore, you must be at least 18 years honest-to-god, pass all the ask examinations set forth by the FAA, log a minimum of 250 hours of flight clock, and earn a second-class aesculapian certificate .
Because occupation jets must fly in all types of weather, you will need to take and pass an instrument rat ( IFR ) course, and your certify flight teacher must endorse you as a heavy fly. You must besides pass your ground school courses, check-ride with an FAA teacher, and pass a multi-engine check ride. For the latest requirements, visit the FAA web site .

Where to Get Hired
There are a few ways you can go about getting hired to fly private business jets. First, you can apply to jet card or charter jet companies. These companies handle every aspect of coal-black ownership but sell flights to individuals or companies looking to travel regularly and more privately than on commercial airlines .
second, you can apply to companies that own their own secret jets. normally, these are larger organizations whose executives travel frequently and require their own personal original and crowd to operate the jets they own instantaneously.

If you have the means, you can besides purchase your own jet and lease flights yourself, although doing so requires further cognition of the aviation industry beyond flying planes .
regardless of how you end up getting hired, the integral foundation of your new career is earning the needed certificates and endorsements .
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