Georgia Registered Agents

Georgia Registered Agents

Georgia Registered Agent Requirements

All corporations and LLCs formed or registered to do business in Georgia are required to maintain a Georgia register office and a Georgia registered agent .

What is a Georgia Registered Agent?

Georgia registered agents are a person or entity designated by a company to receive official communications on its behalf. many Georgia registered agents are companies in the clientele of being a cross-file agentive role. Others are merely individual residents of the State of Georgia. All registered agents in Georgia must have a physical presence in the state and occupy the register office address during normal business hours to accept service of march on behalf of companies listing that person or company as their resident agent. That means register agents can not have a P.O. box as their registered office ; they must have a physical address where they can accept official notices and mail .

Why You Need a Georgia Registered Agent:

You need to know when person notifies you. When you create a corporation or LLC, you are creating an entity without the ability to communicate on its own. A register agent in Georgia accepts communication on behalf of a Georgia business entity and ensures those responsible for the entity are made mindful of the detect or service of process the agent has received on entity ’ s behalf .
The necessity to designate a Georgia registered agent may seem like an inconvenience, but you ’ re forming a company ; a company that people might have problems with and may get sued someday. It ’ south significant to have a authentic way to be notified when person needs to contact you with a legal problem or tax notice. That ’ sulfur why Georgia registered agents are authoritative.

Change Your Georgia Registered Agent

Changing registered agents in Georgia is a simple and cheap process. All that is required is to file an annual adjustment on-line with the Georgia Secretary of State. The registration costs $ 50. The change of read agentive role normally takes about a day for the secretary of state to action .

How to Become a Registered Agent in Georgia

The main necessity of being a record agent in Georgia is that you have a physical address in Georgia where you can accept physical mail from work servers. That means you must have an actual address—not a virtual office or P.O. box—where you ’ ll be available to receive serve of process during convention clientele hours. If you meet those qualifications, then you could use your own office in Georgia and list your own name as the record agent .

Why use Registered Agents Inc. in Georgia?

  1. Experience
    We’re one of the largest registered agent service providers in Georgia. This is what we do—every day, all day.
  2. Reliability
    We handle service of process every day. Through high-class design and experience, we have been able to eliminate errors from our systems.
  3. Speed
    We scan your legal documents to you in real time from our registered office in Georgia.
  4. Quality Address
    Our addresses are commercial offices focused purely on registered agent service.
  5. Quality Service
    We may not be the cheapest, but we are and will always be the premium choice.

Registered Agents Inc. is the nation ’ second premier supplier of Georgia registered agent service. Whether you ’ re a law firm seeking high-end registered agentive role serve for your clients, or modest business seeking the ability to expand or launch a company in Georgia, Registered Agents Inc. is the correctly registered agent agent for you .

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