How To Become a TSA Agent in 7 Steps (Plus Skills To Develop)

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How To Become a TSA Agent in 7 Steps (Plus Skills To Develop)

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November 11, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail The locomotion industry relies on the expertness of many professionals to function properly. This includes transportation professionals, travel agents, cordial reception workers and exchangeable professionals. One specific character of exile professional is those who specialize in security, such as TSA agents. In this article, we explain what a transportation security administration agent is and does, outline how to become a TSA agentive role, list significant skills for these agents to develop and discuss the wage, career expectation and influence environment for these professionals. Related : 15 Jobs in the tourism industry

What is a TSA agent?

A Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) agent oversees the safety of passengers as they travel. They ‘re responsible for screening passengers, baggage and cargo to look for security threats. They enforce travel regulations and ensure all travelers and baggage comply with these regulations. Related : 12 TSA Agent Job Titles ( With Primary Duties and Salaries )

What does a TSA agent do?

While claim duties may vary, some common responsibilities of a TSA agent may include :

  • Answer traveler questions and provide them with guidance
  • collaborate with other law enforcement officers to complete investigations
  • guarantee the safety and security system of all travelers and areas
  • Evaluate screening images to look for abnormalities
  • Identify dangerous objects in bags or on passengers
  • Managing herd of travelers and redirecting them for efficiency
  • Monitor travelers for likely threats
  • Operate visualize equipment and electronic detection devices
  • Patting down travelers when necessary
  • Perform extra test on items to confirm hazardous materials

How to become a TSA agent

here are the steps to follow for how to become a transportation security administration agentive role :

1. Finish your education

Becoming a TSA agent requires earning at least a high school diploma or GED. While not a prerequisite, you may besides consider pursuing a college academic degree. Possessing an companion or bachelor ‘s academic degree may help better prepare you for your function and distinguish you from other applicants. Consider earning a degree in an area like :

  • criminal judge
  • criminology
  • political skill
  • sociology

Related : 15 Top Criminal Justice Degrees ( With Salaries )

2. Obtain relevant experience

Pursue opportunities to gain relevant experience that may help you prepare for the function. For exercise, working as a security guard duty may help you develop authoritative skills. besides, working for the TSA may be a feasible career choice for people who have previous military or law enforcement experience .

3. Search for jobs

Begin looking for jobs with the TSA. Common examples of where to look may be U.S. government websites and the TSA web site. Review job opportunities, and learn more about the requirements for each job .

4. Satisfy the requirements

Working for the TSA involves meeting sealed requirements. The constitution requires employees to be at least 18 years old, be U.S. citizens, have a high educate diploma and have proficiency in the english speech. As you progress through the application process, it may besides involve passing tests like :

5. Attend the interview

As you apply for roles, the TSA may invite you to complete an interview. This may be an in-person or call consultation. During the interview, the lease coach may ask you questions about your competencies related to the job performance, your former exercise experience, your skills and like topics. Related : 8 Essential TSA Interview Questions ( And How To Answer Them )

6. Complete training

Upon hire, it ‘s important to complete your coach. This may involve completing approximately 120 hours of classroom, on-line and on-the-job coach and passing extra tests. train may teach you about topics like :

  • Biometrics
  • Bottle liquid scanners
  • check baggage searches
  • explosive detection or tracing systems
  • explosive testing machinery operation
  • Imaging engineering
  • individual screenings
  • Paperless board passes
  • property searches
  • Threat image protrusion
  • x-ray mathematical process

7. Maintain certification

once you become a TSA agent, it ‘s significant to maintain the certifications you earn during discipline. This may involve continuous education with related tests annually, and it may require third-party evaluations. Continuing department of education courses help ensure you ‘re familiar with the latest security protocols and find your job excite .

TSA agent skills

Some all-important skills for TSA agents to develop admit :

  • adaptable : It ‘s authoritative for TSA agents to be able to respond cursorily to promptly threats. Being adaptable helps them change their actions based on the changing needs, enabling them to best protect travelers .
  • Customer service : a lot of a TSA agentive role ‘s work requires them to work with the public directly. It ‘s all-important they have excellent customer service skills to know how to speak with and assist travelers .
  • observant : Being observant and having excellent attention to detail helps TSA agents examine screenings cautiously to identify any likely causes for refer. This skill may besides support TSA agents in being able to detect fishy demeanor .
  • quick apprentice : It ‘s frequently beneficial for TSA agents to be able to learn cursorily. For example, the TSA regularly introduces fresh technologies or updates their policies, so it ‘s helpful if they can retain this data flying .
  • Works well under stress : transportation security administration agents work in environments that are often nerve-racking and busy. It ‘s imperative they ‘re comfortable handling dangerous materials and able to deescalate potential threats .

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TSA agent salary and job outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), the national average wage for department of transportation security screeners or TSA agents is $ 44,920 per year. however, it ‘s authoritative to remember that exact salaries may vary. For exemplar, localization, experience and qualifications may affect how much you earn. The BLS reports that there are an estimate 46,850 exile security screeners in the United States. While it does n’t have career lookout information for TSA agents specifically, the BLS provides career expectation information for security guards and gambling surveillance officers. It predicts the use of these professionals may increase by 15 % from 2020 to 2030. The BLS expects this addition in use as professionals leave the work force, such as to retire or pursue early career opportunities .

TSA agent work environment

transportation security administration agents are creditworthy for ensuring the safety and security of travelers in a variety of settings. They chiefly work in airports. however, they may besides work in train stations, subways and other transportation system areas and checkpoints. As people travel all class and all times of day, TSA agents may work change hours. They may work at any time of day, including nightlong shifts, and they may work overtime or offer hours during busy times. They may besides work weekends and holidays.

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