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For years — decades, even — there was little motion about whether you could become a venture capitalist if you weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate comfortable financially. You couldn ’ thyroxine. The people and institutions that invest in venture funds want to know that fund managers have their own “ skin in the game, ” then they ’ ve long required a goodly check from the investor ’ s own air pocket before jumping aboard. Think 2 % to 3 % of the fund ’ s sum assets, which frequently equates to millions of dollars .
In fact, five years ago, I wrote that the real obstacle to becoming a venture capitalistic has less to do with sex than with fiscal inequality. I focused then on women, who are paid less ( specially Black and Hispanic women ), and who possess less wealth. But the same is true of anyone of lesser means .

thankfully, things are changing, with more ways to help aspiring VCs raise that initial capital commitment. none of these approaches can guarantee success in raising a fund, but they ’ re paths that other VCs have effectively used and are good to understand better .
First, find investors, i.e. limited partners, who are willing to accept less than 2% or 3% and maybe even less than 1% of the overall fund size being targeted. You ’ ll likely find fewer investors as that “ perpetrate ” shrinks. But for model Joanna Rupp, who runs the $ 1.1 billion individual equity portfolio for the University of Chicago ’ sulfur endowment, suggests that both she and other managers she knows are will to be flexible based on the “ particular site of the GP. ”
Says Rupp, “ I think there are industry ‘ norms, ’ but we haven ’ thymine required a [ general collaborator ] commitment from younger GPs when we have felt that they don ’ t have the fiscal means. ”
Bob Raynard, laminitis of the fund administration firm Standish Management, echoes the opinion, saying that a smaller general spouse commitment in change for especial investor economics is besides fairly coarse. “ You might see a reduced management fee for the LP for helping them or reduced carry or both, and that has been done for years. ”
Explore management fee offsets, which investors in speculation funds often determine to be reasonable. These aren ’ triiodothyronine rare, says Michael Kim of Cendana Capital, a firm that has stakes in dozens of sow stage funds, because they besides offer tax advantages ( though the IRS has talked about doing away with these ).

How do these work ? Say your “ perpetrate ” was $ 1 million over 10 years ( the standard life of a fund ). rather of trying to come up with $ 1 million that you presumably don ’ t have, you can offset up to 80 % of that, putting in $ 200,000 rather but reducing your management fees by that lapp amount over fourth dimension so that it ’ s a laundry and you ’ re however getting credit for the stallion $ 1 million. You ’ re basically converting fee income into the investment you ’ re supposed to make .
Use your existing portfolio companies as collateral. Kim had at least two highly involve managers launch a fund not with a “ give ” but preferably by bringing to the table ownership stakes in startups they ’ five hundred funded as saint investors .
In both of these cases, it was a great deal for Kim, who says the companies were promptly marked up. For the store managers ’ share, it meant not having to put more of their own money into the funds .
Make a deal with wealthier friends if you can. When Kim launched his fund of funds to invest in venture managers after working for years as a VC himself, he raised $ 1 million in working capital from six friends to get it off the grind. The money gave Kim, who had a mortgage at the time and young children, enough track for two years. obviously, your friends have to be willing to gamble on you, but sweeteners surely help, excessively. In Kim ’ randomness case, he gave his friends a percentage of Cendana ’ randomness economics in perpetuity .
Get a bank loan. Rupp said she would be uncomfortable if a GP funded his or her invest through a trust lend for several reasons. There ’ south no guarantee a fund director will make money from a fund, a loanword adds risk on acme of gamble, and should a director need fluidity related to that loanword, he or she might sell a strongly perform position excessively early .
That said, loans aren ’ t rare, says Raynard. He says banks with venture capital relationships like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic are typically happy to lend a fund coach a line of credit to help him or her lay down capital calls, though he says it does depend on who else is involved with the fund. “ ampere hanker as it ’ s a divers group of LPs, ” the banks are comfortable moving advancing in substitution for winning over a modern fund ’ south clientele, he suggests .
Consider the merits of so-called front loading. This is a proficiency with which “ more creative LPs can sometimes get comfortable, ” says Kim. It ’ second besides how investor Chris Sacca, nowadays a billionaire, got started when he first turned to fund management. How does it work ? Some get down managers blend their annual management tip of 2.5 % of assets under management and pay themselves a higher percentage — say 5 % for each of its inaugural three years — until by the end of the fund ’ sulfur life, the coach is receiving no management fee at all .
That could mean no income if you aren ’ triiodothyronine so far seeing profits from your investments. But presumably — specially given tempo in holocene years — you, the general collaborator, have raised another fund by the time that happens so have resources coming in from a second fund.

These are precisely a few of the ways to get started. There are other paths to take, excessively, notes Lo Toney of Plexo Capital — which, like Cendana Capital — has stakes in many venture funds. One of these is to use a autonomous IRA to finance that GP invest. Another is to sell a share of the management company or sell a greater share of your carry and use those proceeds to pay your commit. ( VCs Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures and Eva Ho of Fika Ventures avoided that way and suggested that first-time managers do the same if they can. )
Either way, suggests Toney, a former partner with Alphabet ’ mho guess arm, GV, it ’ mho crucial to keep in mind that there ’ s no one right manner to raise a store — and no disadvantage in using these strategies .
Said Toney via e-mail this workweek : “ I have not seen any data on the presence end of a VC ’ s career that wealth indicates future achiever. ”

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