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This commercial enterprise is bare, but that doesn ’ thymine mean its easy. I ’ molarity guess you are here because private-labeling challenges .

It’s hard to re-invent the garlic press every year.

Making your own sword and product absolutely requires a creative thinker to develop valuable features and valuable market to create a win product .
distribution is a lot more simpleton than private-labeling because in its most basic class you only have to find products where issue & need are offset. then you buy low & sell high and keep the remainder for yourself…
supply & demand toilet paper

The problem presents itself that you cannot easily find products to “distribute”.

There are dozens of posts on reddit about “ how to reservoir a product from distributors ” and I love how pure and primitive these questions are .
The fact is that none of these people have stopped to ask themselves how to provide value in the model…

How do I provide/extract value in this deal ?

The answer is not obvious, because most manufacturers can now figure out how to sell directly with Amazon.

This leaves two opportunities:

  1. Find Manufacturers/Wholesalers without direct sales channels to Amazon, and work with them
  2. Find Manufacturers/Wholesalers with inefficient Amazon sales, and prove to them you can add value and increase sales.

1. Find Manufacturers and Wholesales needing Amazon Distribution

I will start with this because it is more simple. You need to find companies that are already making product with a decent diagnose for themselves. These products are already into standard countrywide distribution but they lack a veridical Amazon presence. You can find these when you see brands on Amazon that are barely ever sold by Amazon, and all the other offers are sold by numerous different 3P seller accounts .
Your finish is to become another 3P seller account and get better price, grow your volume, get better price, grow your survival, get advertising money, grow. develop. grow .
The main matter all these companies want is to sell more thrust ! Think if you patented a garlic crush, the best ever quickest and cheapest garlic crush, and besides think about these inventors are old geezers that don ’ thymine like computers ! You credibly wouldn ’ thymine want to deal with selling stuff and bookkeeping but would preferably keep inventing things .
You have to talk about selling their products that never sell.

2. Find Manufacturers and Wholesales with Amazon Optimization Opportunities

This is phase two, because it requires you to be fabulously intimate with Amazon practices that you can confidently tell manufacturers that you can grow their commercial enterprise .
How do you do that ? EXPERIENCE. Period. end of conviction. There is no shortcut to experience, because you have to live on SellerCentral/VendorCentral retentive enough to know where everything is, know where the damn pixels are, know the names of resources and files, because you need to be able to answer silly questions from dozens of employees without saying “ one ’ ll get back to you ”. You need to be able to say “ your intersection could have sold 3x but you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ship enough orders.. ”

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