How to Become an Accredited Investor

Advertising Disclosure This article/post contains references to products or services from one or more of our advertisers or partners. We may receive recompense when you click on links to those products or services Every investing has some degree of risk, whether it ’ s in cryptocurrency or the S & P 500. And in most cases, investors can make the decision for themselves whether they ’ re willing to accept that hazard. But when it comes to some bad investment opportunities, the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) imposes restrictions on who can invest due to the high level of gamble and speculation .
The way to get around these restrictions is by becoming an accredit investor. Accredited investors have entree to a wider variety of investment opportunities. And the good newsworthiness is there ’ south no formal process to become accredited—you simply have to meet the income and net deserving requirements in space .
Are you wondering how being an accredited investor could benefit you ? Keep read to learn how to become an accredit investor, what an accredited investor is, what types of investment opportunities are available to accredited investors, and more.

What is an Accredited Investor?

An accredit investor is a person or initiation that meets certain requirements to purchase investment reserved for sophisticated investors. The requirements to become an accredited investor can be met through one ’ south income, net worth, or cable of work .
These requirements help the SEC determine who might have a deep adequate understand of fiscal and investment matters to make rational number decisions, particularly in the case of bad investments .
The investment opportunities that are only available to accredit investors include unregistered securities, besides known as private placements a well as hedge funds, guess capital, and more. The burden lies on the investment firm to ensure their investors .

What is a Qualified Purchaser vs. an Accredited Investor?

You may hear the term accredited investor used interchangeably with the condition qualified buyer. Both are person who is allowed to make investments not available to most investors, but they are two unlike things .
Qualified purchasers must be one of the follow :

  • An individual or family-owned business with more than $5 million investments
  • A trust sponsored and managed by qualified purchasers
  • An individual or entity that investors at least $25 million on their own behalf or on behalf of others
  • Any entity where all owners are qualified purchasers

As you ’ ll determine below, these requirements for being a qualified buyer are importantly stricter than the requirements to be considered an accredit investor .

Requirements for Accredited Investors

To achieve accredited investor status and gain access to investment opportunities in unregistered securities and other similar investments, there are respective requirements you can meet. It ’ sulfur significant to note that you don ’ t have to meet all of the accredited investor requirements—just one is sufficient .
Accredited investors must meet one of the take after requirements :

  • Have an earned income of at least $200,000 (or $300,000 joint income with a spouse) in the previous two years and reasonably expect to continue to maintain that income
  • Have a net worth of at least $1 million alone or jointly with a spouse
  • Hold a Series 7, 65, or 82 license in good standing

Under the latest definition of an accredit investor, you besides qualify based on certain professional certifications, designations, credentials, or professions. For exemplar, you can be considered an accredit investor if you ’ rhenium employed by a secret fund and are considered a knowledgeable employee of the store. You may besides qualify if you ‘re an SEC or state-registered investment adviser .
It ’ sulfur not good individuals who can be accredited investors. Institutions can besides qualify. To be an accredited investor, an initiation must be :

  • A trust with total assets of at least $5 million that was not formed specifically to purchase securities as long as the investments are purchased by a sophisticated person
  • A certain entity with at least $5 million in investments that was not formed specifically to purchase securities
  • Any entity where all of the equity owners are accredited investors

For the aim of an entity qualifying as an accredit investor, the sophisticated person in charge of purchases must be person the entity offering the funds believes has sufficient cognition and experience to evaluate the risks and benefits of prospective investments .

How to Become an Accredited Investor?

many people assume there ’ s a ball process in place to become an accredited investor or that there ’ s a documentation or other mannequin of documentation that proves your status. however, you become an accredit investor simply by meeting one of the basic requirements .
That means you can qualify if you earn an income of $ 200,000 ( or a unite income of $ 300,000 with a spouse ), have a net income worth of $ 1 million ( again, either individually or jointly with a spouse ), or reach accredited investor status through your speculate .
Because there ’ s no official accreditation process beyond meeting proving your income or net deserving, you might already be an accredited investor without realizing it. To see if you qualify, start by looking at your annual income over the past two years ( you can refer to your former tax returns or W-2 statements for you and your spouse ) or can besides just look at your net worth ( that is, the deviation between your assets and your expenses. Note that your primary residence doesn ’ t count as share of your net worth ; nor does a mortgage or debt secured by your basal mansion count as a liability for this determination ).

If you ’ ra debt-free and have considerable assets in your investment portfolio, then you may very well qualify .
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Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors

The profit of becoming an accredited investor is that you have access to many investments that aren ’ thyroxine accessible to other investors. The rationality the SEC requires person to be an accredit investor to participate in these opportunities is that they require a certain amount of cognition .
Suppose you had an investing opportunity in a inauguration through venture capital or angel induct. These firms aren ’ thymine public, meaning they don ’ t have to meet the disclosure requirements of a public company. They are besides bad and notional investments since the companies haven ’ metric ton test themselves however .
A few of other investment vehicles available to accredit investors are :

  • Unregistered securities (known as private placements)
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Venture capital
  • Angel investments
  • Private real estate investment funds

An individual investor who isn ’ metric ton accredited may not in full grasp what they ’ ra getting themselves into with these investments. They besides may not understand the risks or liquid restrictions when applicable .
however, through the eyes of the SEC, an accredited investor is sophisticate adequate to weigh the risk and benefits of investments—even if the party or fund international relations and security network ’ t required to make the same disclosures that a public company would have to .

How Do Firms Determine if You’re an Accredited Investor?

At this orient, you might be wondering : If there ’ s no professional certificate or other documentation to prove your accredited condition, how do investment firms ensure you qualify ? There are a few guidelines in stead that companies can follow to verify an investor ‘s accreditation condition .
foremost, the investment fund is probable to use a cover serve and ask a series of questions to help determine whether an investor meets the necessity requirements. The fund may besides ask for sealed software documentation from the investor, including :

  • Tax returns
  • W-2 forms
  • Bank and brokerage statements
  • Credit report
  • Professional certifications, designations, or credentials

ultimately, the effect lies on the fund to ensure that its investors meet the accreditation requirements. The fund will probably ask for documents to prove your accredit status. But it normally takes the blame if a non-accredited investor ends up investing in their investment company. And if a non-accredited investor does invest, they generally have the right of recission, which allows them to take their money out at any time .

Pros and Cons of Becoming an Accredited Investor

There are both advantages and drawbacks to the investment opportunities available to accredit investors. Of course, these pros and cons entirely only apply if you actually choose to take advantage of the extra investing opportunities afforded to you. You might have the income and net income worth to qualify as an accredit investor, but if you don ’ metric ton choose to invest in otherwise restricted companies or funds, none of the below apply to you .


  • Access to restricted investments
  • The potential for higher investment returns
  • Greater portfolio diversification
  • Easy to meet the requirements as long as you have sufficient income or net worth


  • Higher risk of investment loss
  • Potentially high investment fees
  • Longer lock-up periods for investments
  • High minimum investment amounts
  • Unsophisticated investors could still qualify as accredited investors

Bottom Line

Remember that with great office comes great duty. Once you meet the requirements of an accredit investor, you ’ ll have access to a wider excerpt of investments. That may include hedge funds, venture capital, secret placements, and more. But while those investments could have higher electric potential returns, they are besides likely to have higher risk, investment minimums, and fees .
The commodity news is that you don ’ t have to be an accredit investor to invest and get estimable returns. There are a apparently countless number of investments available to any investor, many of which have a diachronic return that keeps up with sealed restricted investments.

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