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I am thinking about changing personal account into the clientele one. If I change it, does that make me the authoritative seller, or being authorized seller want different step ? In case you are wondering I do have licensed business but never used that on ebay. “Authorized Seller” is a seller that has an agreement with the manufacturer to sell their item.  You must share that agreement with eBay to become an Authorized seller.

There are also Brands that sell direct on eBay that are obviously “Authorized” (Dooney & Bourke Outlet, Mikasa, etc) wonder 2. Does my business list have to be same as ebay one, or will it plainly force my ID into the clientele name careless of my will ? That is the main reason to register as a business.  You can use your business name on the account. Your invoices and labels can show your business information rather than your personal. question 3. Does business account make fees more expensive ? such as invoice or sales tax ? Is there duty of how much sales I have to make ? No.  Sales Taxes are charged to buyers whether or not you are a business.  Most states have Facilitator Tax laws on the books these days.  That means that the Sales Tax is calculated, collected and remitted by eBay (it comes in and out of your PayPal transaction automatically). If your state is not one of these, check with a Tax Accountant to find out what your Tax responsibilities are. If you have a Reseller Certificate or Sale Tax Exemption Certificate from your state, you can upload that to eBay so that when buying for your business, you don’t get charged Sales Tax. question 4. I know I ca n’t change back to personal report if I decide to make commercial enterprise one. Can I still close my account in the future with no punishment ? ( I might consider this if I do not make much sales ). Penalty? There is no penalty for closing an account, personal or business.  There are penalties for closing a Store Subscription early if you are on a yearly fee basis.

There is also a waiting period when closing any selling account (personal and business).  eBay will not close a selling account before all transactions and/or disputes have expired from the system … about 90 days. Note that this only applies if YOU close the account. If eBay gives you the boot, it is immediate. doubt 5. If I close my account and create new account, can I still create the lapp business account. You don’t need to close your current account to open a new one.  You can have multiple accounts on eBay. Keep your current account for buying and use the new account (with your business name on it) for selling or vice-versa … it is often recommended that you don’t buy and sell on the same account. Thanks in improvement. Some other things to think about. When eBay puts you in Managed Payments, they will want your Social Security number (for a personal account) or your State EIN (business account). For PayPal, if you register a business eBay, open a new PayPal account with your EIN.

This is so that your earnings get reported correctly to the IRS. If you are buying for resale, all sales should be reported to the IRS.  Although PayPal (and Managed Payments) sends a 1099 when you reach 200 transactions and $20,000, that is NOT the threshold for YOU to report – it is the threshold that the payment processor is bound by.

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