How to Become a Credit Card Processing Agent

October 14, 2021 so you ’ ve heard about the benefits of being a Credit Card Processing Agent or Merchant Account Sales agent : residual income, the opportunity to work for yourself, the ability to choose your clients, and more. While starting a credit poster process commercial enterprise can be lucrative, you need to approach it with intelligence. If you don ’ t have a sales background, you ’ ll need to spend prison term understanding what separates the successful credit menu processing agents from the failures. If you don ’ thymine know much about credit card work, then you ’ ll indigence to learn the ins and outs of the merchant services diligence. Your income will entirely depend on your ability to land new accounts and keep them with you, so once you jump in it ’ s up to you to make the most of it.

sound exciting ? Great. You ’ re in the right station. Here are the steps to becoming a successful credit card processing agent:

  1. Pick a niche.
  2. Learn as much as you can about credit card processing.
  3. Compare ISO/MSP programs for ones that align with your goals and style.
  4. Apply to your chosen program.
  5. Collect and prepare your business assets.
  6. Start selling.

1. Pick a niche

Do not start a credit batting order processing company without a recess. part of landing accounts is understanding your customer ’ sulfur business environment and recommending a solution based on their unique situation. Imagine yourself as a merchant services adviser that besides facilitates the merchant account transfer or initiation. You need to be servicing your client ’ randomness needs, and people often won ’ thyroxine trust a newcomer. therefore how do you choose a recess ? Start by thinking through your past experience and location. Did you work in restaurants for ten-spot years and exist just outside of Chicago ? Perfect. Frame your entire operation around food services and use that cognition to your advantage. Got your law academic degree but decided it wasn ’ thyroxine for you ? Swing that to your advantage. If you don ’ t have a specific diligence you ’ d like to work in, take a look at your community and what businesses are doing well there. Are there a lot of B2B technical school companies moving and growing in your community ? golf courses ? Healthcare ? Boutique clothing ? The smasher of merchant services is that everyone accepts payments, then take a look around and see where your expertness and the grocery store intersect .

2. Become a credit card processing expert

If you don ’ t have a background in merchant services, start with the basics of credit card action : how transactions are processed, what the relationship between issuing and acquiring banks is, typical hardware, etc. If you aren ’ t familiar with Elon Musk ’ sulfur scheme for deconstructing and learning fresh topics via a semantic corner, you should model your approach after his. After you understand how the diligence began, where it is now, and where it ’ second headed, you ’ ll need to understand the character that you will play and where you fit into the merchant services ecosystem. In short, you will function as the contact between a merchant and merchant services supplier OR perform this same function under an official “ mugwump sales arrangement ” supplier. You and/or your ISO function as resellers, so you ’ ll buy “ wholesale ” merchant processing rates ( known as buy rates ) and sell them to businesses. Your job is to explain why the merchant should switch to a different supplier and help them set up their new account ( help with paperwork, applications, etc. ). The difference between the rate you can get from the MSPs and the rate you pitch to your merchant is where you make your money. For exercise, let ’ s say your negotiate bribe rate is 1.79 % + $ 0.20 per transaction, but you pitch 2.25 % + $ 0.25 to your clients — that means you ’ five hundred get 0.46 % + $ 0.05 on every sale. That ’ s your remainder ! That ’ s what you make from nowadays until forever, assuming the company doesn ’ triiodothyronine trade providers or go out of business.

That number can add up promptly, excessively. If you landed a merchant that processed $ 15,000/month across 25 transactions, you ’ vitamin d make $ 70.25/month in residuals. Land ten of those and you ’ rhenium looking at over $ 8,000 per class off of residuals. And as these businesses grow, your residuals will grow, excessively. After you understand the world you ’ ll be operating in, it ’ randomness time to fit those services, types of MSPs, and their offerings to YOUR recess. You need to understand what the best solutions are for your industry and have the relationships with the right ISOs and MSPs to properly equip your clients, which leads us to our next section :

3. Compare ISO/MSP programs

There is a multitude of ISO/MSP programs out there operating in every niche conceivable, and they all approach their relationships with merchants and merchant services agents differently. You want to be truly diligent here, so wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate snub corners. here are some important criteria to consider when comparing sales programs :

  • Make sure they have experience in your niche.
  • Are they active in their community? Are they clear and their mission and have a good reputation? How well do they treat their merchants? Keep in mind, your reputation will be tied to theirs, and you’ll be working with them for years to come.
  • Do they have the latest products? Think hardware, software, etc.
  • Are they transparent? Clear? There are a lot of bad players in the merchant services industry, and you’ll need to be confident when defending your MSP to the merchants you’re helping.
  • Research their partner program specifically. How’s the compensation/buy rate? Do they control any of your residuals? What resources do they offer partners? Make sure you know what you’re getting into.
  • Avoid MSPs that charge setup fees and force you to carry a monthly minimum.
  • How are their representatives? Give them a call and see if you get along/are impressed by them. That culture is the same culture you’ll be bringing your merchants into, so you want to examine them from both a partner and consumer perspective.

side note : We have a brawny residential district of chic agents and ISOs working with us to change the landscape of merchant services for the better through modern initiation and complete transparency. Make sure you put us on your list !

4. Apply to your ideal program(s)

so you know your niche, you understand the universe of merchant services, and you ’ ve found the perfect MSP. big ! Apply and see what happens. Assuming you ’ ve done your research correctly and fit into their mission and goals, you should be fine .

5. Collect and prepare your business assets

It can be tempting to fair run off and start knocking on doors, but it ’ second important to have the business assets behind you to back up what you ’ ra selling. A full MSP program will provide a lot of these sales resources for you, but hera are a few assets you ’ ll indigence to have on hand :

  • White papers
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Personal website
  • Social media profiles
  • Business cards
  • Account documentation procedures

Make certain these are professional and exhaustive. The better you prepare these, the easier your job will be !

6. Start selling

At this bespeak in your recognition card work business, there ’ sulfur nothing left to do but get out there and start signing merchants ! Always remember that businesses aren ’ t going to listen to what you have to say unless it ’ south legitimately a good business decision. If you ’ re pitching a higher transaction rate, you need to have talking points prepared to justify that monetary value ( better customer serve, less downtime, more requital options, etc. ). If you ’ re pitching a lower rate, you can lead with that but need to sell around it to make it feel like they ’ re growing their business as a result of working with you.

Put yourselves in their shoes, and try to help your clients — that ’ s how you succeed in sales .

Partner with an MSP that has your back

As mentioned, part of being a good accredit card serve agent is having the resources and connections to provide the best combination of services to fit your client ’ mho needs. At Tidal, we specialize in helping fresh, drive agents or future agents like you offer better service for bigger and better clients — putting more money in your pocket and build tax income streams that will last you a life .

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