How Does Best Buy Rewards Work & Are They Worth It?

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How Does Best Buy Rewards Work & Are They Worth It?

If you ’ re a frequent Best Buy Shopper, preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pass up the prospect to earn rewards with the My Best Buy Rewards program. Discounts, member-only offers, and early access to sales are equitable a few of the benefits you may enjoy .
Check out how Best Buy Rewards cultivate to see if it ’ randomness right for you.

What are Best Buy Rewards?

Best bargain Rewards pays you points for every dollar you spend. Accumulate the points and exchange it for a deduction on your Best buy purchases .
Best bargain Rewards members besides earn early benefits including special offers. There ’ s no tip to join .
You besides don ’ t need a Best Buy credit card to accumulate points, but if you do, you ’ ll earn more points ( more on this under ) .

How to Sign up for Best Buy Rewards?

It ’ second easy to sign up for Best Buy Rewards using these steps .

  1. Click on Create an Account
  2. Provide your first name, last name, and email address
  3. Create a password
  4. Confirm your password
  5. Provide your cell phone number
  6. If you have a Best Buy credit card or signed up for Best Buy Rewards in-store, include your member ID (if you need hep click ‘Find my Member ID’
  7. Click ‘Create an Account’ and you are a Best Buy Rewards member

How do you Earn Best Buy Rewards?

You earn Best buy Rewards points for every dollar you spend at Best Buy. The measure you earn depends on your membership level .

  • My Best Buy – Earn 0.5 points for every dollar spent (0.5% back)
  • My Best Buy Elite – Earn 1 point for every dollar spent (1% back)
  • My Best Buy Elite Plus – Earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent (2.5% back)

Everyone starts as a My Best Buy member, but you can move your manner up the membership ladder the more you spend .
To achieve Elite condition, you must spend $ 1,500 in a calendar year at Best Buy or $ 1,500 anywhere using the My Best Buy Visa. Elite Plus condition is achieved with $ 3,500 spent in a calendar year at Best Buy or anywhere with a My Best Buy Visa .
As a bonus, My Best Buy Visa holders earn extra points everytime they use their My Best Buy Visa. My Best Buy and Elite members earn 2.5 points for every $ 1 spent ( 5 % back ) and Elite Plus members earn 3 points per dollar spend ( 6 % ) .

How Best Buy Membership Tiers Work?

once you achieve Elite or Elite Plus membership, you keep the condition for the calendar year. For model, if you hit $ 1,500 in spend at Best Buy on June 1, you ’ ll have Elite condition from the date the points post ( normally takes 15 to 20 days late ) through the lie of the calendar class. All memberships expire at the end of February of the postdate year .
On the termination date the follow class, you can re-qualify for the like condition or Elite Plus with your outgo throughout the calendar class. All memberships are automatically upgrade to Elite with $ 1,500 spend or Elite Plus with $ 3,500 exhausted .

What can you get with Best Buy Rewards?

Every $ 250 you spend is worth a $ 5 Best Buy certificate. You can ’ t bank your points until you hit elite status .
At the My Best Buy level, you ’ ll earn a $ 5 honor for every $ 250 incremental spending until you hit $ 1,500 in a calendar year to move up to Elite. The rewards are mechanically added to your report .
As an Elite or Elite Plus member, you can change your preferences to receive rewards to any of the pursue :

  • Bank rewards until you cash out
  • Auto-issue reward certificates at a predetermined level

To change your preferences, sign into your report and chink ‘ Change ’ to change your preferences. You can change them equally frequently as you like .

Receiving your Best Buy Rewards

Most Best buy Rewards are automatically added to your report. You may receive an e-mail alerting you of the advantage or you can check your account on-line .
When you shop at Best Buy in-store, you can redeem your wages by providing your call count or showing your account splashboard by logging into your My Best Buy bill .
If you shop on-line, make surely you log into your account before checking out and it will give you the choice to use your reinforce if you have one .

What are the Benefits of Best Buy Rewards?

Best buy Rewards certificates are like cash to spend at Best Buy and are a big reward, but that ’ s not all members get.

All members, no count the level earn these benefits :

  • Free in-home consultation with an insulation expert
  • Access to exclusive sales and offers (the deals may vary by membership)
  • Free birthday gift
  • 25 points for writing a review

*Each penis can write up to 8 reviews per calendar year
Each membership level has specific benefits excessively .

My Best Buy Membership

  • Free shipping on orders $35+
  • Standard return policy of returns within 15 days*
  • 24/7 customer service line by calling 1-888-BEST-BUY

My Best Buy Elite Membership

  • Free shipping and free scheduled delivery with no minimum purchase required
  • 30-day return period*
  • Option to bank your points
  • Dedicated customer service line

Elite Plus Membership

  • Free same-day delivery, free 2-day delivery, and free scheduled delivery with no minimum purchase required
  • 45-day return period*
  • Dedicated customer service line

*If you return a product, your My Best Buy Points will be reduced accordingly, normally within 15 days .

Exclusions from My Best Buy Points

not all purchases are eligible for My Best bargain Points. Exclusions include :

  • Purchases paid for with a Best Buy gift card or reward certificate
  • Commercial purchases
  • Payments to your My Best Buy credit card
  • Any Apple or Beats purchases made with any method other than the My Best Buy Visa
  • All Thermador products are excluded

My Best Buy Video Game Pre-Order Program

My Best Buy members receive a $ 10 honor fair for pre-ordering qualifying video games ( physical or digital versions ). Click hera to see the eligible titles .
You ’ ll receive your reward after the game is released and you receive your transcript .

My Best Buy Offers

My Best buy members are eligible for exclusive offers and membership pricing. You may save on TVs, technical school digest, appliances, or receive free 6-month trials to memberships, such as Apple Music .
Log into your explanation for the most up-to-date offers, or view the basic offers hera .
To take advantage of the special price or exclusive offers, log into your report before shopping on-line or print the extend and bring it into the store to get your special price .

Best Buy Rewards FAQs

How fast do you earn Best Buy points?

Points are awarded to your bill within 15 days of in-store purchase or cargo date if bought on-line .

What if your My Best Buy points are missing?

If your My Best Buy points didn ’ t experience awarded to your history after 15 days, log into your score on-line and report the issue or call 1-888-BEST-BUY to report it .

How can you find your Best Buy points balance?

Logging into your Best Buy bill on-line is the easiest way to see your points balance wheel. On the bill home page, you ’ ll see your points and how far away you are from your future $ 5 advantage. If you ’ re in a Best Buy store, you can ask any teller to check your points balance by providing your earphone count .

Can you return an item bought with Best Buy Rewards?

Yes, if you are unhappy with the product purchased, you can return it and you ’ ll receive your Best bribe Rewards ( if applicable ) back within 15 to 20 days of the date of hark back .

Do My Best Buy Points expire?

If you are an active member ( make at least one buy within 12 months ), your points don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate die. If you don ’ t make a purchase within 12 months, though, the points will expire. Best Buy will mechanically issue a reward certificate down to the $ 5 horizontal surface ( 250 points ) and expire any remaining points .

Do My Best Buy Reward Certificates expire?

Yes, each certificate has an termination date at the bottom and is normally 60 days from the date of issue. Make sure to check it thus you don ’ thyroxine lose your rewards .

Does Best Buy give birthday gifts to members?

A free birthday endow is a part of the My Best Buy program, but the promotion is national to change. Some members receive coupons for 10 % off a qualify leverage, but the offers change frequently .

Can you use coupons with Best Buy Rewards?

Yes, most purchases are eligible for Best Buy Rewards and a coupon angstrom long as you follow the fine photographic print. The merely stipulation is the advantage plus coupon can not exceed the leverage amount.

Best Buy Rewards – Should you Sign Up?

There ’ s a lot to love about the Best Buy Rewards program particularly since it ’ south release to join. You don ’ t need special qualifications – anyone can be a My Best Buy Member .
You only have to contribution your diagnose, electronic mail address, and phone act so it ’ s not a lot of personal information, but merely adequate to earn you money back for every purchase you make .
If you ’ re a frequent Best Buy shopper, it ’ s one of the best ways to make the most out of your purchases, specially since you can bank your points and save up for that big television or electronic you ’ ve wanted .

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