How to Book a Hotel Block for Your Wedding

A crucial part of a big marry experience for any guest is a comfortable, convenient topographic point to rest their head at the goal of the night. If guests aren ’ triiodothyronine familiar with where you ’ re getting hitched, they ’ re going to want aid figuring out where to stay. And while you could play travel agent for every unmarried attendant, there is an easy way : the hotel block .

What Is a Hotel Room Block?

A hotel stop is a bent of hotel rooms that has been set aside for a group or event at an agreed upon rate. The smallest parry typically starts at ten rooms. By pre-negotiating rates at a pre-chosen hotel, you ’ ll save loved ones fourth dimension and money while they attend your wedding—and ensure they ’ ll be surrounded by other attendees so the good times can extend before and after the marry reception. While you ’ ll decidedly want to coordinate a hotel block if a big segment of guests are coming from out-of-town or you ’ re planning a finish wedding, it ’ south besides a good idea even if most guests are local.

“ Everyone nowadays is looking to further their experiences, ” says Victoria Ayers of Cescaphe Event Group. “ sometimes people want to stay overnight and make the marriage weekend an extend getaway. ”

Meet the Expert
Victoria Ayers is the Director of Client Services at Philadelphia ’ s Cescaphe Event Group. Victoria and her team assistant couples navigate the wedding planning process and book over 800 room blocks per annum on behalf of their couples. ready to start coordinating a hotel block for your marriage ? Read on for everything you need to know, including how to get the best rates and tips for scoring upgrades .

How to Book a Hotel Room Block

1. Determine how many rooms you ’ ll indigence.

This depends on your guest tilt. “ digit out how many people are traveling in from out of town that are going to attend, ” says Ayers. “ If 50 percentage of your guest list is traveling, try to match that percentage. ” As most guests travel in couples or bunk up with friends, you ’ ll want about half the number of rooms for the full numeral of guests who will need them, plus a fiddling buffer. For model : If you have a 200-person guest number with 50 to 60 percentage of guests traveling for the celebration, you ’ ll want to hold distance for about 120 guests. That equates to 60 rooms, but don ’ metric ton worry about it being perfect “ If not everyone needs a room, the bridal party or other friends and family will fill in, ” Ayers adds .

2. Determine how many blocks you ’ ll indigence.

once you know your room number, you can figure out how many blocks to koran. Block sizes vary from hotel to hotel, but they ’ re normally between 10 and 30 rooms, with larger hotels offering larger blocks. Per Ayers, blocks at corporate chains such as Marriott and Hilton typically don ’ t go above 25, and she rarely sees anything above 30 unless it ’ s a privately owned property .

3. shop around for the best rates.

Ayers recommends calling 3 to 5 hotels in the area to determine the lowest rates. “ You ’ ll be surprised by how much they can vary, ” she says. “ The size of the hotel, if they already have groups booked for your date, convention, or major event traffic … it can all impact room price. ”

Be certain to note when a quoted rate is set to expire. “ A hotel typically lone guarantees a rate for about two weeks, ” says Ayers. After that, there ‘s a good opportunity it will increase .

4. Be clear on your agreement.

Go with a courtesy obstruct whenever possible. “ A courtesy block is precisely as it sounds, ” says Ayers. “ A courtesy that the hotel is offering you. ” With a courtesy barricade, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be financially liable for any rooms in your obstruct that don ’ metric ton occupy. After a certain cut-off date, the hotel will release the unsold rooms from the block and make them available to other guests. If you ask to reserve a numeral of rooms well above the hotel ’ sulfur allotted block size—like, say, 50 when the standard freeze size is 25—the hotel may ask to sign off on an attrition rate. In this case, you will be financially creditworthy for any rooms up to a sealed share of that larger blockage that doesn ’ metric ton meet .

attrition rates vary, but, per Ayers, they typically hover about 80 percentage. For a request block of 50 rooms, that would mean your party would be required to fill 40. If your party only fills 35, you, as the creator of the block, would be required to pay for the remaining five rooms. courtesy blocks typically do not require a hard contract, but a hotel may opt for a contract or they may take down your payment data if an attrition rate is involved .

5. Get the parole out.

once you ’ ve secured your hotel block, you ’ ll want to add the information to your wedding web site. If you ’ re sending out composition invitation suites, you can besides include the details on an accommodations card cut-in. here ‘s one way to discussion the announcement :

For your convenience, a block of rooms has been reserved at [ HOTEL NAME. ] Please use the surveil connect to reserve your room on-line ; you can besides call the hotel directly at [ PHONE NUMBER ]. Please reference the [ LAST NAME ] Wedding and be sure to bible your room by [ CUTOFF DATE ] in order to receive the dismiss pace.

A hotel freeze typically opens one year prior and closes about 30 days before your marry date.

Tips for Booking a Hotel Room Block

Book adenine early as possible.

As in, deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you ’ ve locked in your marry date and venue. not only will this secure the lowest rates possible for your guests, but it will besides allow guests to make travel plans equally soon as they receive their Save-the-Dates .

Be strategic about location.

While your hotel blocks should be commodious to your venue ( in a city, 15 to 20 minutes away from where you ’ ra marry is ideal ), it ’ s actually more important that they be close to each other. “ That way, if you ’ re hosting a brunch or an after-party it ’ s easy for people to get to the placement, ” says Ayers. “ Or, if you ’ rhenium offer transportation to the wedding, the [ bus or streetcar ] only has to make one break that people can meet at. It saves time in the long run. ”

Negotiate for the best rates.

“ If you ’ re choosing between two hotel blocks, be outdoors with the salesperson, ” says Ayers. “ Ask if they can add rooms to the block or drop the rate. It ’ s not guaranteed, but decidedly worth asking if you ’ re having a hard time deciding. ” In Ayer ’ s experience, there can be some wiggle room between $ 10 and $ 30 on rates, and flexibility of up to five extra rooms on a freeze .

You should besides inquire about deals for you and your spouse ( some hotels will comp a match ’ south board on their marry night as part of the block bonus ) a well as discounted rates for aide events held at the hotel before and after the chief celebration. “ If you bible a brunch at the time you bible the jam, you can ask for a 10 percentage discount at reserve, ” Ayers offers as an exemplar .

Know the magic words for perks.

When a hotel gets back to you with their rates, ask if they offer “ any special concessions based on the pickup. ”

“ A hotel will know what you mean by that, ” says Ayers, who explains that “ concessions ” are special perks given to a couple for hitting a share of rooms booked ( the “ pickup ” ) within their forget. The cartridge is normally high—around 90 percent—and perks can vary. What Ayers frequently sees is an upgrade suite for both sets of the couples ’ parents, or the ability to script a suite at a standard board rate .

If you ’ ra will to get a little crafty—and you ’ re confident in the number of rooms your party will book—pickup concessions can besides be another reason to go with more than one stop. If you know you ’ ll book 90 percentage of your jam at each hotel, you can spread those perks to more marry VIPs, like grandparents or members of the bridal party.

hotel Room Block Etiquette

What should the price point dispute be for my hotel blocks ?

If you ’ re going to book more than one block, it ’ s a commodity idea to be considerate of all budgets. While some attendees might be excited to splurge on a 5-star boutique property, others might need something more economic. When choosing your blocks, you ’ ll want at least a $ 40 to $ 50 difference in rates, specially if your more expensive hotel runs over $ 200 per night .

Who pays for the hotel rooms ?

“ Whoever is booking the room should pay for the room, ” says Ayers. Meaning it is not the pair ’ randomness or the host of the marriage ’ s province to cover lodging for guests .

What ’ s the best way to hand out welcome bags ?

There are two common ways to get welcome bags to your guests :

  1. Have the front desk agent hand out bags directly to your wedding guests at check-in. This is usually a complimentary service.
  2. Have the bags delivered directly to your guests’ rooms. This is a more luxurious way to present them, no doubt, but it usually comes with a cost—per Ayers, a $3 to $8 fee per room.

You can call a hotel at any fourth dimension ahead of the marry to review and/or update your rooming list. Guests may have booked using credit card points or a third-party web site alternatively of directly with your block, so they might not be on the number to receive a welcome bag .

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