10 Tips to Plan a Disney Vacation on a Budget

Life as we know it is returning to normal ! I can ’ t tell you how aroused I am ( and I know you are besides ). But the matter I ’ ve missed the most these last few years is planning our class trips to Disney. Yup—it in truth is a charming place .
And if you were worried about how Disney parks would fare through the pandemic, rest easy. In the first quarter of this year, they recovered their pandemic losses with profits climbing above pre-pandemic levels. 1
now, who ’ s ready to start planning a Disney trip ? Planning a Disney stumble on a budget international relations and security network ’ t for the faint of heart, but it can be done. In fact, it ’ second one of my spiritual gifts .

How to Plan a Disney Vacation

The best direction to plan anything is with lots of inquiry, right ? The same is true for a Disney vacation. And thankfully, there are a million different resources out there that are focused on how to do Disney World “ the right manner. ”

But when it comes to vacations, the merely right way to do it is to make certain your finances are in regulate ! No one wants to go into debt for vacation—not even for Disney World .

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then, the first thing you need to do when planning a Disney trip ( or any other brassy vacation ) is make a budget. EveryDollar is my favorite budget app. not only is it free, but it helps take the guess out of creating a budget .
Your budget will help you save, learn where you need to cut spend, and actually give you the freedom to spend. And with a trip to Disney, you ’ re very going to want to spend .

10 Ways to Do Disney on a Budget

For a family of four, the average price to go to Disney World is anywhere from $ 4,000 to $ 10,000 or more, which is a lot of money. But you can do it for less. There are batch of ways to save on your Disney pipe dream vacation —up to thousands of dollars, actually .
If you ’ re in a good position financially ( and it ’ s the right clock time for your family to go ), these 10 tips for Disney World will help you stay on budget and kick your experience up a notch ( at no extra cost ). ready ?
Let ’ s induce started .

1. Spend some days at the park and some days at the pool.

You guys—this international relations and security network ’ metric ton a democratic opinion, but you don ’ t have to spend every day of your vacation in the Disney park ! Trust me, your feet will thank you for breaking up the week with one day at the park and the future hang by the hotel pool. If you stay on place at a Disney hotel, the pools make you feel like you ’ re still at  the ballpark ! They ’ rhenium themed, they ’ ra huge, and they ’ re just incredible .
There are besides enough of other places you can go on your “ off-park ” days and however be immersed in Disney magic. head over to Disney Springs for shopping, restaurants and free entertainment. Go to Disney ’ s polynesian Village Resort for dinner and stay to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks on the beach—for free ! ( The boat dock is a charming place to catch those fireworks excessively. )
This one tip will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in Disney park tickets, depending on how many people you ’ re going with and how many days you ’ rhenium persist .

2. Skip the Park Hopper and visit one park per day.

It might seem like a good consider to buy the $ 174 Park Hopper ticket and get access to all four Disney World parks in one day. however, if you ’ ra staying for multiple days, you can make your budget go even far if you forego park-hopping for a day or two and good visit one parking lot per day. The average price for a single-park tag per day is $ 109 ( for ages 10 and up ), saving you $ 65 per person, per day. * ( Single-park tickets for kiddos ages 3 to 9 are about $ 104. )
Keep in take care though, Disney will lower the price of your day by day ticket when you buy for three or more days. And constantly look at their calendar when you ’ rhenium booking your trip—prices change depending on the day besides !
When you purchase your tickets, you need to make certain to reserve your spots at the subject parks you want to visit. It ’ ll be a bummer to buy tickets for a park that doesn ’ t have any reservations left. Plus, those tickets are nonrefundable, so be certain to triple assay before you press “ Submit. ”
It ’ second important to be realistic about how much you can and want to get done each day. Moving from park to park is time-consuming and can be exhausting, specially with little ones. But if you ’ re lone going for a couple of days, possibly do the Park Hopper ticket one of your days and spend another unharmed day at Magic Kingdom—which, believe me, is wholly possible and amaze and deserving it !

3. Buy Disney gift cards at a discount.

Always try to buy Disney gift cards at a discount ! If you ’ re a member of a big-box discount store like Sam ’ second Club, you can buy Disney endowment cards at closely 4 % off ! And if you use your crimson Card debit circuit board at Target, you can get 5 % off ! certain, it doesn ’ metric ton sound like much, but anything helps when it comes to saving money .
You can use these giving cards to pay for your park tickets, Disney hotels, food on property and more. While it ’ s not a short ton of money, it will save you $ 40 to $ 50 for every $ 1,000 you spend—and that ’ s, like, eight Mickey Mouse ice cream bars !

4. Don’t buy the dining plan.

I love the food at Disney. Seriously—just give me all the food ! But what I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate love ? The din plan. It ’ s a way to prepay for your meals on Disney property, but it ’ s decidedly not a money-saver. In fact, in order to make surely you don ’ triiodothyronine lose money, you ’ ll have to do some mathematics on-site ( as you wait in telephone line for your Dole Whip ). For case, if you get besides many internal-combustion engine cream sandwiches during the day, you ’ ll credibly have to forfeit your fries at dinner. And who wants to do that ?
here ’ s the solution : good pay for your food with cash as you go. That means, you know how much you ’ re spend throughout the day. And if you use the envelope System in the parks, you know precisely how much you ’ re starting with ( and how much you have left to spend ) after each purchase. Plus, you don ’ t have to waste time trying to figure out if you ’ ve met your quota for the day. That sounds exhausting ! Pro tip : If you do decide to dine out, Disney gives you the ability to book your dine reservations early using the new Disney Genie service in the Disneyland app .
Disney World on a budget, how to budget for vacation

5. Bring your own food.

Did you know Disney allows you to bring food into the park ? This is potentially huge savings in your budget ! You can pack a nice picnic lunch with sandwiches, fruit, body of water bottles, cookies—whatever your class likes—and memory it in lockers inside the park for either $ 10, $ 12, or $ 15 per day, depending on what size you need. 2 There are no coolers allowed, so only fetch things that don ’ t need to be kept ice-cold. blink of an eye save !
Another way to save on food is by making your own meals at your hotel ! Making your meals is worth it evening if you do it just a few times during your stay. The Garden Grocer is an Orlando-based grocery store storehouse that delivers your groceries to your fall back. You can evening arrange your groceries up to 120 days in advance ! You do have to pay a delivery tip if your order is less than $ 250. 3

6. Arrive just before the park opens.

This is a huge time-saver, because if you ’ rhenium correct there and ready to go when they open the ballpark, you can book it straight to your favorite rides. Lines get long former in the day, but if you get there early on, you won ’ thymine have much of a wait .
now, if you ’ ve been to Disney before, you know how much of a luxury the FastPass was for skipping those long lines. But the FastPass has been discontinued and replaced by the Disney Genie service, which helps you plan the day you want while you ’ re at the ballpark. not only does it give you a map of the park—but you can besides use it to view wait lines for rides. You can upgrade to Genie+ ( the new translation of the FastPass ) to skip the long lines. .. merely it costs $ 15 to use per day and you can only skip the production line once each day. But if you don ’ thyroxine want to shell out the money to save time on those long lines, you ’ ll decidedly want to get to the parks adenine early on as potential !

7. Use PhotoPass photographers (but don’t buy the package).

What ’ s a family vacation without the memories to prove it ? For $ 199, Disney ’ s PhotoPass photographers will take professional photos of you all over the park. You get access to the photos online after your stumble, but that ’ s a pretty big hit to your travel budget. The cool thing is, you can actually just ask Disney ’ s photographers to take your photograph with your earphone or television camera. They ’ ll still want to take your photograph with their television camera excessively ( but you don ’ t have to buy it ). This way, you ’ ll have the video instantaneously and save $ 200. Score!

8. Buy your Mickey ears ahead of time.

You can find some really  cunning Mickey ears on-line. I found two pairs on Amazon for $ 7.99—that ’ s two pairs for $ 8—compared to the about $ 30 you ’ ll give in the ballpark. And while we ’ re on the topic of souvenirs, you can save a bunch of money by ordering all of them online ahead of time ! A friend of mine did this and left one toy dog on their kids ’ hotel bed every night, like it was a give from Mickey. How cunning is that ?

9. Bring your own sunscreen.

You guys, it ’ mho Florida—the land of heat and sun. And the only thing I want you to bring base from your Disney vacation is amazing memories and possibly a cute memento, not a sunburn ! But you ’ ll give up to 40 % more for sunscreen in the ballpark, indeed be indisputable to pick some up at the grocery store store before you go .

10. Don’t waste money on water.

now, I ’ molarity not telling you to go thirsty, but buying bottle water at the park all sidereal day will drain your budget firm ! Bring your refillable urine bottle with you alternatively. There are tons of water stations around the park to fill up at. You can besides stop at any quick-service restaurant and ask for a cup of water system. They ’ ll happily give you one. .. and it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be a Dixie cup, either. slowly savings correctly there !

Disney Hotels: Are They the Best Value for Your Vacation Budget?

When you ’ re making your Disney vacation budget, you might wonder whether or not it ’ s worth it to stay at one of Disney ’ s beautiful on-property resorts. There ’ randomness no denying it can cost more, but if you go with one of Disney ’ south less expensive options, it ’ mho about the same as ( and sometimes cheaper than ) staying off-site. Plus, staying on property will save you money on department of transportation and give you perks you won ’ t make anywhere else .
For one thing, Disney is always running limited-time specials ( like 25 % off room rates for Disney+ subscribers ) or discounts when you stay five nights or more .
barely make certain to budget for your transportation system to and from the airport. If you ’ ra staying off-site, look into your hotel ’ mho amenities to see if they offer airport transportation. And if you ’ rhenium stay in a Disney hotel, shuttles are around $ 23 per person to and from the airport. 4
thus, let ’ s pause it down .

Staying Off-site

The WorldQuest Orlando Resort is right future to Disney World in Orlando, and the lowest rate I found was $ 155 per night. For two adults and two children staying five nights, the sum comes to $ 1,070 ( with taxes and fees ). And if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to drive to the Disney parks and pay for park, you can pay $ 25 per day for the shuttlecock service .
WorldQuest besides offers Disney packages. You get a cheaper rate, and it comes with a free shuttle to the parks ( saving you that $ 25 per sidereal day ). Just for playfulness, I put together a WorldQuest Disney package and it came out to about $ 3,130 for a five-night persist with four five-day park tickets. By purchasing the hotel package, you save about $ 200 on park tickets !

Staying On-site

The lowest rate I could find at Disney ’ s own All-Star Sports Resort was a promotional pace of $ 134 per night ( totaling about $ 756 with taxes and fees ). With that discount rate, staying on-property at the All-Star Sports Resort is $ 314 for a five-night stay—a savings of $ 21 per night. The key to making your Disney repair count is finding promotions that help cut the cost. Plus, Disney resorts offer release shuttle fare to and from all of the parks ( by bus, monorail, boat or skyliner ). And if you choose to drive, staying at a Disney recourse gets you free parking deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
If you decide to add four five-day Disney park tickets to your package, the entire comes to about $ 2,958 with taxes and fees. That ’ s $ 172 cheaper than WorldQuest ’ s Disney software. And not entirely is it cheaper to stay on-site ( with promotional rates ), you ’ ll besides get all the charming moments that come with staying at a Disney recourse. Just make sure to remember your budget when you ’ re passing all those Dole Whip stands !
If staying off-site at a hotel or on-site at a Disney recourse doesn ’ thymine suit you, try out a local Airbnb or VRBO. You might find deals there besides !

When Is the Right Time to Plan a Disney Vacation?

1. Are you out of debt?

When you ’ re in Baby Steps 1, 2 or 3, Mickey will have to wait. .. for now. There ’ sulfur no board in the budget for Disney because any extra money is either building up your newcomer hand brake investment company or paying down debt. Yep—even that $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 you were hoping to spend on a Disney travel will do wonders for your debt snowball .
But don ’ t give up on your Disney dream just because you ’ ra not debt-free ! actually, I encourage you to use that dream as even more motivation to pay off your debt cursorily. Just put on some Disney music as you do your budget each calendar month and think about how dependable that Mickey Mouse ice rink cream will taste when you ’ re debt-free !

2. How old are your kids?

There ’ s no properly or wrong suffice to this. In fact, I ’ megabyte all for going to Disney without the kids ! But if you want to take the unharmed kin, there are some pros and cons to consider, depending on their ages .
A big pro of taking anyone under 3 years old is that their park admission is free. That ’ s a savings of $ 174 per day for the Park Hopper ticket ! And I can tell you from experience : When I took my daughter to Disney around this age, there was nothing like seeing her meet cinderella for the inaugural time. That consequence was priceless. The downside is, she may not remember it when she ’ second aged. But we ’ ll constantly have the pictures !
Rachel Cruze with her daughter Amelia at Walt Disney World Resort
I hear the sweet spot is between the ages of 6 and 10. At that point, they ’ ra old adequate to enjoy the prediction of planning a Disney vacation. Plus, they ’ rhenium grandiloquent, so they can go on more of the rides. And let me tell you : They ’ re going to want to ride the rides.

As you can tell, I ’ m reasonably passionate about saving money without sacrificing have on a Disney vacation. And like I said earlier, planning a stumble to Disney World on a budget is possible ! You just have to budget for it. Make sure to download our free adaptation of EveryDollar immediately therefore you can live happily ever after belated !
Neither Rachel Cruze nor the producers of this content are in any way affiliated with or sponsored by The Walt Disney Company or its subsidiaries. All marks and goodwill of Walt Disney World or related brands are that of The Walt Disney Company and/or its affiliates. Nothing in this article is a paid advertisement or endorsement of Walt Disney World or any affiliated brand.
*Prices in this article were pulled from disneyworld.disney.go.com on 4/22/22 and are subject to change.

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