How to Book ANA First Class with Virgin Atlantic Miles [Step by Step]

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Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles

In this post, HanChicago covers an amaze award redemption and the bit-by-bit summons he used to book ANA first class with Virgin miles. He explains the Virgin Atlantic sweetly spot for booking ANA awards ( one of the best sweetly spot award redemptions of all time ) and goes over how to complete the redemption in detail. If you like posts like this, be surely to read his post detailing how he upgraded a occupation prize to fly the highly covet Air France La Première. love !

ANA First Class and the Virgin Atlantic Sweet Spot

What were you doing in back in February 2021 ?
Doomscrolling ? Oversleeping ? Stress eating ?

Me ? I was doing all three. But I was besides trying to be affirmative about the future .
Stuck at home, in angelic home wintry Chicago, I found myself searching for first class award space on ANA ( All Nippon Airways ) alloy. Tired of streaming movies and television receiver shows, I alternatively focused on finding early on 2022 award quad. There wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate much to do back then, specially in the evenings .
For years and years, travel bloggers had been speculating that the too-good-to-be-true Virgin Atlantic award dessert blot for ANA flights might be going away. So I figured I ’ vitamin d try on manipulation that travel hack at least once before it expired .
indeed what is this sweet position that about every travel blogger writes about ? ( Bethany didn ’ t have a station on it, but she ’ s an improper blogger in many ways. so, I thought I ’ d make the sacrifice to write this obligatory post for her. )
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Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles (Sweet Spot Details)

The sweet position prize is in obviously sight within the final two rows of Virgin ’ s ANA award chart. It comes down to this :

  • For alone 120,000 Virgin points, you can fly ANA first classify roundtrip between Central/Eastern USA and Japan .
    • You pay barely 110,000 points if you travel between western USA and Japan .
  • For 95,000 Virgin points, you can fly ANA business class roundtrip between Central/Eastern USA and Japan .
    • You pay 90,000 points when traveling between western USA and Japan .

( I ’ megabyte using virgo miles and Virgin points interchangeably throughout the post. And yes, nerds, I know the airline has been officially referring to its loyalty currentness as Virgin points, not Virgin miles, since late September 2020. But cipher very cares—except that when Virgin ’ sulfur miles became points, they no longer expired. )

ANA Changes Award Ticket Rule to Allow One-Way Bookings

As of April 2021, you could script one-way ANA awards in either class, whereas before, you could book only roundtrip awards .

  • one-way awards cost precisely half of what roundtrip awards do in Virgin points. then, for case, 60,000 Virgin points get you a one-way fledge in ANA beginning class from Chicago to Tokyo .

Transfer Partner Bonuses Make this Award Even Better

besides, about every class, American Express offers a 30 % transfer bonus when converting your membership Rewards ( MR ) points into Virgin points. This bonus was offered in September 2021, and it’s back now through the end of March 2022. ( early poster issuers, such as Citi, have offered like transmit bonuses in the past. )
This means this super fresh spot can be sweetened even further : For case, you would need to transfer precisely 47,000 MR points to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club explanation to have the 60,000 Virgin points needed to fly in ANA first class one-way from Chicago to Tokyo. ( No need pull out your call ’ south calculator app—Amex does the mathematics for you. )

Searching for Award Space

now that the sweet spot is spelled out, let ’ s shift back to my award space searching in February 2021. Since the Covid-19 vaccines were slowly starting to roll out in some countries back then, I figured by January 2022, Japan would be among those welcoming international tourists again. Of course, I got that contribution of this finespun award booking all wrong. Yet, through some pivot and good fortune, I was able to preserve the award I ’ five hundred booked with Virgin points .
Bottom line: I distillery got to fly in ANA first. In a follow-up mail, I ’ ll meet you in on what I precisely did to save my first gear course award when Japan was distillery closed to U.S. tourists in early 2022 .
But in this post, I want to :

  • Go over the basic steps for using Virgin miles to reserve ANA first gear ( or business ) class flights .
  • Briefly share my experience aboard ANA ’ randomness older foremost class intersection, which the airline calls the ANA First Square .

Book ANA first Class with Virgin Miles

Redeeming Virgin Miles for ANA First Class (Step by Step)

here are the steps for booking ANA beginning class with Virgin miles .
Step 1. Find ANA first class award space on a Star Alliance carrier’s website
Yes, Virgin Atlantic has a partnership with ANA, but no, Virgin itself international relations and security network ’ thyroxine a Star Alliance partner. then, you can ’ triiodothyronine use Virgin ’ s web site to search for ANA prize space .
alternatively, you ’ ll need to use a Star Alliance carrier ’ s web site to do that ( but decidedly not ANA ’ s site, since it ’ ll feature more award space than sites of other Star Alliance partners ). I relied on United ’ second website—which Bougie Miles has given tips on using —but Aeroplan ’ sulfur and Avianca LifeMiles ’ sites are besides recommended by bloggers for this purpose .
You can often find ANA first classify award space when you look far out into the future on a Star Alliance partner ’ s web site. While searching on for award flights from Chicago O ’ Hare ( ORD ) or New York John F. Kennedy ( JFK ) to Tokyo Narita or Haneda ( TYO ), I noticed ANA foremost class awards would likely be available on dates with 121K+ $ 5.60 on them .
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles
As you find ana first class award handiness, record the flight numbers ( that is, the NH numbers for ANA flights ). In my notepad, I jotted down a few outbound and inbound options, just in case some award flights were snapped up before I contacted Virgin .
Do not prematurely convert any assignable currencies into your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club history. Wait until you ’ re done with the next step .
Step 2. Contact Virgin Atlantic to confirm award availability and then put the award on hold (if necessary)
Call virgin at 1-800-862-8621 or 1-800-365-9500 to confirm the award space you found on the Star Alliance aircraft carrier ’ mho web site. You want to make sure it ’ s not phantom prize space. Virgin ’ s customer service agents need to be able to see the lapp award quad you spotted in decree to book the award with Virgin miles. There can be a discrepancy in award handiness between sites, so it ’ sulfur always adept to confirm with Virgin before transferring over points .
If the Virgin call center ’ sulfur prevail times are besides long, you could besides try texting 97634 from the U.S. ( or +44 ( 0 ) 7481 339184 from elsewhere ) or direct-messaging @ VirginAtlantic on Twitter to confirm ANA award handiness .
true, I don ’ t have any firsthand experience with either texting or DM-ing Virgin ; but in other locomotion blogs and forums, I ’ ve seen a few positive data points for using both forms of communication to reach Virgin. With that said, phoning in ( despite a potentially drawn-out hold fourth dimension ) might be your best bet .
After you get confirmation that your ANA flights are bookable with Virgin miles, you can have the Virgin customer service rep hold them for up to 48 hours. But if you ’ re ready to commit ( like I was back in late February 2021 ), typically you won ’ thyroxine have to request a declare, as I explain following .

Step 3, Transfer points into your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account and have the Virgin agent book the ANA award
The adjacent pace is to turn some assignable currencies—such as Amex MR points or Chase Ultimate Rewards ( UR ) points—into Virgin miles. For most of the major currencies, the points should transfer over immediately, so you could conceivably complete step 3 right after step 2 and finish booking your ANA award escape over a single phone call .
notably, Virgin ’ s customer servicing agents ( many of them with charming british accents ) are among the friendliest and most adept in the diligence, so they ’ re likely to make the book experience quite pleasant.

Nowadays Virgin ’ s call center is open 24-7. But back in February 2021, it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. I called them around 1 am in Chicago to catch them when they first opened at 7 am in the UK .
I didn ’ t book my path before April 2021, then two one-way prize bookings weren ’ t an option. furthermore, without a transfer bonus from Amex or any other issuer available at the time, I opted to transfer over 120,000 Chase UR points into my Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account. ( Back then, I had absolutely no queasiness about burning my chase points like this, as I ’ ve never been a Hyatt hostage Globalist. 😉 )
fortunately, I was able to confirm with the Virgin agent that the ANA first class prize space I ’ five hundred found on could be booked with Virgin miles. On the outbound, I ’ five hundred be in the older 777 first base class product ( ANA First Square ), and on the inbound, the newly 777 foremost class product ( The Suite ) .
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles
For this roundtrip award, I paid $ 96.95 in taxes and fees, in accession to the 120,000 Chase points I ’ five hundred converted into Virgin points. With cash alone, it would ’ ve cost me $ 25,017 .

so, this roundtrip redemption ( with a total of 26 hours in first class ) was worth about 21 cents per detail ( CPP ). We can argue about whether CPP is a meaningful metric function when alone a bantam minority in the points and miles game would buy this roundtrip ticket with merely money. But what ’ s not arguable is that this dessert spot delivers enormous value.

Step 4. Choose your seat by going to the ANA website with your ANA reservation number
You might think you ’ re done with your book after gradation 3. technically, you are .
But if you ’ re like me, you ’ ll want to choose your seat. In decree to do that, you ’ ll have to get the ANA reservation number from Virgin ( it ’ s different from Virgin ’ s own book reference issue ) and then search for your booking on this ANA web page .
On that foliate, enter your ANA reservation total and your first name ( or possibly your first and center names with no distance in between them ) and your final name in order to access your ANA travel plan on-line .
After gaining access, you should be able to choose your induct ( and early options, such as special meals ) .
For both of my flights, I chose 1K, on the starboard side, as I tend to do ( tied when 1A is open ) .
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles

ANA 777-300ER First Class (First Square) Mini-Review

On deviation day, I got to O ’ Hare early on enough to enjoy the United Polaris Lounge for a few hours. But I barely ate anything in the sofa because I knew what to expect on board .

Given the angelic spot, ANA ’ s First Square is probably among the most reviewed foremost class products however out there. You ’ ll find no deficit of web log posts on this popular product .
There ’ s not much I can add about the hard product—or the easy product—that hasn ’ thymine already been written .

  • The seat is sufficiently private, plus quite comfortable—in both seat manner and bed manner .
    • The carrel is roomy and has batch of storage. ( excessively bad there weren ’ thyroxine any air nozzles. )
  • The food and drink ( both Japanese and Western ), excellent ( menus can be previewed on-line ) .
  • The avail, friendly and attentive ( so far not excessively familiar nor obtrusive ). It ’ s on equality with Singapore and Emirates service .
  • The pajama and agreeableness kit, very good .
  • The wireless local area network ( provided complimentary for the entirety of the travel ), fine .
  • The inflight entertainment, adequate but not stellar like Emirates ’ .

Book ANA first Class with Virgin Miles
The ANA First Square is like a fancy, comfortable work booth, as many bloggers have observed. Some claim it looks futuristic. I felt the diametric : It had a retro vibration to me. When seated inside and facing the 23-inch LCD screen, I felt like lower center management at a deep ’ 90s dotcom. man, all that funky jaundiced and about purple dark blue amobarbital sodium kept screaming the flower of yahoo ! —I rather dug it. Parts of the first classify cell obscure the windows, but honestly, that didn ’ triiodothyronine bother me all that much .
so, my January 2022 was a welcome contrast to my February 2021 : While flying over the Pacific on ANA metal in early on 2022, I still overate ( but direction good food ), actually underslept ( I was having excessively much fun ), and didn ’ thymine doomscroll a bit ( though I could ’ ve at 30,000 feet ) .

What made my first class fledge extra extra was my being the lone passenger in the cabin. That was a first for me in first class. I ’ molarity indisputable that my “ Han solo ” trip in ANA first was a function of the pandemic. I got to use seat 1G ( to my immediate leave ) as my bed while keeping 1K in seat modality. The beginning classify bathroom, with the japanese bidet, was entirely for me .
Another alone-in-first benefit : During lunch, the dedicate trajectory attendants indulged my request for a japanese sake smack ( they said they would ’ ve let me try all four sakes on the menu, but one hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been stocked at the Chicago outstation—the three I got to try were outstanding ! ) .

sure, the First Square is overshadowed by its dark, classy, more individual successor, The Suite. But I think that even though it ’ s around a ten old, the ANA First Square still delivers a compel experience. When you factor in ANA ’ s especial service plus food and toast, the older ANA first class intersection more than holds its own. I like it over Singapore Airlines ’ 777-300ER first course product, which is besides about ten years old .

By the meter we landed in Narita, I was so thrust from my meals—including the on-demand ramen and curry rice—that I could ’ ve rolled off the ANA 777-300ER into the terminal. Walking through the jet bridge alone, I felt grateful. And heavier .
From booking ANA first with Virgin to flying ANA first to Japan, I actually enjoyed the unharmed dang thing ! If you ’ ra always “ stuck ” with ANA ’ randomness older first class product, I doubt you ’ ll regret it—especially if you booked your flight as a Virgin sweetly spot award redemption .

Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles

Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles
Book ANA First Class with Virgin Miles

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