How to Book the Cheapest Hotel Rooms

After airfare, accommodation is often the biggest expense of any trip. And, unlike keepsake shop, lodging international relations and security network ’ metric ton precisely something you can skip to save money. There are, however, ways you can find cheap hotel rooms no matter where you go, maximizing your travel budget without sacrificing things like base hit and cleanliness. here are some of our favorite ways to score the cheapest hotel rooms .

1. Start With an Aggregator Site…

It ’ sulfur useful to begin your hotel search with the accommodation-focused collector site of your option ( such as,, or Trivago ). These sites can give you a general idea of what your hotel options are in a city or even a specific neighborhood, which is specially utilitarian if you ’ ve never been there before. If you ‘ve got firm plans and can book everything for your tripper at the lapp time, it ‘s besides worth looking at a bundle deal ( hotel + flight, or hotel + cable car ) from a site like Expedia, as these can sometimes save you money .

2. …and Don’t Forget to Log In

In some cases, having an score at one of the aggregators listed above means you ’ ll see members-only prices that are lower than the prices shown to people who use the sites as a node. When creating an history is spare and it could grant you access to better deals, there ’ s no reason not to sign up.

3. Compare Rates with Hotel Websites

once you ’ ve got an idea of your hotel options and you ’ ve got a few favorites, it ’ randomness time to open a new window and go straight to that hotel ’ s official web site. Most hotel sites have their own engagement arrangement so you can do the same search again to see if the room rates are unlike. even if they ’ re roughly the lapp, check the hotel ’ s site for other likely perks you won ’ t receive on an aggregator—like loose WiFi, park, or breakfast. These sometimes come in the form of “ software deals ” advertised on the hotel ’ s site .

4. Call the Hotel Directly

Calling the hotel directly—not through the centralized toll-free reservations number—gives you a casual to negotiate a better room rate. If you see a lower price on an collector site, wear ’ thyroxine hesitate to call the hotel ’ s front desk to see if they can offer a better softwood, or at least match the lower monetary value. The people who work at that specific hotel are far more probably to be able to arrange things like a deduction or a board upgrade than people at a address center .

5. Consider All-Inclusive Deals

Whether you ’ re looking at a hotel ’ s web site for a basic box that offers spare breakfast with the board or you ’ re browsing repair vacation box options, bundling sometimes makes sense as a money-saving joyride. By bundling separate things you would otherwise pay for—from breakfast to resort activities to equipment use—into an “ across-the-board ” cover, you might be able to save quite a morsel of money on your overall trip ( even if the cost of the room doesn ’ t change ). This is besides a helpful way to stay on budget when you travel, since there are fewer unanticipated expenditures along the way .

6. Bid on a Room

For travelers who are more concerned about not going over a certain budget and less concerned about choosing a particular hotel, there ’ second Priceline. bid is entirely available on the app, but allows you to narrow your search to a neighborhood and how many stars the hotel should have. You won ’ thymine find out the name of the hotel until whatever monetary value you ’ ve bid is accepted—and then there ’ s no changing the reservation. If you ’ ra finical, it ’ s a risk, but if the biggest refer is price, it can help you save .

7. Put a Hold on a Great Rate with a Free Cancellation Policy…

Planners who are searching for adjustment well in progress of a trip have a couple options. The first is finding a superintendent deal on a hotel when you ’ re not 100 % surely of all trip details even. rather of agonizing over losing such a bang-up board rate if you wait besides long to book, find out if there ’ s a detached cancellation policy. This allows you to hold the room at that gloomy rate, while hush giving you some flexibility to change or cancel the booking late if your plans change. precisely be certain you understand the cancellation policy—in most cases, there ’ s a cutoff point for the “ loose ” separate, after which you might have to pay for one night even if you don ’ metric ton stay there .

8. …or Book a Non-Refundable Room When Your Plans are Firm

The other scenario for boost planners is that the solid travel plan is set already, in which shell you ’ ra rid to book a hotel when you find a good softwood. many sites, even if they have a “ spare cancellation ” option, offer even deeper discounts to those booking rooms with non-refundable rates.

9. Look for Last-Minute Deals

Travelers who are more spontaneous can besides get capital deals on hotel rooms, provided they know where to look. The HotelTonight app is an excellent resource for finding fantastic rates on hotel rooms booked at the last infinitesimal. ( The furthest in boost you can book with HotelTonight is three months in blue-ribbon cities, and you can book a room for the lapp sidereal day. ) bill that if you happen to be visiting a city during a big event, whether you ’ re there for the event or not, waiting until the stopping point minute to find a room can backfire ( and as we ‘ve mentioned, last-minute deals on airfare are rare ). For a last-minute reserve to work, you need hotels to have lots of rooms that they ’ d rather rent out at a lower rate than leave empty .

10. Pay Attention to the Timing of Your Trip

Think about the invest you ’ re going, the type of people who predominantly visit, and the clock of year of your slip. If you ’ re going to a city long-familiar for hosting craft shows and conferences, for exemplify, a summer tripper might mean you ’ ll find adept deals on hotels catering to business travelers who are more probable to be there outside the summer holiday months. On the early hand, going to a popular tourist address in the winter could mean you ’ ll find discount room rates on hotels because their common crowd doesn ’ t display up until the weather gets warmer. Timing international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate good about seasons, either. clientele travelers typically vacate hotels on weekends, while fall back visitors are more probably to check out after staying the weekend. If you book your trip for the opposite of whenever the majority of guests tend to stay at a hotel, you ’ rhenium apt to get a better room rate .

11. Consider a Longer Stay

If your change of location plans are flexible, look into whether you ’ ll get a better nightly room rate if you book a longer stay. Some hotels offer weekly rates that are much lower per night than their regular nightly rate, and others will give you a night dislodge if you book a sealed count of nights .

12. Look for Membership Discounts

membership in an organization can have benefits beyond what you might expect. With a AAA membership, for exemplify, there are travel discounts available besides car-related expenses that you ’ vitamin d expect for a car-focused organization. here are equitable a few types of membership discounts to look out for, but this international relations and security network ’ t an exhaustive list. If you pay for membership to anything, ask whether they have a partnership with any hotels or hotel chains for single deals .

  • The company or organization where you work
  • AAA
  • Costco
  • AARP
  • Military/Veteran
  • Airline loyalty programs

And while we ’ re on the topic of memberships, preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to check the benefits associated with the credit cards you have. You might get something like a fourth hotel nox release when you book a three-night persist using that credit card .

13. Hunt for Coupons

While you ’ ra not often going to find coupons for airline tickets, hotel rooms are a different story. In addition to looking at popular coupon sites like RetailMeNot for hotel coupons, don ’ t forget to check Groupon for the destination you ’ ra visit.

14. Rack Up Hotel Points

Travelers who are loyal to a certain hotel chain can earn benefits ( like lower room rates ) by joining that hotel chain ’ s loyalty program. If you ’ re not as finical about sticking to one hotel chain, consider signing up with a reserve web site ( like ) that allows members to earn points for each booking .

15. Book Someone Else’s Unwanted Room

No matter how concrete travel plans may be, sometimes people need to cancel a hotel engagement. If, however, they booked a non-refundable rate, they ’ rhenium stuck—or they were, until RoomerTravel came along. This on-line marketplace lets travelers tilt hotel rooms for “ sale ” when they would otherwise precisely have to eat the cost as a waste of money. You, in turn, might just score a killer last-minute softwood on a room .

16. Consider Hotel Alternatives

Staying in a hotel international relations and security network ’ t your entirely choice anymore, and some of the alternatives could save you quite a bite of money .

  • Hostels are no longer just for young backpackers. In fact, many hostels even have a limited number of private rooms (with en suite bathrooms), making them feel more like budget hotels.
  • A vacation home or apartment is often more cost effective if you’re traveling with a group, but it can even be a better deal when you’re on your own. Check sites like VRBO and Airbnb for vacation rentals (sometimes you can rent just a bedroom in a local’s house, which is an even bigger money-saver).
  • Depending on how long you want to stay, you might look into house-sitting. This is a great option if you don’t necessarily care as much where you go, only that you get to travel. House-sitting gigs might involve staying in someone’s home for free (in exchange for caring for the house, and sometimes plants and pets) or you may even get paid a small fee.

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