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Using a secured credit card is possibly the quickest and easiest way to build credit — equally long as you ‘re ache about how you use it. Secured cards are different from regular credit cards in one key means : They require a cash security deposit, which the credit wag company holds onto just in case the cardholder does n’t pay the bill. The deposit reduces the risk to the batting order issuer, so secure cards are easier to qualify for. And that makes secured cards an ideal tool for people looking to improve their credit rating. here ’ s how to use a secured credit calling card to build credit.

1. Choose the right secured card

A secured credit menu is n’t a long-run committedness. Get it, use it to improve your recognition enough to qualify for better options, and then move up to an unbarred tease ( and get your deposit back ). Among factors to consider :

  • recognition agency report. The hale period of getting a secured card is to build credit, and that can happen only if the circuit board issuer reports your explanation bodily process to the credit chest of drawers — the companies that compile the credit reports that form the footing of credit scores. If a card does n’t report to the chest of drawers, it ‘s not worth getting .
  • A situate you can afford. Most secure cards have a minimum security deposit of $ 200 or $ 300, but some require adenine much as $ 500 .
  • reasonable fees. Some cards designed for people with badly credit ( or no credit ) come with exorbitant fees — annual fees of $ 99, monthly alimony fees and indeed on .
  • A path to an upgrade. ideally, you ‘ll be able to move astir to an unbarred card from the lapp issuer and get your situate back without having to close the account .

Some secured cards offer rewards and possibly tied a few perks, but do n’t focus excessively much on those. The generally low citation limits on procure cards make it hard to rack up meaning rewards, and, ideally, you wo n’t be using the menu identical hanker anyhow.

2. Pay the deposit quickly

many people who apply for and are approved for a secured credit card end up losing it before they even get it. That ‘s because they did n’t provide the security down payment. In most cases, the card issuer wo n’t actually open the secure batting order account until you pay the lodge — and you normally have to do so within a certain time frame. Losing a tease because you neglected to pay the situate can be harmful to your credit at the accurate time you ‘re trying to build it. The application itself will likely shave some points off your mark. If you get a card, those lost points are worth it because nowadays you have a credit-building creature. But if you do n’t even get the card, all you have is the downside. Pulling in concert the $ 200 to $ 300 necessity for a fasten card down payment can be unmanageable for many people. If you think it ‘ll take some time, save up the deposit before applying for the circuit board, so you can fund the down payment promptly.

3. Use the card — but use it wisely

Your citation score basically measures one thing : how hazardous it is to lend you money. The higher the risk, the lower your score. Improving your credit means demonstrating that you can handle borrowed money responsibly. And that means using your secured wag — buying things with it, and then paying it off. Use the card at least once a month so that your history shows regular activeness. But do n’t max out the card. Use it for smaller purchases that keep you good below your credit limit. A adult contribution of your accredit score is determined by “ credit rating use, ” or the amount of your available recognition you ‘re using. That does n’t leave a set of room for big purchases, but remember that the primary purpose of a guarantee card is to build your credit, not to bolster your purchasing office.

4. Pay on time and in full 

Although this is Step 4 on our number, it ‘s No. 1 in terms of swerve importance for credit construct. The unmarried biggest agent in your credit seduce is your payment history. If you ca n’t pay your bills on time every month, you ‘re just not going to build good credit. sol when your credit circuit board bill comes, pay it ASAP. Set up automatic payments if that helps. To keep your account in beneficial stand, you have to pay at least the minimal payment come by the due date. But you ‘re better off paying the stallion remainder in fully. Secured accredit cards tend to charge extra-high matter to rates, normally well above 20 %, thus carrying a remainder from calendar month to calendar month will be dearly-won. If you ‘re using the poster as direct — making entirely small purchases — paying in full moon should n’t be besides difficult.

5. Monitor your credit score

As you use your secure tease to establish a positive credit history, you ‘ll want to keep an eye on your credit mark. You can get your score for dislodge through NerdWallet. If you ‘re seeing advance, it ‘s a bless that your feat is paying off. That ‘s a good spirit ! As your credit improves, you may become eligible to apply for a regular unguaranteed card. If you ‘re not seeing advance, however, it could point to other problems with your recognition history. Get your credit reputation — you ‘re entitled to free reports from the three major recognition agency — and check it for errors or other problems.

6. Upgrade to an unsecured card 

once you ’ ve been using your secured credit card carefully for some time, you might move into “ carnival ” credit territory, besides called “ modal ” credit. This is by and large considered to be a score above 630. At that charge, you have a good chance of qualifying for an unguaranteed citation card. The issuer of your secured card might agree to convert it to a regular credit circuit board, or you can apply for a credit card for fair credit rating. When you close or convert a guarantee card, you should get your security down payment back. The habits you formed while you had a secured circuit board will serve you well with an unbarred circuit board, excessively. Keep on using your calling card regularly, maintain a first gear credit utilization and give at least the minimum by the due date every calendar month, and your credit rating will continue to get healthier .

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