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Mike Elman

March 27, 2019

Borrowing Money from a Life Insurance Policy

Though the primary focus of life insurance is to provide a benefit to the family of a lost love one, some policies could add enhancements to a fiscal portfolio. If you are familiar with life policy, you may know the term “ cash value, ” or the ability to borrow from a policy if you have paid a certain sum of premiums. This could be a temp solution to fiscal emergencies, but it should require great consideration ahead so you don ’ thyroxine put your investment at gamble .
borrowing from whole life insurance

Can You Borrow Money From a Life Insurance Policy?

not all life indemnity policies build cash value, such as a term life policy. Term life insurance rates are typically less expensive than whole liveliness and offer merely the death benefit, not cash value. however, a unharmed life or universal liveliness indemnity policy may offer a cash value profit, which may allow you to take out a policy loanword .
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Policy

Before you jump in and take a lend out against a policy, consider if taking funds from your life indemnity policy makes sense for your situation. In addition to weighing the pros and cons below, speak with your indemnity company about how taking out a lend will impact your policy.


  • No lengthy application process like other loans
  • If you have built up cash value, you can borrow without a credit check
  • Policy reports do not show up on your credit report unlike other loans
  • Policy loans typically have lower interest rates
  • Repay the loan on a schedule you set
  • You can chose not to repay the loan and just deduct the amount due from the beneficiary’s benefit


  • Must have cash value built up which may take years from policy start date
  • Risk a reduced death benefit for your beneficiary if loan is not repaid
  • Risk losing your policy if the interest and unpaid loan amount total more than the remaining cash value

How Does a Policy Loan Work?

When you borrow against your cash rate from a life insurance policy, the insurance company uses the benefit as collateral. In other words, if you pay back the lend plus interest in full, your policy benefit will go back to the original sum you bought it for. however, if you do not pay it bet on, the company will deduct the loan sum plus interest from the policy benefit.

When Can You Take Out a Policy Loan?

You must build up the cash prize before you can take out the money. Contact your life indemnity representative and they will be able to tell you what your cash value is. You should besides discuss how taking out the loanword will impact your policy .
What Should I Consider When Taking Out a Policy Loan?

If you do not want to jeopardize your life indemnity policy, consider the watch when taking out a loanword .

  • How will taking out this loan impact my life insurance policy? Will I put my beneficiary’s death benefit at risk?
  • Aside from the interest, are there any other fees or costs I need to know about?
  • I should create a mock budget and schedule on how I will pay the loan back to ensure this is feasible.

Borrowing from a life insurance policy should be treated the same as taking out a loanword from the trust – with due application. It is important to remember the primary reason for a life indemnity policy is to take care of your beneficiaries should something happen to you. however, emergencies happen, therefore having cash value available could be a huge avail in fiscal adversity. Before taking out a policy loan, you should gather your research and consider every angle .

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