17 Clever Ways to Cover a Down Payment for an Investment Property

Cash Reserves, Closing Costs, & More

Regardless of whether you borrow from a conventional lender or a portfolio lender, you will need cash reserves .
Lenders require that you have enough cash set aside at settlement to cover a sealed number of months ’ mortgage payments. The distinctive stove is one-to-six months ’ worth of payments .
Where it gets hairy is that frequently lenders require cash reserves for all of your mortgages — not fair the new loan you ’ rhenium borrowing .
And, of naturally, you ’ ll need cash to pay for the close costs. That includes between $ 1,000-2,000 for title-related expenses, plus taxes, insurance, and lender fees, which will lay on thousands more dollars. No one said borrowing a mortgage was bum !

The consequence is that you need a distribute more cash than merely a down payment. Keep in mind these early cash requirements, as you start running the numbers on how much you ’ ll need to pull together to buy this adjacent investment property .

15 Ways to Come Up with a Down Payment for an Investment Property

not scared away so far ? beneficial, because despite the high gear cash requirements for buying investment properties, you have batch of options to come up with the cash for a down requital on a rental property. You may even be able to buy your following rental property with no money down !
Before we dive in, it ’ s worth pausing to note that the best source of funds for a down requital was, is, and constantly will be cash from your savings. When you borrow a down payment from person else, you leave yourself vulnerable to overleverage, to slimmer cash menstruate margins and returns, and to possible rate hikes or called loans .
This is why we ’ re then adult on boosting your savings pace and cutting your outgo, and evening going so far as know on half your income. The more of your own savings and cash you can invest with, the better put you ’ re in to earn high returns from your rental properties .
All right, I ’ meter finished proselytize, let ’ s dive into some alternative ideas for coming up the down payment for an investment property !

1. Home Equity

Have some equity in your primary residency ?
One of the most effective ways to borrow money for a down payment on an investment property is to take out a home fairness line of credit ( HELOC ) against your primary mansion. It ’ s relatively low-cost, it ’ s elastic, and if you have a lot of equity, you can borrow a fortune of money !
HELOCs can be fixed-interest or variable, based on the prime rate. They typically have a 10-15 year hook time period, during which borrowers can use the note of accredit like a secured credit menu. During this time, the borrower frequently only pays interest on the citation balance, and does not have to pay any money toward principal each month .
After that, there ’ s a 15-20 year refund menstruation, when the borrower can no retentive pull money from the line of credit, and must make regular monthly payments to pay off the balance .
many real estate of the realm investors use a HELOC to cover the initial down payment or the renovation costs when they buy a new property. After renovating, they then refinance to pull some cash back out and pay off their HELOC balance wheel, and then go out and do it all over again .
alternatively, you can use a HELOC to fix and flip a house, rather than keeping it as a rental .
You can besides tap your fairness with a dwelling equity loanword. normally a second mortgage, home equity loans could theoretically be a first gear mortgage if you own your home free and clear. But home fairness loans don ’ thyroxine offer the lapp tractability as HELOCs, as standard mortgage loans with a pay back refund schedule.

As a final note, keep in mind that conventional lenders won ’ metric ton like you using HELOCs to come up with the down requital for an investment property. First, they don ’ thymine want to see any depart of the depressed payment borrowed, and second, it will add more debt to your debt-to-income proportion ( DTI ) .
It may besides lower your credit temporarily, like any other new debt .

2. Rental Equity Line of Credit (“RELOC”)

All proper, so “ RELOC ” may not be a condition, but it ’ south even a thing. Landlords can take out HELOCs against lease properties, quite than their homes, if they have enough equity .
As with mortgages, expect the interest rates and fees to be higher on credit rating lines against an investment property compared to a HELOC. That ’ s because the risk to lenders is higher, as borrowers are more likely to default on investing property loans than on their home loans .
You can besides expect the maximum LTV ( loanword to value ratio ) to be lower, with RELOCs compared to HELOCs. That means that lenders will lend you less of the property ’ south total value, again because their risk is higher .
Like HELOCs, rental property lines of credit rating hold for flexible sources of financing for new investment properties… if you have the fairness .

3. Cross-Collateralization

Another choice if you have equity in your home or other rental properties is cross-collateralization .
Wait, cross-collata-what ?
besides known as a blanket mortgage, you can offer to let your lender put a spleen against your home or another rental property, as extra collateral. Say you apply for a lend to buy a new rental place, and they require a 20 % down payment ( plus close up costs, plus cash reserves ). You don ’ t have adequate cash, but let ’ s say you do have another property with $ 100,000 in fairness in it .
therefore, you tell the lender about your equity, and they agree to use that other property as extra collateral, and waive your down payment necessity. They now have two properties secured for one loanword, and feel confident that even if you default, they can recover their money by foreclosing on both of your properties .

4. Your 401(k)

Thinking about raiding your nest testis ? It gets crafty promptly when you borrow money from your retirement accounts to buy investment properties, beware !

But here are the basics. First, if you know — with 100 % certainty — that you will be able to pay the money bet on in under 60 days, you can withdraw the money from your 401 ( kilobyte ). arsenic long as you return it within 60 days, it doesn ’ t count as a distribution, and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffer the IRS ’ s wrath with penalties and back taxes owed and lots of tears .
Since that ’ s a hazardous meet, you have another option : you can borrow the money from your 401 ( thousand ) administrator. surely, it ’ south technically your own money that you ’ ra borrowing against, but until you reach 59 ½, you don ’ thyroxine have entree without the aforesaid penalties. But the good news is that 401 ( k ) loans are very cheap, since you ’ re basically borrowing money from your future self. money that, incidentally, is already in your report .
You can borrow up to around $ 50,000, or astir to around 50 % of your 401 ( kilobyte ) balance, whichever is lower .

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