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due to the emerging situation in Shanghai, US citizens and lawful permanent residents evacuating Shanghai with 3 or fewer personal favored dogs don ’ thyroxine require a CDC Dog Import Permit if booking travel between April 14 and June 20. CDC Dog Import Permits will be required to enter the United States from Shanghai beginning June 21, 2022. Travelers from other areas of China are inactive required to present a CDC Dog Import Permit for entrance into the United States.

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CDC ’ s stream rules and requirements for the irregular suspension of dogs from bad countries for dog rabies remain effective until June 10, 2022. On this date, newfangled requirements will become effective .
CDC issues regulations to control the entrance of dogs into the United States from other countries. These rules apply to all dogs, including puppies and service animals. They besides apply whether you are a US citizen, legal US resident, or foreign national.

If you don’t follow CDC’s rules, your dog won’t be allowed to enter the United States. If denied entry, your dog will be sent back to the survive area of passing at your expense. nation of passing is where the last trip originated—not where the chase was born or where it lives .
In addition, you must comply with US Department of Agriculture ’ sulfur ( USDA ) and your US destination ’ s regulationsexternal picture. Regulations of US states or territories may be more nonindulgent than union regulations. Please be aware that dogs imported for commercial ( resale or borrowing ) purposes have extra requirements from USDAexternal icon .

Determining If You Can Bring a Dog into the United States

Whether you can bring a dog into the United States depends on where the cad is coming from—especially if from a bad nation for pawl rabies .
To enter the United States, your chase will be required to meet specific criteria. start by answering the questions below to determine if you can bring a andiron into the United States .

Why Entry of Dogs to the United States Is Controlled

Rabies is fatal: Rabies is over 99 % black and is 100 % preventable. The United States eliminated andiron rabies in 2007, but frump rabies is not controlled in over 100 countries—creating a risk to the United States for imported dogs. Through regulations, CDC strives to protect America ’ sulfur families, communities, and pets by preventing the reintroduction of cad rabies into the United States. Preventing infect dogs from entering the United States is a public health precedence. Each fanatic imported dog could infect people and early animals and could cost more than half a million dollars to contain.

Why it’s important now: Since 2015, four fanatic dogs were imported into the United States. historically, about 300 dogs annually have been denied introduction to the United States due to inadequate paperwork. however, between January and December 2020 ( during the COVID-19 pandemic ), CDC documented an increase from former years with more than 450 instances of incomplete, inadequate, or deceitful rabies inoculation certificates for dogs arriving from bad countries .
The increase in the phone number of dogs inadequately vaccinated against rabies that importers were attempting to bring into the United States created a public health risk of importing pawl rabies .
Protect dogs and people: CDC will use the gallop suspension period to improve the importing process to better protect the health and condom of dogs being imported and their u families and communities .

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