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We ‘ve found the perfect selling solution for you. First, close your eyes. now hug your computer proctor. Using top-secret engineering developed at the Entrepreneur.com laboratories, we ‘ll immediately transmit lists of bottomless-pocketed customers to your genius and your homebased commercial enterprise. well, OK, possibly not. But it ‘s not because we do n’t have the technology ( merely one more logarithm to go, we swear ) -really, we want to help you help yourself. So we ‘ve brought you something even better : 21 chunks of marketing know-how that will help you find the customers you need to fill your commercial enterprise ‘s coffers. Print this out, mail it up and integrate it into your commercialize plan-and get ready for tons of sales. The Basics
1. Create quality marketing tools. This does n’t mean you need to allot 75 percentage of your budget to impression costs, presentation slides and a Web site. But it does mean you need to put deep thinking into the cohesive image you want to present. “ Sit down and make a list of everything you ‘re going to need each time you make contact with a prospective customer or customer, including a stationery box, brochures and presentation tools, ” advises market expert Kim T. Gordon, president of National Marketing Federation Inc. and an Entrepreneur.com columnist. “ then, if you ca n’t [ yield ] to print it all at once, at least function with a architect and a copywriter to create the materials so you have them on disk. ”

If even this sends shivers down your bank bill ‘s spine, find creative ways to deal with it : Hire an art or marketing student from the local university, or barter your services with other homebased entrepreneurs. 2. Greet clients with style. Voice mail may not seem like a component of your market plan, but if a electric potential customer calls and your child answers, that node will be gone before you can even technically call him a client. So get yourself a professional voice-mail system ( even the phone company offers options ) with several boxes, advises Gordon, so callers can press “ 1 ” to hear more about your services, “ 2 ” for your web and e-mail addresses, etc. 3. Focus as narrowly as possible. rather of trying to reach all the people some of the clock, narrow your target hearing to highly certified prospects. alternatively of going to seven networking groups once every two months, go to the two groups with the best prospects every week. “ alternatively of marketing to 5,000 companies, [ find ] respective twelve highly qualify companies and make regular contact with them, ” says Gordon. Call them, mail your market materials, and then ask to meet. It ‘ll save you money and time. 4. Make the most of trade shows. here ‘s a odds and ends of tips, courtesy of Rick Crandall, a speaker, adviser and writer of marketing books :

  • If you don’t get a booth beforehand, try to find someone who might want to share their space with you. You help them run the booth, and they get a local who can show them the town.
  • If you decide not to get a booth, go anyway. You can always do business with the exhibitors–just be sure to respect their time with “real” customers before you approach them as a peer looking for some B2B action.
  • After the seminar, be absolutely, positively sure that you follow up on your leads. What’s the point of attending if your leads end up in the trash? The Center for Exhibition Industry Researchsays 88 percent of exhibition attendees weren’t called by salespeople in 2000. Try to improve that stat.

5. Conduct competitive intelligence online. When Joyce L. Bosc started Boscobel Marketing Communications Inc. in 1978 in her Silver spring, Maryland, dwelling, she had no hint what the competition was doing. today, she points out, homebased entrepreneurs have it a bunch easier. “ As a homebased clientele [ in 1978 ], how would you even find out what your rival was doing, what they were charging or what kind of clients they had ? ” says Bosc, whose company immediately has 18 employees and is no long homebased. “ nowadays, that information is completely at your fingertips. ” So find your competitors ‘ sites and get click. Getting friendly
6. Offer your help. Want to be known as a good businessperson — and just as an all-around good person ? Help others out. One of Ellen Cagnassola ‘s biggest business-getters for her Fanwood, New Jersey, handcrafted soap occupation, MaryEllen ‘s Sweet Soaps, is viva-voce that ‘s generated by not only her good work, but besides her good deeds. “ I am the first gear to help another, and I offer ideas freely, ” says Cagnassola. “ I think this and my exuberance for my business make people want to be a character of my success. ” Where does she offer avail ? A New Jersey Women ‘s Business Center and her hometown ‘s Downtown Revitalization Committee are just a few places she lends her expertness. Another way to help out your residential district and your business is to align yourself with a nonprofit organization organization. Patrick Bishop, author of Money-Tree Marketing, offers this mind : “ Set up a fund-raise program that benefits a school, like a discount circuit board. At the lapp clock the kids [ are selling them, they are ] promoting your business. ” 7. Offer work samples. Crandall suggests that if, for case, you ‘re a network architect, you surf the internet, find a potential client and send them a few tips they can use to improve their site. Or you can do as Anne Collins did : “ In the beginning, I was bequeath to fair go out and beg for the commercial enterprise, ” says Collins, whose homebased Laurel, Maryland, graphic design firm, Collins Creative Services Inc., now boasts the U.S. Army as one of its clients. “ sometimes I would offer a modest subcontract for free just to show the potential customer the quality of my cultivate and to get them used to working with me. ” 8. Network. If this objet d’art of marketing advice sounds like something you ‘ve heard before, there ‘s a good reason : It works. Join your local chamber, leads groups like LeTip International Inc. or Leads Club, your industry association, or circular Club. When you go, ask the people you meet what leads they ‘re looking for — and very listen to what they have to say. They ‘ll repay you in kind. 9. Cross-promote with other businesses. Whom do you share customers with ? Find them and figure out how you can promote one another. If you ‘re a PR person, hook up with a copywriter or graphic graphic designer for node referrals. Or you could take note of the collective that Crandall knows : The Wedding Mafia, a group of respective marriage professionals ( a caterer, DJ, dressmaker, photographer, etc. ) who work together through referrals. Another option is to add a brief note at the bottom of invoices referring your account clients to “ an excellent computer adviser, ” and have that adviser do the lapp for you.

Tips #10 to #21

Getting Online
10. Chat online. Find newsgroups that cater to your audience, and join the affray. “ I did n’t start [ participating in on-line discussion groups ] to generate business, but as a way to find information for myself on assorted subjects, ” says Shel Horowitz, owner of Northampton, Massachusetts-based Accurate Writing & More and generator of several commercialize books, including Grassroots Marketing. “ But it turned out to be the individual best market tool I use. It costs merely my prison term. [ One ] list alone has gotten me around 60 clients in the past five years. ” 11. Offer an e-newsletter. Again, this establishes you as an technical, but it besides provides another very significant commercialize creature : e-mail addresses of potential clients. You ‘ve opened up the gates to creating a relationship with these folks by offering complimentary information. now they may approach you to do clientele, or you can use these “ opt-in ” addresses to offer your services. 12. Don’t wait for customers to find you online. Rather than purchasing an e-mail list for bulk, impersonal advertise, spend some time trolling the Web, looking for businesses that have some classify of connection to your own business. then write them a personalized e-mail telling them why you think they should build a business relationship with you. “ Those letters have a gamey tendency to get answered because they are personal, ” says Crandall. “ And if there is something we could do occupation about, I ‘ve opened the door. I ‘ve done thousands of dollars of business once that doorway was opened with people who were total strangers [ before I e-mailed them ]. ” Spreading the Word
13. Go where your best prospects are. This is called play-space market. If you have a pet-sitting business, ask your local anesthetic vet office and groomer if you can display brochures. Are you a landscape artist ? offer to do a expose for the local greenhouse. Do you throw children ‘s birthday parties ? Buy a slide at the local movie theater to be shown before their family films. “ just be surely the environment is allow, ” cautions Gordon. “ If you ‘re a business adviser, you ‘re not going to run ads on the movie blind. [ Advertise somewhere ] where people are [ likely ] to be thinking about what you ‘re selling. ” 14. Become an expert. Cagnassola has developed her business know-how into a market creature by writing on-line articles. “ write articles to show your talents and give them as filler to any Web site owner that you feel is fitting, ” says Cagnassola. “ not only does it bring you more traffic and potential customers, but it provides you with an external business portfolio to demonstrate your business sense [ and your ] product or service. ” other ways to establish yourself as an adept : Answer questions in on-line forums ; get yourself listed in a directory like Experts.com, Profnet.com or The annual of Experts ; send tip sheets to local media outlets ; write a record or booklet ; or do the next peak on our number. 15. Host a seminar. It ‘s cheap. It ‘s easy. And it ‘s a mend beneficial direction to get over your public-speaking fear. Crandall offers the history of a occupation agent who conducts complimentary weekly seminars. People selling businesses do n’t want to attend, as they are n’t fresh to the occupation brokering process, but they do notice his ad and call for his services. occupation buyers attend, and the broke now has “ pre-qualified ” prospects. “ You ‘re getting release publicity, you ‘re getting prospects to call you, and you ‘re building your grade of expertness, ” says Crandall, who hosts his own seminars on market. 16. Get local news coverage. Play up your venue a much as possible with individualized news program releases. Because which sounds better to your local weight-lift : A successful homebased caterer with a national sign, or a caterer from Hometown, Ohio, with a national abridge ? Heck, even if you used to live somewhere, write them a letter. Crandall recently promoted his mother ‘s children ‘s book by sending letters to the newspapers both where she presently lives and where she previously lived, and both picked up the story. 17. Get ready for your close-up. Does TV sound out-of-reach for a homebased occupation owner on a budget ? not thus. Get yourself a cable access picture. “ You ca n’t blatantly advertise a product or service, but it ‘s a good way to become better-known, ” says Bishop. “ For exemplar, if you sell crafts, you might start an [ instructional ] craft express. You could give away something for rid or have a contest. When people call or write in, you can start a mailing list and then contact them about your business. ” Some other boons : It adds to your expertness and gives you a big hook shot for your promotion efforts. Customer Service
18. Gracias, merci, thank you. Shower the top 20 percentage of your clients who yield you the most sales ( either in volume or dollars ) with thank-yous, whether it ‘s gifts, personalized notes or lunch. “ It does n’t cost a draw of money, ” says Gordon, “ but it ‘s a great manner to let your best customers know they ‘re special. ” 19. Offer a guarantee. More people will be willing to try out your clientele and recommend your occupation if you offer “ atonement guarantee. ” end of history.

20. Get them talking about you. Word-of-mouth market is precisely about the cheapest thing you can do to boost your business. The main way to attract referrals is to precisely do a bang-up subcontract : Impress your clients, and they ‘ll tell everyone they know. But there are more aggressive tactics you can use angstrom well. Ask everyone you know to evangelize your occupation. Hand out several clientele cards to people rather than good one thus they ‘re more probably to pass them on. even go through your favorite client ‘s Rolodex ( with his or her permission, of course ) to find likely leads. Spreading the Word
21. When in doubt, pick up the phone. alternatively of lamenting your miss of business, drumming your fingers on your desk and forming new worry lines on your face, call a customer. touch base, see how they ‘re doing, visit their agency when you ‘re running an errand, see if there ‘s anything you can do for them, tied if it ‘s not a paid piece of influence. It ‘ll improve your relationship, and you may jar their memory. After all, you ‘ll never hear “ I ‘ve been meaning to call you ! ” if you do n’t pick up the telephone .

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