How to Build Business Credit Quickly: The 10 Best Ways

If you ’ ve always been on the market for a consumer lend, such as a home loan, you credibly have a handle on your personal finances. You know where your personal credit score stands month-to-month and how personal credit rating impacts your ability to qualify for fiscal products. But as a business owner, you might not know anything about your ship’s company ’ randomness business credit rating rating—why this is important, what your rate is, or how to establish and build business recognition .
If you ’ ll ever need accredit for your business in the future—with a small business loan or commercial enterprise recognition card, for example—then your business can ’ t just get by with a strong personal credit grade. Your personal credit will decidedly help, but you ’ ll besides need to build a positive business credit history. This being said, however, before you can start build up business credit, it ’ second authoritative to understand the answers to the following questions :

  • What is business credit?
  • Why is business credit important?
  • What are the benefits of business credit?
  • How does business credit work?

In this template, consequently, we ’ ll explain everything you need to know about business credit—including how it works, how you can check your current credit file ( for free ), and how to build credit debauched for your ship’s company .

What Is Business Credit?

Before we dive into how to build commercial enterprise credit, let ’ s start with the basics : What is occupation credit rating ?
basically, in the same way that you build personal credit based on your personal fiscal history, you establish occupation credit based on your occupation ’ s fiscal history—meaning how you handle any credit that ’ mho been extended to your business, including citation cards, loans, lines of credit, trade lines from suppliers, and more. Whereas personal credit is tied to your social security number, however, clientele citation is tied to your employer identification numeral or EIN .
ultimately, though, just as your personal credit illustrates your dependability as a borrower, your clientele credit conveys whether your business is a trustworthy borrower .

How Does Business Credit Work?

With this basic definition in heed, let ’ s excuse business credit in more detail and answer the doubt, how does business credit work ?
As we mentioned, one of the core differences between commercial enterprise credit and personal recognition is that commercial enterprise credit is tied to your EIN. consequently, as you go through respective fiscal activities through your business—opening a bank account, getting a accredit calling card, paying suppliers—this information becomes separate of your credit history and is reported to credit chest of drawers that deal specifically with businesses .
The three main clientele citation report agencies are Dun & Bradstreet ( D & B ), Experian, and Equifax. Each company collects data from the vendors and creditors you do business with, arsenic well as from legal filings and public records. then, using a credit report algorithm, they establish your business credit in the form of a numerical value : your business credit score. Unlike a personal credit score, however, which is determined based on a standard evaluation method acting, your business citation score will vary based on the credit agency as each agency has their own method acting for calculating your score .
This being said, however, your business credit score will typically range from 1 to 100 with a higher score indicating that your business is creditworthy, meaning you ’ re likely to pay a bill or loanword back on time. additionally, although each credit agency has their own evaluation process, by and large your business credit score will be influenced by factors such as :

  • Credit: Length of credit history, credit utilization, credit mix, payment history, balances, and trends
  • Demographic details: Business size, years in business, and industry risk
  • Public records: Amounts and frequency associated with bankruptcies, judgments, and liens

As you ’ re trying to build commercial enterprise credit—especially when you ’ ve just started your company and are trying to build new credit—actions like paying on time, mixing the types of credit you use, and not maximizing your accredit limit, will all benefit your business credit history and consequently, business credit grudge. On the other hand, actions such as miss payments, balances outstanding, and stream judgments can all lower your credit grade .

The 10 Best Ways to Build Business Credit Fast

At this period, you should have a clear estimate of how business citation works. early in the life of your company, you ’ ll want to focus your clock time and care on building business credit .
Although it takes time to get occupation citation, by taking manipulate over your commercial enterprise ’ randomness citation history, you ’ ll start to understand it more and see how, over time, unlike actions affect your credit rate.

Therefore, if you ’ re wondering how to build occupation credit—and fast—there are some tried-and true-methods you can use. All of the following 10 steps can impact your business credit history, and hopefully, for the better .

1. Register Your Business Entity

As we ’ ve explained, your business accredit history is divide from your personal credit history. therefore, the foremost step to start build occupation credit is to actually keep your business and personal finances and separate. In rate to separate these finances, then, you ’ ll want to set up a record business entity .
Unincorporated occupation entities—a general partnership or sole proprietorship—are the easiest to work with in terms of starting up and managing paperwork. But with these structures, there ’ s no legal or fiscal interval between the owner and the occupation. In this case, when you choose to work with a seller or apply for a lend, you ’ ll have to provide your personal social security system number. As a result, your activeness on your business accounts will be reflected on your personal credit report .
If you want to establish business citation, then you ’ ll want to choose one of the following structures :

  • C-corporation  A C-corporation gives you and your business legal and financial separation. Corporations are considered separate legal cities, and a C-corporation is ideal for a business that’s planning to issue stock or go public in the future.
  • S-corporation  S-corps are pass-through entities in which business’s profits are only taxed at the individual level. S-corps are also considered separate legal entities.
  • Limited liability company (LLC)  An LLC is another type of incorporated business entity with liability protection and financial separation between you and your business. An LLC is easier to manage than a corporation and offers more tax flexibility.
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP) – An LLP is a registered business entity that’s popular among professional industries, such as lawyers and doctors.

Although it ’ sulfur significant to keep your ability to build occupation credit in mind while making your decision on how to social organization your commercial enterprise, it ’ s not the only component you should consider.

If you ’ ra uncertain precisely how to choose the right entity type for your business, you can consult a commercial enterprise lawyer or accountant for help oneself .

2. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The next step to establish and build commercial enterprise credit is to get an EIN. The IRS uses an employer identification number ( EIN ) to track businesses for tax purposes. Just like your social security number serves as your designation number for personal taxes, your EIN serves the same purpose for your business .
by and large, exclusive proprietorships, partnerships, and single-owner LLCs can just use the owner ’ s social security phone number for tax purposes ( angstrom farseeing as they don ’ t have any employees ). Most other types of businesses, though, need an EIN .
This being said, even if you ’ rhenium not required to, it ’ s a adept idea to get an EIN anyhow. One of the biggest benefits of an EIN is that it can help you establish business credit. Plus, an EIN is release and comfortable to apply for on the IRS ’ s web site .
When you finally apply for a loanword or a credit circuit board for your occupation, you ’ ll normally be asked to either provide your Social Security number or EIN on the application. If you alone have your social security numeral to offer, then you can rely only on your personal credit to help you qualify and get a good rate.
As we mentioned earlier, if you have an EIN, then your clientele credit will be tied to this number and you can use this history to qualify for citation products and business finance .
build business credit
beginning : IRS

3. Open a Business Bank Account

As we stated above, it ’ south substantive for the purpose of build business credit, and in general, to separate your business and personal finances. In addition to choosing your commercial enterprise entity, opening a business deposit account is a all-important step to drawing a line between business and personal expenses. By opening this account, business credit chest of drawers will easily be able to see what money you ’ re taking out of and putting into your business, and will report that information on your occupation citation report .
consequently, once you have an EIN, you ’ ll want to explore your options and open the business checking report that ’ s best for your company. After you open your bill, of course, it ’ mho important to actually use it. You should entirely use this trust bill to pay for clientele expenses—everything from utilities and economic rent to your business cell phone. These purchases, adenine long as you pay them in full and on time, every clock, can besides contribute to building occupation citation .
All in all, opening a business deposit report will not lone provide a bank reference for the three credit report agencies,
but it will besides open doors for better accredit accounts in the future—the best humble business lenders look for borrowers with business bank accounts that have been established for at least a couple years .

4. Establish a Dedicated Business Address and Phone Number

Although this adjacent peak might seem like a dim-witted step, getting a dedicate occupation address and call number will solidify your clientele ’ second separate being. Having this is a small, but authoritative step towards building commercial enterprise credit because it will allow you to register with commercial enterprise directories .
To explain, directories like the Better Business Bureau,, and Angie ’ south List necessitate businesses to have an address and call total to sign up. Business credit rating report agencies collect information from these directories, so it ’ sulfur crucial to have decline and reproducible contact information listed on all of the popular directories.

Additionally, when you set up a dedicate earphone argumentation for your business, you ’ rhenium establishing your first, simple trade credit relationship with the earphone company. This history gets reported to credit agencies and will help you establish business credit .

5. Apply for a Business DUNS Number

Of the three business credit chest of drawers we mentioned above, Dun & Bradstreet is credibly the most well-known. In fact, their Paydex grudge is the business credit score normally used by suppliers and creditors. consequently, if you want to build business credit, it ’ s a full idea to open a recognition file with this agency .
To do that, you ’ ll need to register for a DUNS—a Data Universal Number System. The DUNS system is a numeral identification process for business entities. When you apply for one, you ’ ll receive a unique nine-digit code. The process is completely loose and can be completed on the Dun & Bradstreet web site, but it takes up to 30 days to receive your DUNS number .
Having a DUNS international relations and security network ’ t a prerequisite for businesses, unless you ’ ra applying for a federal politics narrow, concede, or SBA lend, and it ’ s not a system that ’ s managed by the government. Nevertheless, everyone from national to international suppliers and lenders uses D & B business credit scores, sol if you ’ re trying to build new occupation credit for your startup, applying for a DUNS is a dear idea.

6. Establish Trade Lines With Your Suppliers

If you ’ ve followed steps one through five, then you have already laid a solid foundation upon which to establish occupation credit. To keep build up commercial enterprise credit, then, there are some extra best practices you can follow .
One best rehearse is to maintain and establish good relationships with vendors and suppliers. just as with your personal credit, you ’ ll physique business accredit as you bring on a variety of different suppliers, vendors, and lenders—given that you maintain a good relationship with them .
As you buy more supplies, inventory, or early materials from third-party vendors, those purchases can become relationships—and will, consequently, help you build commercial enterprise credit. As we mentioned above, it will be peculiarly beneficial if your suppliers and vendors extend deal credit, which, to reiterate, means they allow you to pay respective days or weeks after you receive the items you ordered ( for example, NET 30 ) .
Although this credit international relations and security network ’ thymine coming from a traditional lender, it is like to a lend. Paying your seller or supplier on time and in broad ( possibly tied early on ), then, will help you get commodity commercial enterprise credit—just like paying consumer citation cards on time helps you build your personal credit .
As an exemplar, Lucas Horton, a gemologist and owner of Valeria Fine Jewelry, said deal lines helped his occupation credit :

“ I opened four memo accounts with rhombus sellers who reported to business credit agency. According to Experian, my business now has a B-rating ( up from a D ) due to lack to data. I am not big adequate to engage in things that would build my credit [ flush further ] like taking out a loan, so that is probably deoxyadenosine monophosphate high as I will ever get. however, for my needs, it is high enough to get me the credit I require .
A memo bill is when they send you diamonds and you have a certain sum of time to pay for it rather than paying for it upfront. Most of the larger companies I have accounts with at least report card to Dun & Bradstreet or Experian. ”

This being said, the cardinal is to choose suppliers, like Horton did, who will report your payments to business recognition agency. not all vendors do this, and if your supplier doesn ’ t report to the business credit agencies, then your on-time ( or early ) payments won ’ triiodothyronine actually help you build business credit. It ’ s worth note, consequently, that the popular suppliers Uline, Quill, and Grainger all composition to business credit chest of drawers. [ 1 ]
As long as you pay on time and in full with these suppliers, you ’ ll be able to boost your commercial enterprise credit score .

7. Get a Business Credit Card or Line of Credit

many startups and small businesses use loans and credit lines to finance the mathematical process and growth of their business.
not entirely is this type of accredit crucial for keeping a business running smoothly, but using it will besides help with establishing and build business credit .
As a first step, you might consider applying for a business credit circuit board to cover daily purchases for your business. Using a business credit rating card will besides help solidify the separation between your personal and business finances, far build commercial enterprise credit .
For exemplar, Nate Masterson, CEO of smasher company Maple Holistics, said he relied on commercial enterprise credit cards to improve his company ’ sulfur business credit stand :

“ We decided to use business credit cards because… they play an essential character in building your company credit profile. This is particularly utilitarian for small businesses who rely on loans and grants. furthermore, because there are several major card issuers which report your business activeness to your personal credit report, this can be a great means to boost your personal credit, if you are responsible .
Pay your bills early, or at the very least on clock time. This is the number one, most crucial dominion that will get your business a arrant credit score with commercial enterprise credit rating chest of drawers. We made sure to alone use our commercial enterprise card on purchases we were confident we could pay off in wax by the end of each month. ”

additionally, a business line of citation works in a lot the lapp way as a recognition card, minus the physical card. rather, the funds live in your commercial enterprise bank report and you can withdraw money on an as-needed footing. You then pay back what you borrow to reset your balance .
ultimately, the act of adopt and repaying funds on a business credit circuit board or argumentation of credit will help build business credit—given that you ’ ra paying on time ( or early, if possible ) and in fully .
If you ’ re equitable starting out or have poor personal credit and are having a hard time qualifying for regular business credit cards, you can try to apply for and use plug business credit cards. A guarantee clientele credit circuit board is “ secured ” by a funds down payment that you make against your card.

furthermore, if you require equipment but don ’ triiodothyronine have access to the necessity cash or qualify for a loanword, you might consider the benefits of leasing. not only does this allow you to obtain the equipment you need to grow your business, but it besides helps to establish occupation accredit .

8. Borrow From Lenders That Report to the Business Credit Bureaus

If you ’ rhenium repaying your accredit cards and loans on time and in wide, you can be proud of your leading payment history. however, you ’ ll want to be sure that you ’ re actually getting recognized for this good behavior and build business credit from your success .
therefore, you ’ ll want to make sure that you try to work with lenders who report to the credit chest of drawers. Ideally, lenders should report to one or more of the three major business credit bureaus—D & B, Experian, or Equifax. fortunately, this is less of a concern with other fiscal entities as most banks and traditional finance institutions will routinely report borrowers ’ repayment histories to business credit coverage agency. Some on-line lenders, however, don ’ t file reports to business recognition agency.
To ensure that you build clientele credit from a loanword, then, you ’ ll want to check into a lender ’ s policy before you apply .

9. Keep Business Information Current With the Bureaus

Each commercial enterprise credit chest of drawers collects different information and has different scoring models. On top of this, different suppliers and different lenders report different kinds of data. This being said, because a lender or supplier could pull your business credit report from any or all of the three main chest of drawers, it ’ mho crucial that you keep an eye on each of your reports—maintaining all three of them .
These bureaus allow you to update basic information about your commercial enterprise ( like the phone number of employees or years in business ) and upload fiscal documents. The more arrant your profile is at each of the business credit report agency, the better .
additionally, and as we mentioned above, it ’ mho important to review your credit reports from each of the different agency, not alone to see your current status, but besides to ensure that there aren ’ metric ton any errors affecting your clientele credit score. even the smallest error can impact your clientele credit in a huge manner .
If you ’ re not using a continuous credit report service or monitoring tool, a dear rule of thumb is to check your occupation citation report every six months. In doing so, if you find an mistake, you ’ ll want to verify that the information is in truth inaccurate, contact the appropriate chest of drawers ( s ) to explain what is incorrect, and request that the necessary change be made .

10. Borrow Responsibly

When you ’ re thinking about how to build occupation credit, your mantra should be precisely the lapp as it is with building personal credit : borrow responsibly. With steady, creditworthy borrowing habits—drawing from a mix of commercial enterprise credit accounts, and paying those accounts on prison term and in full—you ’ ll see your occupation credit score better .
additionally, another component you ’ ll want to keep in heed with respect to your credit is your credit utilization ratio. Your credit utilization proportion is determined based on how much credit you have compared to how much you ’ re using. For exemplar, you may have a $ 10,000 balance on $ 20,000 available credit—in this encase, your accredit utilization ratio is 50 percentage .
Your recognition use proportion is much a major subscriber to your business credit score. If you have a high credit utilization proportion, you are seen as a greater risk—therefore, you should attempt to keep your recognition use proportion arsenic low as potential to effectively build your credit rating. by and large, you should aim for 30 % or downstairs. therefore, in our model above, the 50 % credit utilization proportion is less than ideal .
Along the lapp lines, another method acting you can use within your borrowing to improve your credit use ratio, and therefore build credit, is to increase your credit restrict and not actually use it. In the character of a credit circuit board or course of credit, once you ’ ve proved to the lender that you ’ re creditworthy ( normally after six to 12 months ) you can request a limit increase, which will decrease your credit utilization proportion. For example, if you had a balance of $ 10,000, but your available credit had increased from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000, your credit utilization ratio would decrease from 50 % to 30 %, bringing you within the ideal ratio and improving your business credit score .
On the other hand, although all of these tips will help you build business credit when things are going well, you besides don ’ triiodothyronine want to overextend what you ’ rhenium capable of. For example, as with a personal citation fink, your commercial enterprise credit rat will suffer if you apply for besides many credit accounts over a short period of time. You ’ ll want to make certain to space out your business credit rating card or commercial enterprise lend applications .
In summation, your business credit rating can besides suffer if you have besides much debt, so you don ’ thyroxine want to take on more than you can handle. After all, you never want to make a deep requital as this is a huge component in calculating your commercial enterprise credit score. therefore, if you ’ ra struggling with cash flow or having trouble paying your bills as a solution of besides a lot debt, you ’ ll want to consider options like refinancing or debt consolidation to make payments more manageable .
build business credit

Why Building Business Credit Is Important

so, now that we ’ ve explained a small spot more about how to build business credit and how it works, let ’ s discus why business accredit is so crucial. After all, if you run a identical small occupation, you might be wondering if it ’ sulfur worth investing in business credit at all—can ’ t you get by based on your personal citation ?
Although you technically could get by with merely your personal recognition, it ’ s very not the best practice for minor clientele owners. Plus, as we ’ ll discus below, there are certain benefits of occupation citation, particularly good business credit. Let ’ s break down the main reasons why build commercial enterprise credit is important :

1. Getting Small Business Financing

One of the chief reasons why it ’ s thus significant to build clientele credit is because your business credit score is a key factor in a lender ’ mho decisiveness to work with you. Lenders are likely to extend a loanword or line of recognition to your company merely if they see that your occupation has a estimable path criminal record of paying your accounts on clock time and in full. additionally, if you want to work with the best lenders, it ’ sulfur even more significant to have established good accredit .
furthermore, when you apply for financing, not only will a lender use your commercial enterprise credit history to determine whether or not to work with you, but they ’ ll besides use it to determine how much money you qualify for—in fact, according to the SBA, “ businesses have 10 to 100 times greater accredit capacity compared to personal recognition. ” [ 2 ] Plus, your business credit score will besides factor into what kind of interest rates you receive on your finance. For exemplar, if you ’ ra applying to the SBA ’ s 7 ( a ) loanword program ( and SBA loans arguably offer the best sake rates on the marketplace ), the SBA will look at one of your business credit scores—your FICO SBSS grade —to prequalify you for the lend. If your score is 140 or below, you won ’ thymine pass their prescreen process .
consequently, building business credit is crucial for you to be able to get business financing—and the best possible finance. even if you ’ re not looking for financing in the immediate future, it ’ s however important to establish clientele credit. If you neglect your credit, a abject score can limit your lend options if you ever do need fund .

2. Supporting Relationships With Suppliers and Vendors

It ’ second very probably that you ’ ll want to work with respective suppliers and vendors to run your business. Generally, suppliers will offer deal credit, the ability to buy now and pay former, to businesses when they ’ rhenium buy inventory, material, equipment, etc. however, in the same manner that lenders prefer to work with businesses who have thoroughly recognition, suppliers are more likely to offer you trade credit if you have a track record of paying bills on time .
One of the benefits of occupation citation, therefore, is the ability to receive trade credit and get agreeable refund terms. This being said, not only can trade credit help your business with cash flow, but it can actually help you build and maintain business credit rating angstrom good. If the companies you work with report trade wind information to the major credit agency, regularly paying them on-time or early will help improve your sexual conquest .

3. Protecting Your Personal Credit

last, knowing how to build commercial enterprise credit, and of course, actually taking the steps to do thus, is authoritative because it will help you protect your personal credit. If you have poor people clientele credit, you ’ ll probable indigence to use your personal credit rating to secure financing. Although this might be a necessary means to an end during the early on stages of your business, it ’ second never the ideal approach .
After all, one of the first things any business owner should do is separate their commercial enterprise and personal finances and therefore, credit. Maxing out your personal credit cards to fund your business can irreparably damage your personal credit scores—meaning if your business fails, you ’ re left with inadequate personal credit, making recovery unmanageable .
ultimately, building business credit—and when you ’ re just starting your commercial enterprise, building newfangled credit—is all-important for the progress, growth, and constancy of your company. Plus, although the thought of selling your company may be the furthest thing from your mind, your credit history will influence this process besides. The credit score of your business is in full assignable and therefore, if you sell the company, the new owner ( s ) will benefit from the work you put in .
how to build business credit

What’s in Your Business Credit File?

many business owners are surprised to know that they may already have a clientele credit report in their company ’ south name. Some credit chest of drawers, including Experian and Equifax, pull public commemorate information, such as collection data and court records, to create your file and generate your score. so, evening if you haven ’ t actively created an bill with a recognition agency, they might already have enough information about you to compile a credit report .
To view your clientele credit file, consequently, you can apply on-line to receive a report card from any of the three major reporting agency. This being said, however, each of these agencies will charge you a fee to access your report. fortunately, there are respective places online that you can use to check your business ’ sulfur credit history for free. At Fundera, we offer credit monitor, which includes a free summary of your business and personal credit scores and will alert you to changes in your credit reports .
additionally, there are other services, like Nav or CreditSignal, which besides will give you options to view your credit rating file for free. ultimately, it ’ mho important to see what your business credit looks like before taking any legal action so that you know where you stand and what the best future steps will be to build or improve your credit rate. In the like vein, by checking your credit file, you can see if there are any mistakes in your existing credit history. Just like errors on a personal credit reputation, mistakes in a credit report can bring down your score. therefore, if you find any errors, you ’ ll want to follow the process for each individual agency to dispute the erroneousness and ensure a correction is made .
build business credit
Business credit reputation example. source : Experian

Top Tips to Remember

If you ’ ve followed the 10 steps we discussed previously, you ’ ve learned how to build business credit—and hopefully, have succeeded in actually doing so. At this point, you ’ re in the right space to manage your finances, grow your occupation, and, of class, keep your eye on your credit along the way. With this in mind, here are a few tips to remember with esteem to building recognition as you continue in the lifecycle of your ship’s company :

  • Don’t rely on your personal credit. Using your personal credit for your business longer than absolutely necessary can damage your personal credit score and make it more difficult for you to qualify for any financing in the future.
  • Always pay your bills on time. Any late payment, even by one day, can damage your credit. Set up a system to ensure that you pay your bills on time. If possible, pay them early.
  • Check your score regularly. You’ll want to know where your credit stands and checking your score regularly can help you see how certain actions affect your credit history.
  • Review your credit reports for errors, both informational and financial. A Wall Street Journal survey showed that 25% of small business owners who looked found credit-damaging errors on their reports.[3] Make sure to check your reports for errors and go through the process with the respective credit bureau to correct them.

The Bottom Line

As an person consumer, your personal credit comes into play frequently. For exemplar, your personal credit is a major factor when applying for a car loanword, mortgage, or credit batting order. A commodity credit score will work in your favor, increasing your probability of immediate approval. conversely, a depleted score could hold you rear from being approved .
You should consider your business accredit to be every piece as authoritative. Although building clientele credit rating may not have an impingement on your personal biography, it can surely make or break your caller .
This being said, by reviewing our 10 credit-building methods, vitamin a well as learning the basics of what business accredit is, how it works, and why it ’ s important, you ’ ll find it easier to make inform and confident decisions.

Although it takes time to establish and build credit, it ’ second worth the campaign. When you have a hard credit history, it will work in your party favor time and time again .
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