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Every homeowner has dreamt of transforming their yard into the arrant outdoor haven, and building a deck is on exceed of the list. To many, this might seem like a complicate project, and rightfully so, but a ground grade pack of cards eliminates some of the hard work since you don ’ t need the stairs or the guard railings. How precisely can you build a ground horizontal surface deck ? The exact summons of building a grind deck, such as the layout and invention, planning the foundation, and laying the deck, which you will learn if you read on .

What’s the Process of Building a Ground Level Deck?

Ground level decks are one of the most aboveboard outdoor structures to build but decidedly not the easiest. due to the low stature, you need plenty of breathing underneath or the pack of cards will rot quickly. Due to their acme, many people don ’ thyroxine see the reason for adding stairs or safety rails, although the latter may be necessary if you have toddlers running about.

A ground level deck is considered less than 12″ from the ground. It should be well-ventilated to allow free air movement to prevent mold and rot. Always use pressure-treated wood or better for the framing and decking.  additionally, a background charge deck doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be attached to a structure, eliminating a ledger board which can be a reservoir for wood waste to your sign of the zodiac foundation, if not installed properly. This type of deck doesn ’ t cost as much to build as a regular stature pack of cards, due to no step or railings. Most ground level DIY decks cost $ 10 per square infantry for pressure treated framing and deck and 2-3 times that if you have person build it for you. The monetary value can go relatively higher depending on the materials used and the size of the deck. These are the DIY steps of building a ground level deck:

Lay Down The Plan And Design

The success of any visualize depends on the planning. If you get this right, you ’ re center through your successful project. In this stage, you need to consider the adopt :

  • Location – You don’t need a huge space for the deck, as small and simple is always better. Make sure you choose somewhere you can have a great view of your yard. 
  • Drainage – Standing water is the enemy of wood, and you should prepare the land and under the deck for better drainage.
  • The size of the deck – The deck should be high enough from the ground to prevent mold and rot. The deck should not exceed 200 square feet or go above 30 inches high to avoid needing a permit. If you want a bigger deck, you can pull a permit or you can build separate frames as I did in my back yard.

distinctive wood lengths are 8, 10, 12 and 16 feet long. To have the least measure of lay waste to for framing and decking boards, you will want to use a size that incorporates the lengths above. An example would be a 12×16 deck .

Get All The Materials Needed

pressure treated wood is the chief substantial for framing any deck, particularly a land level deck. No matter if you live in a besotted or dry environment, construct codes require labor contact pressure treated woodwind for any ensnare members that touch the ground. Make certain your beams and joists are considered “ ground reach ” atmospheric pressure treated wood. If you don ’ metric ton use that type of wood, your framing might not last as long. deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as deck, there ’ s a wide choice of materials as listed below. The lowest mark potential is pressure treated decking which will besides be the cheapest. many decks are made with imperativeness treated forest and final a farseeing time with proper alimony. If your deck will see a draw of sunday rays, see which type of deck is best for full sun. If you want to upgrade the search and prolong the life sentence of your deck, consider tropical hardwoods, i.e., ipe, cumaru, tigerwood or composite woodwind decking. They cost 2-3 times more than atmospheric pressure treated decking but will last 2-3 times as long. If you can ’ thyroxine decide which size deck, read our article about the difference between 5/4 deck and 2/6 deck boards .

  • Pressure Treated Decking
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Tropical hardwood
  • Composite wood

Account For Deck Ventilation 

free tune motion helps keep the ground under the deck dry and fresh, which should be at the peak of your priority list. If you ’ re looking at building a grind grade deck, I ’ thousand making an assumption that possibly you ’ re trying to go below a patio door or you want something without a big step up.

If you ’ re building a pack of cards less than 6″ inches from the ground, you ’ ll have to remove some scandal to get the necessitate ventilation underneath. Removing dirt will be one of the biggest parts of the entire build process. I try to dig at least 6″ or more of dirt from underneath my crunch level decks, then lay 2-3 inches of perplex over weed barrier fabric, which helps with water drain .

Set Up Leveling And The Framing

The foundation garment of any social organization is identical critical as it determines its forte and longevity. If you ’ re going under a patio door, that altitude is key to know for your deck stature. I actually go backwards when building decks by putting together my hot flash beams and joists first gear. I build the outer layer of my frame at the acme I need under my patio door, then I go around each side leveling it with concrete blocks. Having a long horizontal surface helps to lay on to top of the frame boards. once everything is level you ’ re fix to frame everything. Make certain you ’ rhenium forbidden frame is a few inches less than your longest deck board. typically you want at least an inch overhang from your deck board to your framing underneath. If you deck boards are 16 feet or 192 inches, you will want your framing to be 190 inches or less. I normally build my frame 4-6 inches less since some deck boards will have checks or cracks on their ends that will need to be cut off .

Set Up The Beams

The flush shine will be necessary in order to allow better drain and complimentary airflow under the deck. “ bloom beams ” are on the like height as your joists, not underneath like even beams. Make certain they are supported throughout the bottom of the deck either with bury concrete forms or floating concrete blocks. Where you live may dictate which you can use. anywhere with high wind possibility will require you to anchor the deck framing to the ground. You would need to either bury posts in concrete or use concrete forms and habit hardware to connect to the deck ensnare. If you ’ re able to use floating concrete blocks, make sure you have enough to support the frame by rights. If you need to shim a few spots, practice press treated or complex shims under the glow to improve equalization. Another option would be to add more gravel to the ground to level it up .

Add Inner Joists

Before connecting all the inner joists, make indisputable your deck is absolutely square by taking a diagonal measurement from each corner. The measurement should be the same, if not, make adjustments, until it is the same. I connect all my out beams and joists with structural screws and joist hangers for my inner joists. These hardware choices will give you peace of thinker to know your deck framing is identical plug. With ground level decks, most beams and joists will be 2×6 or less. I try not to go below a 2×6 for deck ensnare unless it ’ s over a concrete patio with 2x4s. Joist spacing with 2x6s should be 16″ on center or less. Most construct codes will showcase the balance beam and joist span for certain types of wood used. To make your deck even more uncompromising, add blocking between the joists, particularly if they are longer than 10-12 feet. Adding blocking halfway will stiffen the joists creating a more secure deck .

Lay The Decking

By nowadays, you should notice that the deck is beginning to take form. Before laying the deck, inspect each one to find any that may have cracks or checks at the end and if possible cut off. I like to lay all my boards on the deck and install a few screws in each, then go back and fill in with the rest of the screws. Each joist will get two screws per decking board. I besides cut the ends of the boards off after installing quite than cut each board individually before installing. bill, if your first base dining table will be following to a sign of the zodiac go ahead and cut that one to length. With a crunch level deck, you ’ ll want a bigger opening to allow more ventilation. I use 1/4 to 3/8 inch opening between my deck boards. If you are using pressure treated deck boards, be careful of your col as the boards will shrink as they dry.

To cut the ends of the pack of cards boards at once, chalk a line across the control panel at the indicate of the cut or clamp a long straight board to the frame, as noted in the movie above. Take a circular saw and saw through each board at the tag trace. If you don ’ thyroxine meet like you can screw in a straight occupation, chalk the joist locations perpendicular to the deck. This will keep your decking screws in a directly line and look more professional .


Ground-level decks are perfect for transforming your outdoor space into something that you will spend countless hours enjoying. It ’ mho besides a simple structure to build with the correct instructions. hopefully, we ’ ve given you the confidence to tackle this project for your backyard. Don ’ thyroxine forget to maintain your deck by pressure washing regularly and staining or painting to prolong the life of the deck boards .

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