How to create an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy

on-line marketplaces have $ 2.03 trillion deserving of goods, accounting for 58 % of global on-line sales in 2019. many businesses want to try creating an on-line market like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and others. But how does one start a web site like Amazon ? The WishDesk network development team has broad experience creating on-line stores and we would like to parcel our ideas on how to build a multi seller marketplace .
Amazon marketplace website
For anyone who is interest in building a marketplace web site, we are going to start our report with defining the key e-marketplace types .

Types of online marketplaces

E-marketplaces fall into three chief groups :

  1. Vertical marketplaces present multiple vendors that specialize in the same niche. Examples include platforms like Zillow, Stock, or Chegg.
  2. Horizontal marketplaces sell goods in several categories that are united by a certain common characteristic. For example, DogVacay only sells products that are interesting for people with pets. Other examples include Etsy, Poshmark, Dote, etc.
  3. Global marketplaces sell everything to everyone. They have a wide range of product categories and vendors. Among the examples are Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.

eBay marketplace website

The most popular online marketplaces among vendors

According to Statista ’ mho review, the most popular seller choice among the US on-line marketplaces is eBay. Vendors were asked to rate the marketplaces on a scale from 1 to 10. In this rat, four cardinal factors were evaluated – profitableness, customer service, communication and ease of habit. Sellers were besides asked whether they would recommend the marketplace to others.

The most popular online marketplaces among vendors

How do online marketplaces make money?

If you want to build your own market, these are the most cost coarse ways for e-marketplaces to make money :

  • seller subscriptions/memberships
  • commission on items sold
  • referral fees/lead generation revenue
  • featured listings
  • affiliate programs
  • advertising
  • freemium packages (with extra paid services)

It should be noted that market giants much have a wide align of services in addition to their marketplaces. For example, Amazon besides has Amazon Web Services, Amazon Go, physical stores, and more .
however, consider the impressive result from their market website alone. In the first draw of 2020, the global web tax income of Amazon is :

  • $36.652 billion in onlines stores
  • $14.479 billion in third-party seller services
  • $5.556 billion in subscription services

Amazon revenue

How to make a site like Amazon: must-have features

Websites like Amazon are built around the same all-important scope of features that help buyers and sellers reach their goals seamlessly. These include product listings, shopping handcart, web site search, payments, transport, notifications, digest chat, admin splashboard, and more. Each chopine can have extra alone capabilities according to each customer ’ s ideas to make a market web site that brings conversions .
here are the must-have features that are necessity to build a market web site like Amazon :

One-click ordering

Features like Amazon ’ s “ 1-Click ” button for ordering are game-changers in on-line commerce that importantly increase its user-friendliness. Customers enter their bill, ship, and payment data once and then they just hit one button to make an rate. This one release replaces a set of actions like requital and dispatch. The system waits for 30 minutes after the “ 1-Click ” clitoris clicks, so customers can continue their shop and add other items .

Registration and user profiles

There are two basic drug user roles on a market — buyers and sellers. consequently, your marketplace web site will need these two types of profiles where users will enter the necessary data and update it when they need to .

  1. Buyers are usually asked their names, email addresses, and passwords. They need an option to add a delivery address or a payment option. Their profiles also contain features like an easy-to-check order history and wishlist.
  2. Sellers need to provide their company names, addresses, phone numbers, tax information, etc. They need to be able to edit many details from their account settings to payment methods.

Switching profile types

In answer to the interview “ How to make an ecommerce web site like Amazon ? ” the take after have is identical desirable but is probably not a must-have. This feature allows buyers to become sellers within the same drug user report. This is very commodious when they want to switch from buying to selling and vice versa. Logging in and out every time is time-consuming .


Starting from the marketplace home page, customers need to see a open navigation system, merchandise filters ( by location, monetary value range, or other factors ), relevant product suggestions based on their view or buying history, a section of last see or popular products, etc .

Advanced product search

due to a wide array of products, an advance search have is a must for on-line marketplaces. For exemplar, to help buyers find the hope things among 12 million listings, Amazon uses a searching algorithm called A9 that sorts the products by multiple aspects of the customer ’ sulfur behavior .

Product pages

Sellers on your marketplace need the ability to easily create new products and manage them. They should provide as many details as possible ( description, price, high-quality photos, handiness, guarantee, delivery information, etc. ) good descriptions help buyers make decisions and are besides utilitarian for SEO. To encourage sellers to enter as many details and make the procedure easy, you can use features like autocomplete forms, error corrections, category recommendation, etc .

Product images

To make product images more instructive and helpful for boosting sales, Amazon imposes a few picture standards. For model, images should occupy 85 % of the skeleton, have sufficient dimensions ( measured in pixels ), be presented against a white backdrop tinge, manipulation only the specified formats ( JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF ), etc. You will besides need to apply picture optimization techniques to make all the upload images look consistent and never slow the web site down. Marketplaces like Amazon frequently use a photograph slider that shows the product with all its details.

Product videos

e-commerce product videos are able to show products from more angles, which makes them a lead generation proficiency that is on the rise today. So one of the answers to the interrogate of how to build a web site like Amazon is to offer a video option for your vendors .


Be certain to include a wishlist as a winder marketplace feature that increases exploiter employment and promotes sales. This is a wishlist allows customers to save the goods they like and share their wishlist with their friends and family .

Admin dashboard

Your marketplace administrator needs a multifunctional dashboard to customize enough of settings like ship and payment methods, listings, filters, categories, and then on. Admin besides gets messages from the contact forms .

Ratings and reviews

Customers widely rely on ratings and reviews while making purchases. not every e-commerce web site has them but marketplaces always do. In holy order to make certain reviews are honest, your market will need features like IP address check and reviews acceptance merely from registered users. Amazon has a Feedback Manager where sellers see feedback for 12 months and for the current day, and are able to reply to the reviews or ask buyers to remove incorrect feedback .

Shopping cart

Shopping cart is the place where buyers store their products before the final leverage. They need to be able to well view and change the product details — like the number of goods — adenine well as delete some items. All the purchase information should be intelligibly stated in the shop haul ( shipping prices, fees or discounts, payment methods, etc. )

Shipping options

With the ship feature, your market customers can choose the best delivery option offered by the vendors. On Amazon, vendors can choose whether to ship it themselves or use fulfillment by Amazon. Vendors can besides manage the transportation details like shipping zones .

Easy checkout and payment options

Reduce the checkout abandonment by making it extremely easy to perform the need steps. This included a few good practices as follows. Minimize the necessitate fields, create clear and big CTAs, show payment security proof, and allow no-sign up payment. Of course, payment options need to be varied. The big error of many marketplaces is to use PayPal merely. You need to consider specific region payment preferences rather .

Payment reconciliation

Another suffice to the doubt of how to make a multi seller ecommerce web site is that it needs reconciliation reports. This helps sellers compare inner payment records with external ones such as bank records to be sure they match and there are no inconsistencies. Amazon recommends that sellers check them daily .


Sellers receive a number of notifications that they can customize, and can switch on and off according to their preferences. Among them are notifications about orders, refunds, reports, account changes, tips from Amazon, and so on. This helps them always keep their fingers on the pulsate .

Order reports

On the reports foliate, sellers should be able to view reports on their orders ( fulfillment condition, sales channel, token details, and more ). On Amazon, they can view both FBA orders ( fulfillment By Amazon, or the services of storehouse, packaging, and shipping aid ) and orders fulfilled by themselves .

How much does it cost to build a website like Amazon?

To build a web site like Amazon, you can take their key features and modify them to meet your business needs. So although Amazon is a colossus platform, your market web site growth can be a lot cheaper .
To save money, stay within the essential scope of features and choose a web agency with a cost-efficient approach that uses enterprise-level, scalable CMSs as a basis for websites and offers an low-cost hourly rate.

here is an approximate estimate to build a marketplace like Amazon based on the identify essential features. however, you need to know that the execution of every feature of speech may differ from project to project :

  • Design from 50 hours
  • Development from 200 hours
  • QA from 50 hours

To sum up

These have been the basics of how to start a market web site. It ’ mho clear that on-line sales, including ones in e-marketplaces, will keep gain momentum because of increased demand related to the pandemic and post-pandemic times .
Our web development agency can build a multi seller marketplace for you by making the development cost-efficient. We work with Drupal and WordPress CMSs. So contact us if you want to create a web site like Amazon or any early popular market .

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