How to Create an Amazon Store in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

There ’ south never been a better time than now for an Amazon seller to seriously scale up. eCommerce is in the center of an unheard-of boom that will accelerate its increase by 5 years. If you want your part of the pie, though, it ’ randomness time to think beyond running a few elementary Amazon listings. You need to transform your business into a stigmatize that customers trust. effective stigmatize helps you build an asset you can sell to deep-pocketed investors for a set more than your initial investment. so, how do you begin your journey towards a profitable payday ? With an Amazon Brand Store.
Amazon Brand Stores are one of the easiest ways for you to scale your business, develop brand-recognition, and move up the sales rankings. That ’ sulfur because when the A10 algorithm sees you utilizing the tools Amazon readily provides, it gives you more attention and inserts you into more search results.
not only that, it gives you an easily descry to direct traffic to your listings from outside sources such as social media and other eCommerce stores you may have. A10 loves outside traffic, and will give you a BSR ( Best Sellers Rank ) bump in return !
If you ’ rhenium not certain how to set one up, don ’ t concern ! We ’ ra here to help with a simple bit-by-bit steer. Before we begin, though, we want to take a footprint back and answer some questions you may have about how to set up an Amazon Brand Store.

NOTE: These steps should not be confused with how to set up an Amazon Affiliate Store ! Some people confuse the two ; an affiliate storehouse is used to promote multiple brands/sellers in exchange for a mission .

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon Brand Store is an on-line, customizable FBA shopfront that allows you to display all of your brand ’ mho listings in one central sphere. No coding experience is necessary ; thanks to Amazon ’ s pre-built scuff and drop templates, building your own professional-looking store is a relatively painless process.

How Much Does it Cost to Open an Amazon Store?

There is no consign for building an Amazon Brand Store. The only prerequisite is that you have a Seller Central account that ’ randomness brand-registered. We highly recommend you become brand-registered, as it helps protect your list from trademark larceny and gives you flush more opportunities to brand yourself with features such as A+ Content .

Is An Amazon Store Profitable?

The short answer : yes ! Amazon Brand Stores not only give you an opportunity to generate external dealings, but they besides are your first step towards turning your commercial enterprise into a profitable asset. That ’ sulfur because when you start building a loyal customer base. When more and more people trust your brand, your business ’ value skyrockets !

How Do I Submit an Amazon Store and get it Approved?

once you become brand-registered, setting up and submitting your Amazon Brand Store is done through your Seller Central account. The process is pretty simpleton : you select a template for your base page, fill it with content tiles, create your product listings, and submit it to Amazon. The approval work can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks.
Long fib unretentive : Amazon Brand Stores are absolutely worth building. now that you have a little background information, let ’ s dive into the bit-by-bit process on how to create a brand on Amazon ! We ’ ll besides throw in some insider tips for optimizing it for your best chances of success.

How to Create an Amazon Store

1. Register Your Brand With Amazon

Before building a shopfront, your post needs to be registered with Amazon. In order to do this, you have to have a valid brand. Check out this consultation with Anita Mar of Trademark Angel to learn how you can easily trademark your Amazon intersection and get the ball roll ! once you have a trademark, it ’ second time to go through Amazon ’ s registration serve. Simply log into your Seller Central report and voyage to once there, select the “ Enroll a newfangled brand ” button . This begins the process of registering your brand. The adjacent measure is to fill out the Brand Eligibility form . After filling out this form, you ’ ll then be asked to provide Amazon with your trademark information . following up is submitting your brand characteristics. This involves providing basic information such as whether or not you manufacture your products, and where they are manufactured . That ’ s it ! After you submit your application, the approval can take anywhere from 2 business days to 2 weeks. once you ’ ra approved, it ’ second time to start building your store ! Let ’ s jump into how to create an Amazon page.

2. Using the Amazon Store Builder

Think of an Amazon shop as a way of telling your fib. Crafting a mark means more than just selling a bunch of products with a logo on them ; it means building trust between you and your customers. When person believes you are the most intimate, dependable name in your field, they ’ re more probable to buy from you ( and come back for reelect purchases ! ).
fortunately, Amazon ’ mho made it easier than ever to make an attractive shopfront that people want to browse thanks to their wide-eyed diverseness of templates. To begin, sign in to your Seller Central account and select the “ Manage Stores ” yoke at the top of the page . accede your memory settings ( name of your brand, logo, etc ), and click future . This is where things get interest ! After your basic information ’ south submitted, you can select from numerous templates. Each one offers unique layouts you can choose from to decide how you want to present yourself. Choose one that you think best represents your post !

Remember : you want to tell a report that connects with your customers here. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely use this as a place to display your products ; throw in an About Us section and possibly a narrative of how and where your products are manufactured. The more work you put into presenting yourself as person who ’ randomness passionate about what they sell, the better ! here ’ s a great example of a mark that proudly tells its customers who they are and why you should buy from them : This case works so well because it does three things immediately : presents itself in a clean/simple manner, tells you a little piece about their brand, and provides links to different merchandise categories all within one page. These factors add improving to one clear message : “ you can trust us with your business. ”
Choosing the right template for your sword ’ sulfur articulation international relations and security network ’ t an demand science. Play around with all of them until you find the perfect fit !
PRO TIP: When creating your first base memory, Amazon will automatically give you a URL it thinks best represents what you sell. For case, it can assign you something like “ ” Don ’ t settle for this ! It can sound like a spammy mish-mash of keywords.
rather, open a support case with Amazon. You can petition them to change the URL to your brand name ( for example, “ ” ). It may seem trivial, but little touches like this add authenticity to your trade name. Every edge you can give yourself matters !

3. Build an Amazon Shop Page for Each of Your Products

Congrats ! You ’ ve found your perfect template ! now it ’ mho prison term to start packing your shopfront with message. This is where you can begin getting particular about the products you offer. Think of your shopfront as a hub for everything you offer ; each page leads to a alone idea you want to sell your customers on. Take a expect at this, for exemplar : This product page beautifully displays a specific product with professional life style photography, video, and effective transcript. not only does it provide utilitarian information, it once again proudly broadcasts its brand and shows you precisely how it fits into your life sentence. Use each of your merchandise pages to tell a floor that connects with your ideal buyer, and you ’ ll have a loyal customer base eager to tell all their friends about your brand !

4. Create Content Tiles 

Customers need to be able to browse your subject a easily as potential. care spans are short and buy decisions are made in seconds. If person has trouble finding what they want justly away, they ’ ll probably barely close the tab and move on. A fantastic way to ensure a smooth customer experience is with content tiles. Think of content tiles as doorways leading to unlike portions of your site. They don ’ t have to lead to a product. capacity tiles that display different categories provide a uninfected, elegant way to navigate your shopfront . As you can see, there ’ s a batch of options available. Thanks to Amazon ’ s scuff and neglect functionality, laying out your memory is a simple process. Don ’ thyroxine just use it for product categories, either ! Devote a couple of capacity tiles to any deals you ’ rhenium running ( Bundles, buy one catch one spare, ostentation sales, etc ). The less work a customer has to do to find your stream offers, the better. Check out this example : This shopfront provides all of its products improving front and center so you don ’ t have to waste meter looking for them. On top of this, it besides packs in a short ton of utilitarian information so you don ’ t have to go to each person page to find out more ! The key to a successful Amazon Brand Store is bare : remove as many barriers as potential between the Buy immediately button and your customers .

5. Generate Buzz

When building a store, you ’ re chiefly focused on the ocular expression of it. Don ’ thyroxine forget about the transcript, though ! not only does it need to tell your ideal buyers a compelling report, but it besides needs to organically fit in powerful keywords. Think about it : what well is all this knead you ’ re doing if no one finds your page ?
Don ’ t focus merely on popular keywords, though. These end up costing a lot more than they ’ ra worth, as they only bring in half-interested customers who may not actually convert.
Long-tail keywords are the identify of the game hera. These hyper-specific keywords boast fantastic conversion rates, are easy to own, and organically rank you up in more popular SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages ). Learn more about how to find long-tail keywords that bring you the traffic you want here.
A surefire method for generating traffic is with limit time offers and coupons. Adding a common sense of urgency makes customers more likely to purchase. Check out this article from our friends over at Landing Cube for tips on how to set up limited prison term offers/coupons that get results.
Another bang-up manner to get the attention you want is with a shop foreground !

What is an Amazon Store Spotlight? 

store Spotlights are a holocene addition to Amazon ’ s advertising options that… You guessed it, spotlight your storehouse ! This type of campaign randomly grabs 3 products from your store and displays them at the top of any relevant SERPs. It is one of the easiest, most cost-efficient ways to drive traffic to your shopfront.

Closing Thoughts

By this point, you should have everything you need to build an Amazon Brand Store that wows customers and showers you in conversions. Take the supernumerary fourth dimension to get your store right ; we promise it will pay off ! FBA success takes long-run vision. Establishing yourself as the number one mark in your sphere takes years of solitaire and trial and error.
We here at ZonGuru are here to help make that travel a small easier. Our all-in-one Amazon selling joyride cortege is made by sellers, for sellers to help you find, validate, beginning, and optimize Amazon products that convert, all backed by our data-centric sales methods and a team of have FBA pros.
Don ’ triiodothyronine believe us ? Sign up for a barren, no commitment necessary 15-minute number reference and check out the ZonGuru difference for yourself ! Find out more here, and happy sell !

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