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How to build a service marketplace website

Building an on-line serve marketplace has never been easier. Got a brilliant business estimate ? Thinking about a web site where professionals, individuals, or businesses can offer their services ? Let ‘s catch started !Author: Juho Makkonen May 4, 2021 Juho Makkonen

CEO & Co-founder@kusti chapter 1

What is a service marketplace?

An on-line servicing market is a web site where private individuals, professionals, or companies can offer their services. Examples of on-line marketplaces for services are Fiverr, Upwork, and Thumbtack. typically, marketplace businesses are thought of as peer-to-peer sharing websites like Airbnb. however, many investors and experts expect services to be the adjacent big marketplace revolution. The services sector is massive – worth about $ 10 trillion in the US alone. Online marketplace platforms have huge advantages in this industry .An infographic highlighting the three benefits of service marketplaces. first, marketplaces can beat the competition by making buy services a fortune faster, easier, more affordable, and more reliable. These four benefits are a keystone factor behind the successes of service marketplace platforms like Upwork, Thumbtack, and Urbansitter, and you can leverage them to grow your business besides.

The second big benefit is that you can start an online service marketplace without being a professional yourself. surely, having a deep understanding of the industry you focus on is highly helpful. But because serve providers create the supply, you can start a service marketplace web site for personal trainers, language teachers, or commercialize professionals without having those skills. Building a service market has never been easier. Third, building a service market web site has never been easier. Nowadays, you can use dedicated marketplace software to build your service marketplace platform quickly, easily, and with a low budget. At Sharetribe, we offer such market software, and our solutions are specifically designed with the service market commercial enterprise model in mind. The goal of this article is to help you take the first step and launch your business quickly. First, let ‘s attend at the two keystone elements that form the foundation of your business : your service market estimate and occupation model. search for inefficiencies, underused assets, and fragmented markets. Where could you add a layer of trust ? It ’ s possible that person else has come up with the same theme as you have. But preceptor ’ metric ton shy away from the competition immediately. For example, there are many freelancer and micro-jobs websites around. But that doesn ’ metric ton mean you shouldn ’ thymine build a web site like Fiverr, Upwork, or Thumbtack. A consecrated, niche market might be able to compete with the giants by making finding specific expertness a batch easier. You could besides analyze what people list on generic platforms that aren ’ thymine optimized for services. Are lots of professionals trying to offer certain services on Facebook Marketplace ? That might mean an opportunity for a service marketplace to improve the experience. Have an mind in beware ? Before building anything, you should validate your marketplace mind by talking to electric potential users. Try to understand what your assumptions about their problems are, and how well your market idea can solve them. And, importantly : are they uncoerced to pay for the solution your marketplace offers ?

Business models for service marketplaces

If people use a web site to buy services from individuals, professionals, or businesses, how can a service market entrepreneur monetize this behavior ? There are many market business models desirable for service platforms. The most typical ones are commissions, membership or subscription fees, listing fees, lead fees, freemium, and featured listings and ads. Businesses like Fiverr and Upwork take a cut out of each transaction that happens on their web site. This tax income model is called commission, and it ’ second by far the most democratic monetization scheme for marketplaces .A graph illustrating how the commissions business model works on a service marketplace. Most importantly, commission is normally the fastest marketplace business model to get your business off the grind. When serve providers don ’ t have to pay anything upfront to sign up, they are much more probable to give your marketplace a try. The biggest challenge, then, is to find the optimum assume rate – check out our article on marketplace pricing to learn how. Some services marketplaces charge a tip from users to join the platform or post a listing. This can be a good strategy if, for model, your customers are so difficult to find that your service providers are cook to pay to access them. Or frailty versa. Some market platforms may besides sell ads or extra services. typically, these strategies are most utilitarian as extra tax income streams on peak of commission. Commission is the fasters business model to get your service marketplace off the anchor. Though commissions can be the best and most scalable gross exemplary for serve marketplaces, it does bring a challenge. namely, what is to stop people from using your platform to get connected, but then pay each early in secret and bypass your commission ? As you ’ ll find out late, there are many things you can do to prevent platform leakage. One of the most significant one is offering the kinds of features and functionality that make your market sticky for the overhaul providers .

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How to build and launch an online marketplace for services – fast

If you want to give your serve market business idea a sample, find a debauched, brassy, and easy way to test it with veridical users. It ’ mho hood to predict how people will behave. Your web site might offer a specific service a bunch cheaper than existing solutions. But is that adequate to bring users in ? Will they actually make the first gear transaction ? And will they come back and use your market again and again ? The best way to get answers to these questions is to launch your marketplace equally cursorily as possible. That way, you can start learning from real users – and making real gross – early on. The lessons you learn will give you an enormous competitive advantage. The first translation of the service chopine you establish does n’t need to be arrant. In fact, we constantly recommend starting with building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Learning from actual users early on is an enormous competitive advantage. The MVP version of your market should already have the core service market functionality that makes your users love using your web site. But nothing more. Anything that international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine substantive is a consume of time and money in the begin – resources you should use to market your platform, learn from your users, and build your clientele. following, let ’ s look at the construct blocks of a military service marketplace MVP .

Essential features for your service marketplace MVP

Users expect market platforms to work in a certain way. Re-inventing the bicycle on the most common functionalities can create unnecessary challenges because people might find your use experience difficult. What is more, on-line serve marketplaces are peculiarly vulnerable to platform escape. When a customer and a service provider have met through your web site once, what is to stop them from scheduling and paying for all succeed gigs privately, without paying a penny to you ? When your necessity features work seamlessly and intuitively, customers will love using your platform. When your substantive features work seamlessly and intuitively, customers will love using your service market. And when you offer providers powerful tools to manage their calendars, payment traffic, and their professional brand, they will want to do all their clientele through your market. here are the features military service marketplaces will need from day one .

Icon illustrating marketplace user profiles: mobile screen with a user icon and a plus sign. User accounts and profiles

Both customers and servicing providers will need to be able to create an account, log in to your marketplace, and store their drug user data securely. Both sides will besides need user profiles. Profiles are peculiarly significant for service marketplaces because providers are using them to build their professional brands. They likely want to add vitamin a much content as potential : descriptions of themselves and their services, photos, testimonials, certificates, and sol on. Both the providers and the customers normally first create a user profile before they do anything else .

Icon illustrating marketplace listings: page with text and a funnel icon. Listings and search

The type of services your chopine offers will have a big impingement on what kind of number features you need. In any case, the service providers will want sufficient tools to showcase and grocery store their offer. Users should have powerful tools to browse, search, and trickle listings based on their criteria. The list and serach functionality on any on-line market can be complicated to build. however, it ’ south normally a effective idea to limit your offer at the begin and focus on a kernel service. Doing this will save you time and help you market your platform to customers .

Icon illustrating marketplace bookings: calendar with pencil. Availability & booking management

Availability and booking management is a all-important feature for your service providers. It allows them to control when their services are available and besides prevents double-bookings. This can signify a huge improvement for your providers ’ work flow and convince them to keep their business on your platform .A stylized list of the essential online service marketplace features

Icon illustrating service marketplace payments: credit card and dollar sign. on-line payments

Most marketplaces make money by charging a commission for each transaction that takes place on a market. To be able to do thus, quite an elaborate transaction menstruate is needed. first, your marketplace needs to allow customers to pay for services with their credit calling card or Paypal account. then, you need to be able to pay that money to the good supplier, but only after you have deducted your perpetration. There are all kinds of legal and regulative questions to take into report, here, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

Icon illustrating delaying payouts: credit card and a closed lock. Holding funds & delay payouts

To add a layer of security, you might consider a service called escrow. escrow means that a customer ’ s recognition card is already charged when they book a service. however, the provider doesn ’ metric ton catch paid the money directly. The platform will alternatively hold the payment until the serve has been delivered. This agreement efficiently protects both parties from deceitful users. Customers can be surely they will either receive the service or get their money binding. Service providers are guaranteed the customer will pay as the platform has already charged the customer at the time of reserve. Your marketplace features should help your military service providers build their brand .

Icon illustrating marketplace reviews: speech bubble with cogwheel. Reviews

Reviews are an authoritative element of building believe between users. After a successful transaction, the servicing provider and the customer inspection each other. This helps both parties feel confident they are dealing with veridical people with good intentions. Reviews besides help build trust for future bookings. Reviews besides help your service professionals build their trade name. They can besides help prevent platform escape : a supplier might not want to go around your requital arrangement when that besides means they won ’ triiodothyronine get a new customer review to their profile .

Icon illustrating marketplace admin functionality: round dashboard with dots as scale and indicator pointing North-East. Admin functionality

The avail market entrepreneur needs to have full control over everything that happens on the chopine. typically, that means you need to have a dashboard where you can monitor and access all exploiter profiles, transactions, messages, and reviews on your market. first, because monitoring how your users behave can give you highly utilitarian insights particularly in the early days. second, you need to moderate subject, block users, and edit payments whenever that ’ s called for .

Icon illustrating maps and location: globe inside a speech bubble. Map & Location

If your market deals with local services like babysitters or photographers, it ’ s a good mind to allow the service provider mark their placement on their listings, and the customer to search for listings based on location. however, if your marketplace focuses only on digital or outback services, you might not need a location have at all. A customer who buys web site development or virtual yoga classes, for example, doesn ’ metric ton necessitate to care about where the service supplier is located. For these kinds of marketplaces, an unnecessary map feature might even feel a spot confuse.

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Making your service platform future-proof

Getting your idea out into the global arsenic cursorily as possible is the first footstep towards achiever. But as your service marketplace grows, you ’ ll probably learn your detail users would appreciate extra, more sew functionality. This kind of insight is near-impossible to get beforehand—the best way to understand what your users are like is to offer them something to use and ask for their feedback. once you know more about your users, adding herculean, customize features to suit their needs can be a mighty room to boost customer life, prevent platform escape, and grow your business. Embracing the process of building, eruditeness, and improving will help you make strategic decisions that grow your brand, platform, and drug user base in the right direction .A triangle formed by yellow dashed lines and arrows, with words "Learn", "Build", and "Improve" in the corners. Sharetribe ’ mho products are developed with this iterative procedure in mind, with a specific focus on service and rental marketplaces. Sharetribe Go gives you all the substantive features listed above, so you can have a master service market up and running in one day. You don ’ t need to write a single credit line of code or worry about host, maintenance, security, or backups. once you ’ re ready to take your business to the next flat, you can move your platform to Sharetribe Flex . Like Go, Flex offers all the necessity servicing marketplace functionality out of the box. It besides includes backend host, alimony, security, backing, and updates. interim, Flex ’ s API-based, headless architecture lets you code your own front end, custom-build extra features, and build third-party integrations. It ‘s a solution that combines the freedom and tractability of custom development with the benefits of software-as-a-service. chapter 3

How much does it cost to build a service marketplace?

Building a market web site can be a time-consuming and expensive project and require lots of technical cognition. fortunately, there are easier and cheaper ways. Service marketplaces are complicated websites. evening the MVP version requires lots of features for both user groups, not to mention a brawny transaction engine and admin functionality. build up such a site from scratch—and making certain it works highly smoothly so users love using it—is time-consuming and expensive. Developer ’ s hourly fees vary greatly, but typically, $ 50,000 is the minimum for a basic service marketplace sport set. Fees from hosting, third-party tools, maintenance, and updates come on top. The most crucial resource a marketplace collapse has is their time. If you ‘re comfortable with software programming, you can naturally avoid the building cost. however, you should assign a monetary value to your own work. The most significant resources founders have are their clock time and focus – be sure to spend them where they offer the biggest hark back on investing. If you ‘re interest in exploring this choice far, I recommend checking out this article on developing a market app by our senior full-stack developer Mikko. It helps you estimate the scope of the project and choose your engineering stack. If you ‘d like to compare different approaches, this article on different ways to build a marketplace be helpful.

Our goal with Sharetribe is to offer marketplace products that help founders build a marketplace at a divide of the price of custom development. hera ‘s a breakdown of an model budget for the beginning year using both our products, Go and Flex .

Example budget: the first year of your service marketplace with Sharetribe Go

In this exercise budget, we assume you ‘re using Sharetribe Go to validate your theme and build your MVP, and want to keep costs to a minimal. In summation to building your service market web site, you ’ ll probably need to spend some money on brand and market. Depending on your skillset and your finical recess, you might need to outsource design, buy fonts, images, or certificates, and pay for ads or marketing solutions. however, there ’ s a distribute you can do with low-cost or release on-line tools. here ‘s an exercise budget that will get you well through your first class as a marketplace entrepreneur .

Your service platform

Pro subscription of Sharetribe Go for 12 months ( semiannual charge ) $ 1,428
Domain registration for 12 months $ 10
Logo invention – release using a cock like Canva $ 0
Stock images – free using a service like Unsplash $ 0

Marketing & user acquisition

WordPress blog $ 100
MailChimp e-mail market – free up to 2,000 subscribers $ 0
Google Analytics – loose translation $ 0
Total 1st year service marketplace budget with Sharetribe Go $1,538

On crown of this budget, you might want to consider buying traffic in the form of Google Ads, for case. however, getting a meaningful amount of traffic through paid ad typically requires being prepared to spend at least around $ 1,000 for relevant keywords per year. Sharetribe Go is loose to try for 30 days, you can start your trial here .

Example budget: the first year of moving to Sharetribe Flex

Your Sharetribe Go -powered overhaul chopine got off the ground well, and you ’ re making a brace profit. How much does it cost to move your marketplace to Sharetribe Flex and create a unique exploiter interface and some herculean custom features ? Please note that this budget is a rough estimate. Prices for designs and development vary depending on the experts ’ hourly fees and the extent of customizations your service market idea requires. Sharetribe Flex is specifically designed to might service marketplaces, so its off-the-rack features should take you reasonably far already .

Your service platform

Sharetribe Flex subscription for 12 months ( annual charge ) $ 3,588
Sharetribe Flex transaction fee – $ 0 up to $ 30,000
in monthly transaction volume
$ 0
UX design and wireframes $ 1,500
Flex development $ 5,000
Front-end host $ 360

Marketing & user acquisition

WordPress web log $ 300
MailChimp Standard plan for up to 25,000 subscribers $ 2,628
Google Analytics – free version $ 0
Total 1st year service marketplace budget with Sharetribe Flex $13,376

At this stage, you likely know your market and customer life value well adequate that investing in give learning channels as region of your market mix might make sense. Developing with Flex is free for an outright time. That means the monthly fee does n’t start applying until you are ready to launch your market. You can create your Flex account and start developing for free here.

Examples of service marketplaces built with Sharetribe

Sharetribe powers over 1,000 marketplaces around the world. here are some of our favorites – check out our customer veranda for more Sharetribe examples or read our customer stories !+Screenshot of the service marketplace FitMyTime's website with a header and listings in a grid.


FitMyTime is a platform for individual on-line yoga, pilates, and fitness classes. Built with Sharetribe Go .Screenshot of the service marketplace Paperound's landing page header featuring an office desk.


Paperound is an hourly intern resource for startup founders. Built with Sharetribe Go .Screenshot of the service marketplace SoftwareSupp's landing page featuring a call-to-action button.


SoftwareSupp is a market for hiring a freelancers for software projects. Built with Sharetribe Flex. chapter 4

Get started with your service marketplace today

Start working on your estimate one dance step at a time. Building a service marketplace can sound like a daunting task. today ‘s users are companion and comfortable with eCommerce, but at the like fourth dimension, they expect a flawless drug user experience. Service marketplaces are complicated websites to build, and the business model can be tough to master.

Do n’t let the challenge deter you. By taking the iterative approach and moving your business idea forward one dance step at a time, you ‘ll accumulate experience and understand that give you a real competitive advantage. If you ‘re matter to in reading more, our Practical scout to building an on-line marketplace is a great locate to start working on your business step by gradation ( careless of whether you ‘re building your marketplace web site with Sharetribe or not.

Best of luck with your servicing marketplace !

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