How to Build Credit as a First Time Home Buyer

sol you ’ ve decided to take the plunge and buy your first home. This is an stimulate clock time, and if you ’ ve been fresh with your finances, you can be in a great position to buy. But there ’ s a adult question : do you have the citation needed to buy a house ? Often, first-time homebuyers are so financially responsible that they have managed to avoid debt raw, and, deoxyadenosine monophosphate strange as it sounds, that may hurt you as you look for finance on a house. To buy a firm, you need to have a becoming credit score, but if you ’ ve never bought anything on recognition, you may not have a credit score at all, or you may have a identical thinly one .
sol how do you go about building the credit you need to buy your first home without making foolish decisions with your money ?

Why Does Credit Matter When You ’ rhenium Buying a Home ?

Think of credit as a score that ranks the risk you are to the savings bank. If you have an excellent credit score, you are at a much lower risk than person with a poor credit score. And, if you have no citation score at all, then you ’ re an unknown measure, and the trust doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what to think about you. To them, it ’ s like you ’ rhenium applying to college, but you don ’ t have a GPA to show them : they don ’ t know what to think about your past operation, so they ’ re not sure if you ’ re hazardous or not.

A credit score is a combination of all the times you have used credit rating to pay for something, how much people have lent you in the past, and how much credit other companies have afforded you. If you ’ ve never bought a car on credit, or had a credit rating card, or taken out a scholar loanword, then you could identical well have no credit score at all. And if all the credit cards you ’ ve always had were department store cards where you ’ ve rarely maintained a balance, then that ’ s called thin credit. It ’ sulfur precisely not enough to give the banks a good calculate of your fiscal future .

How Can You Build Credit to Prepare to Buy a base ?

Building citation is a procedure that takes clock because much of it relies on credit history, not merely on the current credit you have, so if you ’ ra looking at buying a home in the future, it ’ sulfur worth it to start building a accredit history now. But how do you build credit to prepare to buy a home ?

Apply for a Credit Card

Getting a credit menu is one of the easiest ways that you can begin a accredit history. How many cards you should have is an wholly unlike question, and that all depends on your responsibility with your outgo. Credit cards tempt you to buy things like they are free money, and if you load up your credit poster with a fortune of purchases and carry a big balance, that could actually hurt your score .
The average american actually has four credit cards, and if you have thoroughly self-control, then four is a fine number. But for some people, four credit cards can be a gateway to major debt and credit drops .
To have the best credit score possible, it is recommended that you lone use 30 % of your available credit : so if you have a credit specify of $ 1000, then use $ 300 or less. This is the Credit Utilization Ratio. The credit companies want to see that you have access to a batch of citation but that you ’ re choosing not to use very much of it. This is a good augury that you ’ rhenium wise with your money and that you don ’ metric ton overspend. even if you always make your payments on fourth dimension, it will negatively impact your sexual conquest if you ’ re using excessively much of your available credit rating .

Pay Your Bills on time

If you have tracked payments by credit agencies, like car payments or credit card payments, always make certain you pay your bills on clock. This may seem like a little thing, but requital history makes up 35 % of your credit mark, and if you ’ re late even one clock, it will show up as a black set on your report card. Credit reports not only give you an overall score, but they show your integral history over the last respective years, individualized for each bill. so if you were late on a car payment three years ago, it ’ mho going to show up on a credit report. It may not be severe if it was only one prison term, but it will be there. thus be mindful of that .
Keep Your Balances on Your Credit Cards Low, but Don ’ triiodothyronine Cancel the Cards .
As we already mentioned, you want to keep your credit poster spend under 30 % of the available limit, but the lower, the better. But you want to keep those cards open ! If you cancel citation cards, then your available credit goes down. ( If you had a credit tease with a $ 5000 restrict but carried no balance, and then you cancel it, your citation score will take a stumble because on the spur of the moment your available credit is $ 5000 less. )
This is particularly genuine if you ’ ve had the card for a while and made regular, on-time payments on it because you want that credit history to show up when person pulls your citation report .

Keep An Eye On Your Credit Report for Errors

Your credit report can have errors, partially because of identity larceny and common mistakes. You can access your own credit report at any time and count through it to make certain that everything is clean. If you find a trouble, you can request to get it corrected .

Don ’ t Try All of This at the last minute

You need to plan if you want to build credit rating to buy a home. Getting a credit card or buying a cable car two months before you go house shopping will not give the credit agencies enough to go on to determine your creditworthiness. Remember : you need to have a good history of managing your money, paying on time, and keeping your debt proportion depleted. If you don ’ t have a lot of a history at all, it ’ mho ampere adept as having no credit ( or being “ credit thin ” ). then while you ’ re saving money for that down payment on a house, which will undoubtedly take some meter, get a few credit cards and make sure that you use them wisely.

How dependable Does Your Credit Score Need to Be to Buy a home ?

As a rule of finger, you need to have a citation score of at least 620 to qualify for a base loan. You can get some loans if you have lower credit, but that doesn ’ thyroxine intend you should take those loans. generally, when you ’ re a credit risk, you ’ re not going to get identical favorable terms, meaning you may need to put more money down, and you ’ ll have a much higher interest rate. You ’ ll be better off ( normally ) waiting a few years to repair your credit than to take a bad loanword .

Is it possible to Buy a home Without Credit ?

Yes, it is possible to buy a home without recognition, but it has to be under very certain circumstances, and there will be outer hoops you need to jump through .

What You Need to Buy a House with No Credit

If you have no credit history, the loans that you want to look for are FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans. They ’ re going to look pretty hard at the follow items :

regular Employment history

It would help if you showed that you have a good employment history, not jumping from company to company, or having long periods of unemployment. basically, these lenders don ’ thyroxine want person who just got a high-paying job to run out and buy a house without having fiscal stability .

firm Income on Your Tax Returns

Like the above, the lender will want to see your tax returns to ensure that you ’ ve had a steadily stream of income over the years. This is the closest thing they can get to credit history .

Savings for the Down Payment and Closing Costs

If you ’ ve got no credit, you ’ re decidedly going to need a full down payment and money for closing costs. While there are loans out there that let you get a dwelling with adenine little as a 3 % down payment, you ’ re not going to get that with no credit history. Expect to need at least 15-20 % gloomy payment ( there are exceptions to this, as we ’ ll see with the FHA loan below ) .

Cash Reserves

Most lenders besides want to see that you still have money in the bank after you ’ ve paid for the house. Some want adenine much as six months ’ deserving of expenses saved up, but that total fluctuates. Basically, they want to be certain you ’ re not going to overspend on the family, immediately run out of money, and not be able to pay your mortgage .

FHA Mortgages, VA Loans, or Co-Signers

FHA Loans

The FHA ( Federal Housing Administration ) says on their web site that “ The lack of a credit history, or the borrower ’ s decision to not use credit, may not be used as the footing for rejecting the lend application. ” alternatively, lenders will look at the things mentioned above to make the decision. note : the FHA loanword is alone for first-time homebuyers .
One big benefit of an FHA loanword is that lenders can give loans to people with angstrom fiddling as 3.5 % gloomy payment .

VA Loans

The Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Loans, says, “ There is no minimum credit seduce necessity [ for a VA mortgage ]. alternatively, VA requires a lender to review the stallion loanword profile. ” Similar to the FHA loan, a VA loan can require a very abject down payment—even a 0 % down requital in some circumstances .


The final examination room to get a home with no credit history is to use a co-signer. A co-signer is person who has good credit who is basically committing to taking on the effect of the lend if you default. While it can be tempting to ask parents or other family members to co-sign on a loan, be certain that you ’ ra not taking advantage of a close up relationship. If you run into fiscal difficulty, you could ruin the kinship if they have to take the weight of your mortgage on their shoulders.


In termination, the best way to build up credit for buying a house is to carefully plan to buy while you ’ re saving money and applying for credit cards or buying a car on accredit. see that you constantly pay your bills on time and don ’ t let your credit card balances get more than 30 % of your limit .
And, if you qualify, trying an FHA or VA lend could be a good option for you .
Are you ready to move into your first home ?

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