How to Build a (Successful) Ecommerce Website (2022)

Add your information below to have the PDF sent to your inbox. Add your information below to have the PDF sent to your inbox. The internet impacts every area of our lives. We use it for socializing, entertainment, working, and research. We besides use it to shop .
There ’ second now a generation of adults who have lone known a earth where the internet exists, and as they, and the generations that follow, spend more money, ecommerce will continue to grow. Currently, 43 % of shoppers use the internet and sociable networks to inquiry products before buy, and by 2024, ecommerce gross will be worth $ 476 billion in the U.S.

2020 ecommerce sales
Retailers can not afford to stay offline if they want to reach customers. Ecommerce sites empower businesses to reach new markets and amplification resilience by selling if their brick-and-mortar stores have to close. If you ’ re just starting a business, an ecommerce locate can give you a cosmopolitan market and brand recognition before you even open a physical store .
Starting a dedicated ecommerce web site gives you the ability to control every view of your customer experience, from branding to shipping and customer service. You can choose to build it yourself or go with a developer, but either way, knowing about the process can help you make inform choices, so you get a web site that ’ s optimized for selling your products .

Ecommerce Selling Statistics

Ecommerce is growing every day and offers businesses unique opportunities to connect with their target hearing. A well-designed ecommerce store can benefit from providing commodious shop options for consumers .

1. Ecommerce will make up 22 % of ball-shaped retail sales by 2023 .

Sales in on-line stores are expected to reach 22 % of ball-shaped retail sales by 2023, compared to 14.1 % in 2019 .
Global sales
While some of this growth is driven by more ecommerce sites being created, most of it is due to a careen in shopping trends. occupation owners can take advantage of this global phenomenon by giving customers opportunities to buy arsenic soon as they decide on a merchandise and besides reaching abroad consumers with international sites and transportation .

2. Ecommerce sales in Q1 of 2020 accounted for 11.5 % of sum sales .

It ’ s estimated that 11.5 % of sales in the first quarter of 2020 were ecommerce sales. The impact of COVID-19 means more people are shopping on-line, and ecommerce sales have continued to grow throughout the year. As more consumers buy on the internet, opportunities exist for business owners to prove that the best ecommerce sites offer excellent on-line services, building commitment for the post-COVID-19 world .

Why Create an Ecommerce Website ?

It ’ randomness clear that the growth in ecommerce brings many benefits for a business ’ randomness bottom line, but there are more reasons to create an ecommerce commercial enterprise. An on-line presence gives businesses ample opportunities to create connections that lead to increase .

1. New market acquisitions .

For many companies, particularly belittled businesses and startups, it can be hard to reach customers in new markets with barely a shopfront. An ecommerce web site enables you to reach new customers online that you couldn ’ t reach with entirely brick-and-mortar sales .

2. Create singular shopping experiences .

on-line businesses are besides able to directly impact the customer travel by creating a alone shopping experience through videos, stories, and personalized services. These shopping encounters don ’ t need to end at the checkout either, as you can reach customers via electronic mail market or social media. These extraordinary experiences have a manner of convincing customers that online shopping offers inclusive opportunities that a brick-and-mortar store typically doesn ’ metric ton leave .

3. Strengthen your brand .

If you sell on an on-line marketplace, like eBay or Amazon, your products are listed generically and frequently use the market ’ second brandings. Some customers may not even realize they ’ rhenium buy from you and consequently won ’ thymine teach about your post. Building your own ecommerce site ensures control of how your products are presented. Your customers remember you, not the marketplace .

How to Build an Ecommerce Website Step-by-Step 

Building an ecommerce site may be simpler than you imagine. There are now ecommerce solutions that do most of the work for you, but you still need to understand what ’ sulfur offered and what your locate needs. If you do enough research, you can make decisions that lead to a brilliant site that grows and evolves with you in the years to come .

  1. Select your perfect ecommerce platform .
  2. Purchase a knowledge domain name .
  3. Find a developer .
  4. Pick your ecommerce composition .
  5. Customize your ecommerce template .
  6. Add your products .
  7. Set up requital options .
  8. classify out your shipping settings .
  9. Preview, test… and publish your on-line store .

Find Your Perfect Ecommerce Platform

Finding the right field ecommerce web site builder is the first step in your journey. It ’ s authoritative to have one that can meet the needs of your products and post .

1. Types of Ecommerce platforms .

There are three main types of ecommerce platforms to choose from, which suit different kinds of businesses and have different functionality. here ’ s what you need to know :
Open source
As the name suggests, open-source platforms offer their source code freely to everyone who wants to use it. It ’ sulfur free to install and endlessly customizable. however, open-source platforms normally require advance tease cognition to use by rights. security breaches are besides a concern, and users frequently need to hire people dedicated to maintaining the security, which may end up costing more than a subscription to another type of platform .
SaaS, or Software as a Service, is an ecommerce chopine that ’ south offered as a subscription serve. These systems are by and large slowly to use, scalable, and have robust security. As they ’ re designed specifically for ecommerce, they can handle the logistic processes, like checkout and payment process .
price is a concern with SaaS, as there ’ s a monthly subscription fee, transaction fees, and expenses for circuit board apps. Some services may besides have restricted brand, which limits your creativity when designing. Sites built on Wix, for model, have “ powered by Wix ” at the bottom of the blind, so not lone are you promoting your brand, but you ’ re sharing the limelight with Wix. Premium services normally give you more leeway to create a look and feel that reflects your trade name, entirely .
Headless commerce
Headless department of commerce keeps the shopping cart and expose level of ecommerce sites separate. This means you can use a contented management system ( CMS ), digital experience platform ( DXP ), progressive network app ( PWA ) or other technology on the frontend and exponent that with an ecommerce engine on the backend .
Headless department of commerce enables customer-facing changes to be made cursorily and gives businesses batch of creative see. It besides lets companies get to market faster, with a lower full cost, and businesses get increased control over their memory while outsourcing security and PCI submission .

2. Ecommerce Hosting .

Ecommerce web host is where your data is stored. It can have an affect on security and costs, therefore take the clock to understand your options .
Cloud hosting refers to ecommerce sites hosted off-site. It ’ randomness generally offered by SaaS or brainless commerce companies. The platform manages the uptime adenine well as updates, patches, and upgrades that serve keep sites plug. open source solutions may besides have a overcast option that includes the costs of host, but will still require security maintenance to be done by the merchant .
On-premise hosting refers to ecommerce sites that are hosted on servers owned by the business and is normally found with capable reference solutions. The company needs to have space for the waiter, handle the initiation, and hire people to look after it to ensure that the web site stays up and plug. This normally is more feasible for big corporations .

3. Things to consider when choosing your ecommerce solution .

several systems have to work seamlessly to give your customers the best ecommerce know. Look at how your preferable ecommerce platform works in the follow areas to ensure it performs optimally now and into the future .
Website performance
Make sure the platform works systematically and has a solid uptime record, so your web site is available when customers want to shop. unlimited API calls aid make your locate easier to manage, and pages that load promptly give customers the best experience .
Traffic capacity
Can the chopine meet your current traffic needs ? Does it have the telescope to grow with you as your business expands ? Does it handle big days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday ?
Mobile optimization
More consumers are shopping on fluid devices, so it ’ s necessity that your platform can optimize your web site for an excellent mobile meet. Look for ways to enhance customer experience through mobile engineering, like geolocation, which helps customers find the nearest memory .
Secure payments and data
The platform must be able to protect your data and your customer ’ randomness data. SaaS solutions include security, like SSL and PCI, as part of their monthly plans. Self-hosted and open-source solutions require you to have a greater understanding of security, as there ’ s a higher find of attack .

4. Ecommerce web site builders to use .

Your web site builder is the foundation of your on-line shop. Options explicitly designed for ecommerce give you more options and room to grow than generic web site builders with an ecommerce accessory. hera are a few to consider :
BigCommerce is a SaaS solution that ’ s known for being scalable. It has 24/7 customer support, with priority back available for large accounts. There are plenty of built-in features. Multi-layered security keeps data safe, and local payment methods bring in customers from around the world. BigCommerce supports brainless, so brands can deliver API-driven experiences through a CMS, DXP, application, device, or custom front-end — with BigCommerce powering the commerce engine .
Shopify is another SaaS solution that ’ s amply hosted and known for being quick and comfortable to set up. They have an extensive crop of plug-ins, but if you need to use a lot, the price can promptly add up. Shopify can handle a high number of transactions per minute, so it can easily cope with dealings spikes .
Magento is a self-hosted solution, so you have sum creative exemption ; however, you need person with coding cognition to take entire advantage of the platform. There ’ randomness a wide choice of integrations, and it can handle instant purchases and product suggestions.

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress circuit board, so it ’ south free to install. It ’ mho by and large used by those with an existing WordPress site. WooCommerce is flexible, has limitless customization, and industry experts audit its procure code .

Purchase a Domain name

If you already have a domain name, it can be transferred to your on-line store builder. If you don ’ t have a sphere name, make certain it follows these best practices below .

1. Avoid creative spellings .

A domain name should be easy to remember and type, so invalidate creative spellings. It doesn ’ t necessarily need to pass a spell test, after all, google wasn ’ thymine a discussion until Google created it, but it must be comfortable to spell. Make sure that it ’ s besides easy to pronounce, as you want customers to tell their friends about it. Avoid hyphens and numbers because this makes it harder for people to easily share the web address .

2. Avoid generic names .

A generic identify has two problems : people will forget the name, or they ’ ll go to a similarly-named company that has a better search locomotive optimization ( SEO ) rank. A brandable name is memorable, thus brand sure your domain mention stands out .

3. The brusque, the better .

Aim to make your knowledge domain name 6-14 characters in length, making it easier for your customer to remember. Shorter names are besides more square for you to use in marketing, which leads to more customers, even if people are finding you through a search engine .

Find a developer

even if you ’ ra bootstrapping your business, a developer can make the process of setting up an ecommerce web site elementary. They have the technical know-how to get you set up promptly, meaning you can start selling preferably. When considering a developer, ask them about their timeline, so you can plan your launch date. Ask to see other websites that they ’ ve built and get references from those businesses. Make certain the developer shares your vision and can create what you ’ rhenium looking for within your budget .

Pick Your Templates : Find a theme that Matches Your Ecommerce Website Vision

Templates, or themes, are ready-built pages that you can customize to suit your brand and help your site look effective without design or tease skills. Think about the follow areas when selecting a template :

1. Customer navigation .

Smooth seafaring is essential to an excellent customer experience. If a customer can ’ thyroxine find what they want, they ’ ll hit the bet on push button and shop class somewhere else. A navigation prevention is easy to read and located on the leave side of the page, as customers read from left to right .

2. style of the home page .

Does the template ’ s home page reflect your brand ? Does it have areas where you can include images, slideshows, or videos ? Is there outer space for you to share your fib with site visitors ? A customer should be able to tell what type of business you are from beginning glance, thus hold sure the template communicates that intelligibly .

3. Customization options .

What parts of the page can be customized ? Is there a font and color scheme that matches your brand ? How many images can you include ? How are products displayed, and can they be changed ? Can social media be embedded ? Most on-line storehouse builders use apps to add features that aren ’ t built-in, then consider how many apps you need to interact with the template .

Add Your Products

product pages are among the most critical pages on your web site, as they show your customers what you have to sell. Take the clock time to ensure you display your new products in their best lighter by including optimize product descriptions, attention-getting images, and easy to navigate categories .

1. product descriptions .

merchandise descriptions are an essential contribution of your ecommerce web site. They describe the utility, colors, textures, measurements, and/or respect of the intersection to your customers and allow bots to exponent your page for SEO. Avoid cliches, long sentences, and complex phrasing when writing descriptions, and make certain the descriptions answer the pursue questions :

  • Who is the intersection for ?
  • What are the product ’ mho basic details ?
  • Where would person use this product ?
  • When should person use the merchandise ?

2. intersection images .

web site visitors are engaged by ocular information, so high-quality product images are substantive. When producing photograph, consider the come areas :
Use high-quality images.
Images represent the perceive timbre and value of your product. High-quality photos make your products stand out. Vibrant photograph besides make the images more appeal, keeping customers browsing .
Make sure each image is the same size.
It ’ second all-important that each trope is the lapp size, as different sized photos can much misalign your gallery. Use an image editor to adjust each video to the necessitate size .
Add product variation image.
Most images should be product-only images that show the product from all angles. You should besides include an in-context photograph that shows the product being used. These are helpful on product pages and can besides be used in social media to boost emotional engagement .

3. product categories .

You can add products to categories, like clothe, books, and movies, to help customers find what they ’ rhenium looking for. Categories can besides be used with filters to enable people to sort through specific brands or price ranges, keeping them within their budget. And have items are a capital way to lead customers down your choose shop path .

Set up Payment Methods

The correct requital method acting is all-important for closing a sale. If the method is excessively complicated or not trusted, your customer could abandon their handcart and not return. Make certain it besides meets your payment work needs .

1. Three types of ecommerce payment gateways .

There are three types of payment gateways, which all have their own pros and cons. When deciding on a gateway, think about the steps you need to take to keep payments and data batten .
A redirect takes the customer to a separate site to process the payment. The most widely used exemplar is PayPal. This is a dim-witted solution for retailers and passes on security concerns to the one-third party, but adds another step for customers, which may drive some away .
Checkout on-site, payment off-site
This gateway hosts the front-end of the payment, including collecting details, but the payment is processed off-site. Stripe is a democratic party offering this serve. It takes away extra steps for customers, but you have to ensure your site is encrypted correctly so data can be safely sent to the payment processor .
On-site payments
on-site payments happen on your web site, which gives you complete command and province. It ’ s desirable for large corporations who process a fortune of payments, as they can afford to keep it working and guarantee .

2. Tips for choosing your payment integrations .

A payment gateway integration is a secure method that encrypts and transmits accredit poster data to your payment central processing unit. As it ’ s an essential depart of your ecommerce locate, make surely you research and understand what you ’ re getting from your payment integration .
Judge ease of integration
Think about how easy it is to integrate the system on your site. Does it work with the ecommerce chopine you ’ ve selected ?
Consider customer reviews
look at customer reviews from other websites. Is the gateway trustworthy ? Does it work systematically ? Have people had problems sending or receiving money ?
Keep fees in mind
There are fees involved in every step of the procedure, including taking payments and processing refunds. Read the ticket photographic print, so you understand how much the system costs and are felicitous with that monetary value .
PCI compliant and secure
PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This ensures that credit poster details are kept safe. Non-compliance can lead to fines, lawsuits, and a passing of believe from your customers, so make indisputable your gateway is compliant and fasten. You will besides want to make certain your locate has an SSL certificate to ensure all transactions and data from customer to merchant are guarantee .

kind out Your Shipping Settings

transport is a critical part of ecommerce. Customers want products promptly, sol choose your ship settings wisely .

1. Determine your ship policy .

Your ship policy includes fees and carriers. Are you offering shipping for loose, a flat rate, or a variable star fee ? Who are you shipping with ? besides, consider whether you plan to ship internationally and, if not, make sure that information is promptly available, so international customers aren ’ thymine frustrated at checkout .

2. Select ecommerce shipping solutions .

Decide on your ship solution. Will you be doing the pack, or are you dropshipping ? Shipping software that works seamlessly with the rest of your work flow permits you to automate that side of your clientele, freeing you up for early matters .

Preview and Publish Your Online store

A successful launch relies on everything on your web site working as it should. If a liaison doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work, payments don ’ metric ton process, or the web site doesn ’ t count good on mobile devices, it can send customers off and lead to time delays while you fix mistakes. Make certain you test everything before hitting the publish button .

1. Does checkout ferment ?

Do a examination run on an holy order. Can you add products to the handcart ? Is the payment processed ? Do you receive all the confirmation emails you were expecting ?

2. Are the shop ’ s functions working ?

Click every push button and link it on your site. Do the buttons and links work ? Do filters and categories work ? If a liaison doesn ’ thymine work, does your 404 page direct customers back to your site ?

3. Does the memory ferment on mobile ?

look at the shop on a mobile device. Are the dimensions correct ? Are the buttons easy to click ? Are images clean on a smaller screen ?

4. Test your store on different browsers .

look at the store on as many different browsers as you can, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Make certain it works on all the browsers, and if you have difficulties, ask the developers to fix it .

5. Set up the memory ’ randomness settings .

The memory settings include things like lyric, prison term zone, your address and contact details, tax, and measurement units. Check that these have all been set correctly before you launch .


A well ecommerce web site is more than fair a place to sell products. It ’ s where a business can create an have that strengthens their sword, draws in modern customers, and converts casual shoppers into patriotic ambassadors. Choosing the right ecommerce chopine and having a marketing strategy to create a successful on-line store can give you a headstart in being an ecommerce success.

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