How to Register Your Website’s Domain Name (For Free)

The first domain name in history was, which was registered on March 15, 1985. today, there are more than 300 million knowledge domain names, with millions more lend each year. A knowledge domain name is basically the address that visitors will type into their browser address bar to arrive at your web site .
Domain names allow users to well connect to other computer IP addresses by typing in an address like “ ” alternatively of Google ‘s numeric IP address of “ ” In other words, knowledge domain names make our lives a lot easier .
Google's IP address could be used instead of a domain name. Image generator
Your sphere list is an significant part of establishing your brand. No two world names can be precisely alike, although they can be like. ideally, your knowledge domain mention will be alone and classifiable, so users do n’t confuse it with other sphere names or unlike businesses.

You might be wondering — is n’t a sphere identify, then, just a web site ? Although they are like, domain names and websites have crucial differences. Your world mention is the address for your web site ; it is what people use to find your web site, which consists of pages, images, and other files .
Choosing and registering a world name is often the first step when building a web site. Read on to learn how to register a world mention .
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How to Register a Domain Name

  1. Find a domain name registrar.
  2. Search for your domain name.
  3. Finalize your domain name choice.
  4. Choose a domain name suffix, such as .com or .net.
  5. Purchase the domain name.
  6. Add Domain ID protection.

1. Find a domain name registrar.

The non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ) oversees the stallion system of domain names, and it allows outside companies, called sphere registrars, to sell and manage domain names. You will need to register your world appoint through a registrar .
Some of the most popular knowledge domain registrars include GoDaddy, Bluehost, and, although there are many more to choose from. Be certain to cautiously consider pricing and policies for each one before choosing your domain registrar, as it will be managing your world list .

2. Search for your domain name’s availability.

once you have found the right domain registrar for you, you ‘ll need to search for your world list using the registrar ‘s search prevention. There are millions of sphere names out there, with thousands more add casual .
If you have your kernel set on a knowledge domain name before doing a research, you might be disappointed to find it is already taken. Keep an assailable mind and incorporate crucial keywords into your knowledge domain when appropriate .

3. Finalize your domain name choice.

once you ‘ve brainstormed several domain options, consider which ones are available and choose the one that fits your brand best and will besides be easy for users to find .

4. Choose a domain name suffix, such as .com or .net.

After settling on the world name, consider the suffix. The most popular suffix is .com, although .net and .org are besides popular. These are considered to be top-level domains, or the highest-level sphere suffixes in the sphere appointment system .
There are besides other varieties to consider, such as country code top-level domains. These domain names end in a suffix that is particular to a particular nation. A web site in Germany might end in .de, for example .
last, there is another class of world name suffixes called “ sponsored, top-level domains, ” which are sponsored by a specific community related to the sphere name. For exemplar, .gov is for the U.S. government and .edu is for education organizations .
For most websites, .com is the best suffix for its comfort of use, but if you have a specialize web site, you might consider a nation code or sponsored top-level world .

5. Purchase the domain name.

When you have settled on the world name and a suffix, you will pay to register the knowledge domain name with the world registrar. This is not a erstwhile purchase, however. typically, you will pay to own the domain name for one year, after which you can renew your registration for a tip. You can expect a registration fee of approximately $ 10 to $ 15 .
WordPress allows domain name registration on its site. Image informant

6. Add domain ID protection.

When you register a domain name with ICANN, you must provide your contact information including your name, earphone number, physical address, and e-mail address .
a soon as your world name is registered, this contact information becomes available to the public — unless you pay for domain privacy through your knowledge domain registrar. This knowledge domain privacy will shield your data from view keeping your personal data safe from spammers or worse, identity thieves .
Domain WHOIS Privacy allows domain ID protection. Image Source

once you ‘ve got the domain name in hand, you ‘re ready to find host and build your web site. Consider a dislodge CMS, like HubSpot, to design your web site, strategize for SEO, and create a web log .

Cost to Register a Domain Name

According to HostGator, sphere name cost ranges from complimentary to tens of thousands of dollars, with the average knowledge domain name settling around $ 10- $ 12 per annum. These factors will affect what you ‘d pay for a specific world :

  • The demand for the particular name you choose (e.g. sold for $872 million because of how “valuable” that real estate was perceived to be)
  • The TLD domain extension (e.g. .com is perceived to be a more valuable TLD than less-used TLDs such as .info.)
  • The domain registrar you’re purchasing from 
  • Whether the domain has already been purchased by someone else (and now has it for sale at a much higher price)
  • Whether you commit to an annual payment or another payment schedule
  • Add-ons such as privacy

Whether you choose a free or paid world will depend on your budget and your web site ‘s aim. For case, you might need a basic web site or something simple and temp. In that case, a free sphere name might be a good choice .
however, paid sphere names look more professional and are more probable to grow with your brand. You should ultimately decide what will work best for your commercial enterprise and goals .

How to Register a Domain Name for Free

Looking for a complimentary domain name ? There are respective knowledge domain registrars, web site host providers, and web site builders offering absolve domain names, typically with the leverage of another service or with no price but some customization limitations .
Wix, a website builder, allows domain name registration. Image reservoir
Wix is a democratic drag-and-drop web site builder that allows you to register a release sphere name with the stipulation that it includes Wix ‘s diagnose equally well. This means that although you get your knowledge domain diagnose for free, it will read This is a tradeoff to consider when registering a world identify for release .
Weebly, a website builder, offers domain name registration. Image reference
Like Wix, Weebly offers a simple web site builder with a free domain name that will appear as You will have express access to the site-building features, but you will save annual fees for sphere names. This is a great choice for irregular or basic websites .
Bluehost allows domain name registration. Image source
Bluehost is a network host supplier that will offer you a release world name for one class with the leverage of its web host design. If you are in the market for both a knowledge domain mention and a web hosting provider to get your business on-line, this can help you save money on the first base year ‘s expenses by adding the domain identify on for release with a purchase you were already planning to make .
WordPress offers domain name registration. Image informant
WordPress will besides offer a absolve knowledge domain mention, although it will appear as If you register your domain diagnose here, you can easily build your web site with WordPress, excessively. WordPress is the most widely used content management arrangement, indeed you ‘ll find it easier to add functionality with plugins and get support when you need it .
GoDaddy offers free domain names. Image source
Another web hosting supplier, GoDaddy offers dislodge world names, then long as you purchase one of its host plans. GoDaddy is loved for its humble rates for hosting plans and its add security tools that scan for and remove malware and backup your web site .

Build Your Business By Registering Your Domain

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of free or paid domains, you should get started on your search for the perfect domain diagnose. Domain names can go promptly — and there ‘s a short more competition than Symbolics had in 1985 — so it is important to register the one you want before it is excessively former .
Registering a knowledge domain name is quick and easy, but it does take some time to brainstorm the justly name, select the optimum suffix, and find the right world registrar for you. As such, there ‘s no better meter than now to get started on registering your domain list .
Editor ‘s note : This post was primitively published in February 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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