How to Buy Treasury Bonds and Bills

There are several ways to buy Treasuries. For many people, TreasuryDirect is a good choice. however, retirement savers and investors who already have brokerage accounts are often better off buying bonds on the secondary coil marketplace or with exchange traded funds ( ETFs ). Treasury money commercialize accounts besides offer more appliance and liquid than TreasuryDirect .

Key Takeaways

  • TreasuryDirect allows investors to buy Treasury bonds and bills directly from the U.S. government.
  • It is not possible to open IRAs or other tax-advantaged accounts at TreasuryDirect.
  • Investors must transfer bonds from TreasuryDirect to banks or brokerages if they want to sell them before the maturity date.
  • Some of the other ways to buy treasuries include ETFs, money market accounts, and the secondary market.
  • When you buy bonds on the secondary market through a broker, you can hold them in an IRA or another tax-free retirement account. You can also do this with ETFs.


TreasuryDirect is an electronic market and on-line report system where investors can buy, hold, and redeem eligible book-entry Treasury securities. The TreasuryDirect system is run by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

individual investors with TreasuryDirect accounts can participate in Treasury debt auctions and buy debt securities including U.S. savings bonds immediately from the U.S. Treasury. Opening an report takes about 10 minutes. TreasuryDirect offers a simple and relatively cheap way to buy government debt securities.

It is not possible to open tax-advantaged retirement accounts at TreasuryDirect. Investors must have a valid Social Security count ( or taxpayer recognition count ) and a U.S. address. They besides need an electronic mail address, a web browser that supports 128-bit encoding, and a check or savings account .

How to Purchase Treasuries on TreasuryDirect

eligible securities for TreasuryDirect purchases include Treasury bills, Treasury notes, Treasury bonds, Floating Rate Notes ( FRNs ) and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities ( TIPS ). Buying is simple. once you log on, you can access the BuyDirect arrangement. You ‘ll be prompted to select the owner of the security .

many investors buy Treasuries for gifts and charitable transfers. You ‘ll besides choose the intersection type or term, reference of funds, and the come to purchase. You can schedule the purchase for whenever you like and how much you like, although dates are subject to handiness. The system will allow you to review your order before submitting it .

Securities are broadly issued to your bill within two business days of the purchase date for save bonds or within one week of the auction date for bills, notes, bonds, FRNs, and TIPS .

Transfers into TreasuryDirect are permissible and start at the extroverted fast. That is unlike the ACAT transfer process for broker-to-broker transfers, which is initiated at the receive tauten .

once T-bills have matured, their proceeds are easy to reinvest. Simply select the “ schedule repeat purchases ” option and then choose the number of repeat purchases and their frequency after you have finished entering the registration and purchase information for your transaction. Maturing notes and bonds may besides be reinvested .

Your account is subject to several restrictions. The minimal purchase measure for spare bonds is $ 25 per person. Above that, savings bonds are sold in penny increments up to $ 10,000 per year. For T-bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS, an investor may submit noncompetitive bids from $ 100 up to $ 5 million for each security type in $ 100 increments .

How to Participate in Treasury Auctions

TreasuryDirect report holders can participate in Treasury auctions held on a regular agenda throughout the year ; in 2021, there were 445 populace auctions for $ 17.79 trillion in Treasury debt securities .

The first mistreat in the auction work is the announcement of approaching auctions, generally four to five commercial enterprise days before the auction date. The announcement discloses the date of the auction, amount of a security to be auctioned, its offspring and maturity dates, terms and conditions, eligible participants, and deadlines for competitive and noncompetitive bids .

noncompetitive bids guarantee the bidder will get to buy the desire sum of the auction security at a price set by competitive bidders in the auction. noncompetitive bids are limited to $ 5 million. competitive bids specify the expect deduction rate, yield, or spread for a security system and may only be filled in separate, or not at all. Most individual investors make noncompetitive bids, while competitive bids typically come from fiscal institutions .

The second base step of the auction process is the auction itself. On the auction date, the Treasury reviews all bids received for complaisance with applicable rules. Compliant noncompetitive bids must be received by the close time stated in the auction announcement, typically 11 a.m. ET on the auction date for Treasury bills, and noon ET for other securities .

The final examination measure of the auction march is the issue of the securities. Securities are deposited to investor accounts, and payment is delivered to the Treasury .

Transferring Treasuries Through TreasuryDirect

Treasuries can be held until they mature, or sold before that time. To sell Treasuries held in TreasuryDirect, you should transfer them to an account with a bank, broker, or dealer, then ask them to sell them for you .

A Transfer Request Form must be completed on-line or on paper to transfer Treasuries out of your TreasuryDirect report. This form should indicate the chastise rout number, bank mention, and any special manage instructions for your transfer .

To redeem a savings bind electronically, click the “ Redeem ” clitoris found near the bed of the “ current Holdings ” page. You will need to specify whether it is a partial or full redemption and furnish the payment destination where you want the redemption proceeds deposited .

The redeem button will not appear on the holdings page if there are no bonds eligible for on-line redemption in your report. You can redeem paper bonds at most local fiscal institutions, such as your bank. That is the easiest and quickest means to get access to your money .

other Ways to Buy Treasuries

Some of the other ways to buy Treasuries include ETFs, money market accounts, and the secondary commercialize .

Buying Treasuries as ETFs

It is possible to buy Treasuries through ETFs at most brokerages. ETFs are bought and sold like stocks, and many qualify for commission-free trades. Investors can choose among government shackle ETFs focused on short-run Treasuries, long-run Treasuries, TIPS, and FRNs .

many Treasury ETFs have minor fees ; some of the largest funds offer expense ratios vitamin a abject as 0.15 % per annum, making them a identical low-cost investment option. Treasury ETFs can be held in IRAs and other tax-advantaged retirement accounts .

Buying Treasury Bills Through the Money market

You can besides buy Treasury bills by investing in a Treasury money commercialize reciprocal fund. such funds typically have broken fees and low yields limited by rates on the shortest-term Treasury bills .

The U.S. Treasury ‘s Office of Financial Research tracks the investments of U.S. money market reciprocal funds in the aggregate and by fiscal institution .

Buying Treasuries in the secondary marketplace

Buying Treasuries in the secondary commercialize is easier than most people think. many brokerages give their customers full access to the adhere market, but fees vary. If buy and sell Treasuries is crucial to you, many of the best brokerages offer unblock trade for Treasury bonds .

even better, you completely avoid the annual fees of ETFs and the money market. Buying standard U.S. government bonds is easier than buying most other bonds because all you need to know is the fourth dimension to maturity. TIPS can be trickier to trade .

When you buy bonds on the junior-grade market through a broker, you can hold them in an IRA or another tax-exempt retirement history. Buying on the junior-grade grocery store besides makes it easier to sell Treasury bonds at a belated date .

How Do You Buy and Sell Short Term Treasury Bills?

You can buy short-run Treasury bills on TreasuryDirect, the U.S. government ‘s portal site for buying U.S. Treasuries. short-run Treasury bills can besides be bought and sold through a bank or broke. If you do not hold your Treasuries until adulthood, the only way to sell them is through a depository financial institution or agent .

How Many Treasury Bills Can You Buy?

The maximum amount of Treasury bills that you can buy in a unmarried auction is $ 5 million if the bids are noncompetitive or 35 % of the offer come for competitive bids .

How Do You Buy T-Bills Online?

You can buy T-bills on-line immediately from the U.S. government at TreasuryDirect. alternatively, you can besides buy T-bills through a bank or agent. Bills are issued weekly through an auction bid procedure .

How Do You Buy Canadian Treasury Bills?

You can buy canadian Treasury bills from a fiscal institution or from a broke. The minimum investment for purchasing a canadian Treasury bill is CA $ 1,000.

The Bottom Line

Treasuries are a great direction to diversify your investment portfolio and reduce its risk, since U.S. Treasuries are backed by the full religion and credit of the U.S. government. Treasuries are an important part of a retirement portfolio for many savers because they are liquid, low-risk, and provide an income stream .

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