How to Buy a House Contingent on Selling Yours: 4 Paths to Success

As a homeowner, there ’ s a good luck that your future move will have you straddled with two major decisions at one meter : selling your stream home and buying a new one .
It ’ s a action that requires some think and design in the best of circumstances. But with housing inventories so low these last few years, the rival among buyers has been fierce in many markets — possibly making the summons seem tied more daunting .
If you ’ re in this situation ( or think you will be soon ), know you aren ’ thyroxine alone : 51 % of all buyers in 2021 owned their previous home, and 53 % said finding the right property was the most unmanageable mistreat of the homebuying process .
here are the four primary options available to you when it comes fourth dimension to buy a house that is contingent on selling yours.

What is a home sale contingency?

In real estate of the realm, a “ eventuality ” refers to certain circumstances that must be met before a home sale can be finalized. For case, a place might go under contract with a house inspection or finance contingency. This means that if a significant structural exit is found during the inspection, or the buyer ’ s finance falls through, they ’ ll be able to terminate the shrink without penalty .
In the case of a home plate sale contingency, the buyer will be under no obligation to follow through with the purchase of the newfangled house unless their home sells .
These contingencies are typically well for one or two months : giving buyers a set measure of time to put their current house on the marketplace and find a buyer. If their home plate fails to sell during this timeframe, the shrink can be terminated .
There are two different types of home sale contingencies :

  • A home settlement contingency is used when the buyer’s home is already under contract, the home inspection is complete and the transaction is moving toward a closing date. Because there are fewer roadblocks in this scenario, it’s typically a more attractive option for sellers.
  • A sale and settlement contingency is used when the buyer’s home isn’t yet under contract and they’re still actively marketing the property. Because there are no guarantees that the house will sell quickly (even in the current real estate climate), this clause isn’t as appealing to motivated sellers.

How does a home sale contingency work?

If you fall in love with a base anterior to selling yours, your real estate of the realm agent can add a eventuality article to the terms of the offer. This clause will protect you from moving fore with the leverage before your stream home sells, and can go one of three ways :

  1. You find a buyer for your home and your contract for the new home moves forward as planned.
  2. You don’t find a home buyer in the specified timeframe (usually 30-60 days) and the contract for buying the new home is voided. When this happens, you typically will get back any earnest money you put down on the house and will be able to start the search over again.
  3. In the event of a “kick-out clause,” another buyer makes an offer on the home that the seller is interested in accepting. According to R.C. Shea and Associates, a kick-out clause is an addendum that gives sellers the ability to keep their home on the market while you try to sell your house. If they find a new buyer, they’ll give you 72 hours (on average) to either move forward with the home purchase or drop out.

How common is a home sale contingency?

With barely over half of all buyers owning their previous residences, the process of buying a house that is contingent on selling yours is an everyday obstacle for buyers, sellers, and their agents. And yet, with entirely 5 % of contracts terminated due to contingency issues in 2021, it ’ s surely not an obstacle that is insurmountable — particularly with a small plan and an know real estate of the realm agent by your side .

4 ways to buy a house contingent on selling yours

How you move forward in the serve will depend on where you are now. Let ’ s explore the four most common scenarios indeed that you can put your plan into place .
Choose your own adventure by picking the path that best represents where you are now in the process :

Scenario A: Your home is under contract and you’re looking for your next dream home

With moving day at hand, your concentrate is double : make certain your home is packed and quick to go before the close date, and find your raw home .
If you ’ re already this far along in the procedure, you probably have a adept idea about where you want to move and what your motivations are. For many buyers over the by few years, it has been a desire for more space and to be located closer to friends and family .
As you search for your dream region, hera are a few key things to keep in mind :

  • How affordable is the area? You’ll want to work with a top real estate agent to research recent home sales in each neighborhood you’re considering to see if it’s in your budget.
  • What is the cost of taxes? Taxes can vary widely between states (and even between towns), so it’s important to factor this into your budget before deciding on a location.
  • Are you seeking an urban, suburban or rural area? 
  • What is the proximity to your workplace and/or your children’s schools?
  • Do you want access to public transportation?
  • Are you seeking a neighborhood with historic charm or is a newly-developed subdivision more your style? 

With your real estate agent ’ s avail, the answers to the above questions can help narrow down your list of potential neighborhoods that you ’ ll want to target in your search. But just because a region checks all of your boxes on paper, doesn ’ metric ton think of it ’ s the right choice for you and your family. here are a few on-line tools that can help take your research even further .
Investigate the area ’ south crime statistics, arsenic well as stats on early key factors, such as the area ’ mho amenities, cost of living, education, house and weather. When you search for a particular city, vicinity or address, you ’ ll see how it scores in each of the key metrics, american samoa well as how it compares to both surrounding communities and the nation as a hale .
If live in an area where you can walk to the vicinity chocolate shop or grocery store is crucial to you, then you ’ ll want to check out this instrument. Just type in an address, and you ’ ll see how walkable and bikeable the sphere is — a well as how close you are to schools, restaurants, shops, and other areas of concern .
Google Street View
Take a virtual drive through a neighborhood to get a spirit for the area, ampere well as the age and condition of homes, their proximity to each other and what the traffic situation might look like. Simply type in an address and drop the “ street horizon ” picture on the map to start exploring .
The timbre of schools in a community has a big shock on property values and is consequently an significant measured to consider — even if you don ’ t have children. GreatSchools pulls together school ratings and information for schools across the state and will compare schools within each state .
This web site collects and analyzes data from a wide image of government and private sources to create profiles of every city and state in the nation. type in the name of the city you ’ re matter to in learning about to get stats on the area ’ mho demographics, income, theater values, property taxes, crime levels, weather and more .
once you ’ ve identified a few neighborhoods that meet your criteria, it ’ s time to start house hunting. In a arrant world, your ambition base will go on the marketplace in one of these areas adenine soon as you start your search. If that doesn ’ triiodothyronine find, however, or the competition in that area is sol steep that houses are getting scooped up promptly, Andy Peters, one of the peak substantial estate agents in Georgia, has an irregular plan he used for buyers who needed to find a new home fast .
“ We sent out mailers to the neighborhood they wanted to live in, ” Peters said. “ It was a very simple mailer, one beeper with a picture of the node — in this casing a class of four with their pawl — and we told their history. ”
The scheme worked. A seller in that region had good met with an agent and planned to list their house in the following 30 days. They ended up selling their home to Peters ’ clients before the house always hit the market.

In the current actual estate market, selling your dwelling might have been the easy part. If you ’ ra struggling to find the arrant home for you and your family, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate despair and ( just a importantly ) wear ’ thyroxine settle. It may not be your preferable choice, but you could consider a short-run rental as you search for your new home .

Scenario B: Your home is on the market and you’re looking for your next dream home

The good news ? It ’ s a seller ’ mho market. The bad news ? It ’ s a seller ’ randomness market. indeed while you ’ re in a good position to sell your current home, you might find yourself in a street fighter stead when looking to buy another one .
The armory of available homes hasn ’ t yet bounced rear to its pre-pandemic levels, which was slashed by 37.8 % between December 2019 and December 2021. And while stock is expected to rise slightly this class, it likely won ’ t outpace the number of interest buyers entering the market .
This potent demand for caparison combined with record-low armory means that you ’ ll be in a good position to sell your current home. According to the National Association of Realtors®, in 2021, the average home only stayed on the commercialize for a workweek before going under contract at 100 % of selling price .
On the somersault slope, you ’ ll probably face stiff contest when looking for a new dwelling to buy. With sellers getting multiple offers, you ’ ll need to create an extend with attractive terms that will stand out from the masses. Having an know veridical estate agent on your side who can help with this work will be cardinal .
Navigating the buy and sell processes at the same time can be overpowering, as your stress will be split in two identical different directions. Unless luck is on your side, it ’ second besides very likely that one process will be completed before the early .
If your home goes under contract first, go back to Scenario A. 
If you find your new home first, proceed to Scenario C. 

Scenario C: You home is one the market and you’ve found your next dream home

In this scenario, you have to focus on both selling your stream dwelling while at the same meter preparing the best volunteer for your next home .
As we previously mentioned, it ’ s a seller ’ randomness grocery store, which should work in your favor and ( hopefully ) jumper cable to a quick sale. To ensure the fastest sale possible, you won ’ triiodothyronine want to put any obstacles between your home and electric potential buyers .
rather :

  • Use a top agent’s advice to price the house for the market. Ask them to show you comparable home sales in the area over the last few months for houses that are similar in size and features to yours. A comparative market analysis (CMA) will help you better understand how to price your home based on the current real estate market.
  • Make all repairs that might create buyer hesitation. The biggest things to assess are health and safety issues such as the structural condition of the house, the existence of harmful substances such as mold or asbestos and anything not up to code. Using a home inspector can be helpful with this process.
  • Don’t skimp on staging. According to the National Association of Realtors®, 82% of buyers’ agents said that staging a home made it easier for their clients to visualize themselves living there. When completed by the sellers’ agent, staging cost an average of $300 — money that may be recouped at the time of sale. In fact, 23% of buyers’ agents said that a staged home increased the selling price by 1% to 5%.
  • Use only the highest quality images for the online listing. With 97% of home buyers using the Internet to search for available properties, hiring a real estate photographer to take professional shots of your property can be a worthwhile investment. A 360-degree virtual walkthrough or video tour can help your property stand out, as well.
  • Prepare to move quickly. Through the process of staging the home, all of your personal effects should already be packed away. To make the process of moving out (and into your new home) as easy as possible, transfer all of those boxes to the basement, attic or a storage facility while your home is on the market.

now it ’ mho clock to focus on that extend for the raw house .
An inventory deficit is driving up interest and has led to bid wars for available homes. rival is inevitable, and not something you can control. What you can control is making your offer adenine attractive as possible .
here ’ s a few tips that can help :

  • Offer a higher price than your competitor. In 2021, the average home sold for 100% of the listing price. Expect multiple offers and work with your agent to provide the most attractive offer possible.
  • Let the seller stay a while longer. According to Peters, there are offer terms that can mean more than money. “Terms that would be interesting to me, would be if a buyer was willing to give the seller possession after the close,” he said. “In other words, the seller has a week or two to get out of the house, when they’re living rent free.”
  • Consider using a bridge loan. Rather than relying on the sale of your home to fund your new purchase, this short-term solution can be taken out against your current home until a buyer is found.
  • Include your current home’s list price with the offer. If you’ve priced your home appropriately (or aggressively), this shows the sellers you’re serious about selling your home.
  • Make it personal. Never underestimate the power of sentimentality, even in a business transaction, as Peters showed in Scenario A. With this in mind, include a handwritten, personal note about what makes this property a dream home for you and your family.

together, this combination of strategies for selling your current home, while making an propose on your following dwelling, will put you on the best path for achieving success .

Scenario D: Your home isn’t on the market, but you’ve found your next dream home

Simply put : get your home on the market .
According to the Realtors® Confidence Index, houses were on the market for an average of 19 days in 2021. Though that ’ s a relatively short period of meter — it ’ s a sellers ’ market after all — it ’ sulfur still cutting it very close after getting an crack accepted to make the necessary repairs and cosmetic changes to the house, list it, take showings, recapitulation offers, go under condense and close. You run the senior high school risk that your contingent offer will expire or the sellers find another buyer .
That ’ second even if a seller would take the gamble of accepting the huge hazard of a contingent offer from a buyer whose base international relations and security network ’ thymine listed yet. Peters, for one, would not .
“ If you had somebody come to the mesa and their theater international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine tied listed and they want to buy a list, I am very trigger shy to do that, ” he said. “ They have to show some motivation that they ’ re on the market and they ’ ra making a conscious campaign. ”
When you’re ready to put your home on the market, proceed to Scenario C. 

Bottom line? Rely on a top agent’s expertise to guide your journey

The march of buying or selling a home can be challenging adequate — but when trying to do both at the same time, getting it right can seem downright daunting. specially in nowadays ’ s competitive commercialize, having a top real number estate agentive role on your side will be critical to navigating the twists and turns of any home sale eventuality scenario.

Whatever path you presently find yourself on, your future step in your adventure should be to consult with a real estate agent in your area who can guide you through the action. All it takes is two minutes and we ’ ll serve match you with the best actual estate agents in your area .

Find a top agent with experience in home sale contingencies

We analyze over 27 million transactions and thousands of reviews to determine which agent is best for you based on your needs .
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