How to Buy an Open Ended Airline Ticket

once upon a time, you could buy an open-ended polish trip airline ticket, with a set deviation go steady but no set revert ; in effect, you were paying ahead of prison term to reserve a seat for whenever you decided you wanted to come back. Nowadays, most airlines do n’t offer this choice – but you can get something alike if you ‘re will to pay to fly on a flexible or refundable do.

Enter the Flexible Fare

Most airlines will happily sell you the same seat, whether it ‘s in coach class or first-class/business class, at multiple price points. Each different fare class comes with its own set of perks. Buy the cheapest seat, and you ‘ll have to pay hefty change fees for rebooking your flight. Buy the same seat at the full fare or highest monetary value point, and you might earn supernumerary frequent circular miles, be in argumentation for dislodge upgrades, skim change fees entirely, or even get your money refunded if you change your mind about traveling.

indeed while you do have to choose a return date when you record that pricey full menu ticket, you can just rebook it if your plans change. Look for key words like “ flexible, ” “ unrestricted ” or “ in full refundable ” as clues that you ‘re looking at a slate that can be well changed. Make sure to read the fine print, because each carrier ‘s terminology differs reasonably, and some of them are very beneficial at still sneaking in hidden rebooking fees or limiting the clock time period in which you can rebook your flight.


  • much, corporations that require a lot of change of location will strike a cope with airlines for discounted flexible fares. Unless you ‘re the one writing the corporate checks, this works out to a flexible, open-ended fare for you without any of the accompanying pain in your wallet .

The Gift Card Workaround

If you want to gift an open-ended ticket to person else, try this cagey workaround : Buy them a one-way fare for the outbound trip ; then give them gift cards for booking a render flight at their convenience. Some airlines sell giving cards or give certificates directly, while others will accept postpaid give cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo. obviously, this works best if they ‘ll reserve the return travel early enough to get an cheap seat ; otherwise, they might end up paying entire do prices anyhow. This besides puts the early person in control of – and makes them accountable for – any excess fees they incur on the return trip, such as checking a bag if their souvenirs would n’t fit in a carry-on.


  • here ‘s another mind if you or whoever you ‘re buying the ticket for will be booking the revert date well in improvement : If you ‘re on a mean budget and a cheap seat plus the airline ‘s change tip price importantly less than a full-fare elastic ticket, it might be worth taking the account gamble of buying a brassy seat and rebooking it late if need be .

Special Options for Students and Teachers

The last bastion of the open-ended fare structure is a multi-destination travel communicate, such as through a locomotion club like STA Travel, which caters to students and teachers. If you qualify, you could get a great consider on elastic passes to travel around the earth or internationally – but as constantly, pay close care to the restrictions in the fine print. You may be allowed only a certain numeral of menu changes, or you may need to redeem them within a set menstruation of prison term ; and if you end up in a more expensive seat than the one you originally booked, you ‘ll normally pay the dispute in price.

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