How to Buy a Business with No Money: The Complete Guide

The most popular methods to buy a business with no money of your own are SBA loan and Seller financing. There are more ways such as getting an equipment loan, depending on the type of business you are buying.

Owning your own business is one of the best ways to generate ongoing wealth. But, of course, you already know that, and it ’ s why you ’ re ready to ditch the nine-to-five doldrums and strickle out on your own. however, there ’ s one apprehension : You don ’ metric ton own a business, and you have no concern in building one from scribble. fathom companion ? Before resigning yourself to the soul-deadening rat race of working for others, consider this : Every day, motivated people like you buy existing businesses, becoming commercial enterprise owners in one fell swoop. sure, you ’ re probably saying – that sounds big. however, possibly you don ’ t have the means to buy an prove business. We all have to start somewhere, after all. So you ’ re decidedly out of luck in this case, right ? not quite. As crazy as it may sound, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily need cold, hard cash to acquire an established, income-generating business. The savviest entrepreneurs frequently figure out ways to buy a clientele no money down – and not just because they ’ ra strapped for cash. After all, why put your hard-earned money on the line for a clientele that could fail ? Buying a occupation without forking over a dime is means less bad, and it ’ south more accomplishable than you think .

Buying a Business with no Money: The Benefits

Being your own foreman is the quintessential american dream. We can all admire the scrappy kip who uses his passions to develop a business from the flat coat up. however, that path international relations and security network ’ metric ton for everyone .
possibly you ’ ra eager to own a business but don ’ t want to have to sacrifice and scrape by until it ’ s off the prime. The sooner you can get profits rolling in, the oklahoman you can capitalize on them. Why not buy an existing business rather, then ?

‣ You are getting an established business with systems in place that you can duplicate .
‣ You are going to have a firm free-base of customers when you start .
‣ Get help from a commodity owner. rather of starting a business, you haven ’ triiodothyronine run on your own, what about having guides and assistant from the guys who built and run it for years ?
‣ When you buy an existing clientele, much of the boring legal solve has been done for you .
‣ The right business already has effective brand, a tried-and-true market strategy, and a roll of products and services .
‣ You become the owner of something with tons of electric potential – particularly when you factor in all of the enthusiasm and motivation that you ’ ll bring to the table .
possibly you ’ re sold by nowadays and are fix to buy an existing commercial enterprise. There ’ second one short capture, though : You don ’ t have the means to purchase one instantaneously .
You ’ rhenium motivated, right ? so rather of working for person else until you ’ ve scrimp and saved enough money to buy a business, why not buy a business without money ? Plenty of strivers make this happen every day, and you can join their ranks with a moment of research and a draw of hustle .

How to Buy an Existing Business With No Money

No Cash ? No Worries !
A very coarse e-mail we always get is “Ryan & Codie, how can I buy a business with no money of my own?“
The answer is reasonably straightforward and sums up like this :
There are 3 steps to buying an existing business with no money:
1) Finding the business that is right for you.
2) Valuing the business properly.
3) Closing the deal with external funding sources (Zero money of your own).
As discussed a morsel at the begin, there are multiple ways of closing a deal with no money of your own. Seller finance is the most popular method acting, where the seller allows you to pay off the clientele price over time .
We know, we know – it sounds besides commodity to be true. But, if it ’ s possible to buy an existing commercial enterprise with no money of your own, then why doesn ’ triiodothyronine everyone do it ?
The answer is pretty simple, actually : Most people aren ’ metric ton motivated adequate to do things the improper way. however, there are improper methods like this for acquiring businesses without paying any cash. You can use them to make yourself your own boss – the owner of an established business with customers, revenues, and all the trappings that go with them .

Guide to Buying a Business with no Money

If you ’ re trying to buy a business without paying any cash upfront, you need to target the right one. What ’ s the “ good one, ” you ask ? Put merely ; it ’ south one that ’ s owned by a highly motivated seller .
picture this : Lydia has owned her business for 15 years and is approaching retirement historic period. She ’ sulfur had the business on the market for several months with no bites. She has a lead on a great place in Florida, but she needs to unload the business promptly to make this happen .
Lydia is a prime case of a motivated seller. She wants out from under her commercial enterprise. She wants to ride out her gold years in comfort despite the profitableness of her business. sure, she ’ five hundred love to get a cash offer ; however, given the circumstances, she ’ randomness besides probably bequeath to negotiate an placement with the right buyer .
That buyer can – and should – be you .
In addition to finding a business for sale with a motivate seller, it needs to be profitable. still, it doesn ’ t have to be going like gangbusters to be worth your while. An underachieve business is a good one to target because the owner, again, is credibly identical motivated to be rid of it. With your newly fill on the site, there ’ s no reason you can ’ thyroxine become things around ; you barely need to find a manner to acquire it without paying any cash .
This is high meter I told you how to buy a commercial enterprise with no money- get ’ s jump into this now .

Find the Perfect ‘Established’ Business to Purchase with no Money

then, how do you go about actually finding a clientele for sale with a motivate owner and early promising characteristics ? Let ’ s be honest : Most sellers want cash for their businesses. With that in thinker, you need to get a little creative to find the right option. 1. Email your people. Draft an electronic mail like this, go through your call, electronic mail, and contacts, and send it out individually to your top-tier people and in a group to those who might be able to help you find deals.

2. Leverage your Social Media. Create a post like-

Social family – I am looking to get introduced to small business owners in Phoenix, AZ who are looking to potentially explore selling. Specifically consumer or
business services. Anyone come to mind I should speak to? 
If you have 1000 people on your friend tilt, all know you are looking to buy a business. Tell everybody in your friend set that you are looking to buy a business. This is sol effective- person from your community might see person who is selling a business, and the first person that comes to their mind would be you .
3. Keep an eye on the Biz listing platforms. More than likely, you ’ ll merely have to put yourself out there and find what you need. An obvious starting point is to peruse on-line marketplaces like BizBuySell and Flippa. We have a usher with a whole tilt of marketplaces where you can find great deals, be sure to check out. Walk around these platforms for a few days, and bookmark the businesses you like .
4. Google local brokers in your area, and keep a close relationship with them. Let them know you are looking for a Biz to buy, and you want to do this without any money of your own. This is called seller finance, which we are going to talk more about below .
Brokers are always ahead of everything in this worldly concern of game bribe. They are the first to know the deals before they are exist on the marketplaces. In fact, many “ well ” businesses get sold without even being listed on-line ; this is because the brokers have their own list of agio buyers. now you know what to do- you need to be on that list .
Developing relationships with your local anesthetic brokers are so significant, particularly if you ’ re in research of off-market deals, that in our business Buying Course, I had to create a freestanding example on showing how to develop and maintain a adept connection with brokers and utilize the relation back in the best room possible .
5. Connect with a local business attorney or accountant, and ask them if they have any suggestions. such professionals have their finger on the pulse of the local business community and can point you toward sellers who may be uncoerced to work with you .
But, again, no one is going to explicitly submit that they ’ ra volition to sell to non-cash buyers, so you ’ ll have to reach out to promising options yourself and feel them out. Pro tip: Try contacting sellers whose businesses have been on the market for several months to a year.

Want to know More Effective Ways to Find a Profitable Business You can Buy with no Money of Your Own? Check out our Business buying course!

Using SBA Loan to Buying a Business with no Money of Your Own

now that you have found a clientele to buy, you need funding. fortunately, there is an organization named SBA ( U.S. Small Business Administration ), which chiefly helps people like you to purchase small businesses. The beauty about SBA is they have relaxed requirements and normally have lower down payments as compared to traditional banks. Their process is pretty aboveboard, although it takes some time ( 30-60 days ) for them to do the review process to have you the loan .
now say you got an SBA lend of 70 % of the purchase price, how do you pay the lie ? Own money ? absolutely not ! You take an equipment lend to cover the rest. In most cases, SBA + Equipment loans together leave some good money on your hand tied after paying the purchase price, which you can use to develop the business when you start .
Sounds simple ? Yes, it is, however, takes meter. And you can ’ t do everything entirely. First, you would need to be clear of the whole process, and then you would need to take assistant from an lawyer .
There are lots of resources on the internet, but it ’ south easy to get lost in the large perplex of the internet. This is why we brought everything together in one place here in our Complete Business Buying Course for you. not only will you know how to find a good clientele you can buy with other people ’ south money, but besides you will know how to analyze & structure the deal, how to negotiate the price in the best way possible, and how to spend the inaugural 90 days of your newly purchased business, and the most stimulate part, how to get yourself rid of the business, have someone operate the business for you so that you can spend time with family & doing things you love!

Seller Financing: Great way of Buying a Business with no Money

With continuity and motivation, you ’ ll be able to pinpoint a commercial enterprise for sale with a motivated seller who ’ randomness uncoerced to work with you. such sellers are much will to extend seller finance to the right buyer .
Seller finance involves buying a business with a loanword from the current owner. typically, payments come from business revenues. The seller knows the fiscal state of the business. If the business is sincerely profitable, the seller should rest easy knowing that you ’ ll generate adequate gross to repay them in due course .
Of run, seller financing is still not the beginning choice of most clientele owners. With that in thinker, you have to find ways to make your offer adenine attractive as possible. After identifying a business, you ’ d like to buy, put together an offer software. If the terms are right, the seller should be willing to play ball .
acerate leaf to say, to make the offer box angstrom enticing as possible, you should offer a brusque repayment time period. If the seller knows they will get their money within a few years, they ’ ll be more likely to work with you. Likewise, offering large repayments can be valuable to motivate a seller to sell their business to you with no cash upfront .
One big side benefit of seller finance is that it keeps the seller indirectly tied to the business for a while. You can look at this as a sign that the owner believes in the business and is convinced that, under the proper ownership, the occupation will generate adequate gross for you to repay them on clock .

Other Ways of Buying a Business with no Money of Your Own

Seller finance, or owner finance, international relations and security network ’ t the only game in township for buying an existing business without any money. For exemplify, it ’ second besides potential to buy a business using its own cash. Known as a leverage buyout, or LBO, this method involves acquiring a business using its assets and cash flow .
In a leverage buyout, you leverage the company ’ randomness assets to finance your buy of it. The one cling point – and it can be significant – is that the business must be sold for a lower price than the value of its assets .
If a leverage buyout international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine in the cards, don ’ t worry. There are still enough of ways to buy a company without money. hera are a few other ideas :
‣ Try a Pay-On-Performance Model – In this case, you and the seller establish performance benchmarks for the clientele. When these benchmarks are reached, you pay the seller an agreed-upon sum. These benchmarks can be based on things like operating income, net income, or revenues. The total paid sum is capped by a purchase price that you and the seller have outlined in the contract .
‣ Shares Only – In change for working for the business you want to buy and accepting a reduced wage, the owner gives you shares in the caller, making you a part-owner. As you grow the occupation and improve its profits, you can buy more shares until you are the chief owner .
‣ Offer Free Services – Another choice is to build sweat equity in the business you want to buy. Again, you offer to basically work for free, handing over all profits to the owner until the finance measure is paid in wax. Of course, you may not want to roll up your sleeves and work for a business, so this option may not be the most realistic one.

You can besides cobble together respective methods to buy a business without paying any cash upfront. For exemplar, you can use income-generating business assets to pay off the seller quickly. In accession, you could bring in a few extra mum partners to help you acquire the commercial enterprise and then buy them out belated. You could besides apply for a business acquisition lend or a small clientele loan. however, such options normally involve forking over at least some money upfront .

Tap into a Network of Strivers who always Buy Businesses with no Money

As you can see, the honest-to-god proverb “ you have to spend money to make money ” international relations and security network ’ t always true – and it surely doesn ’ t have to be when buying a commercial enterprise .
You ’ ve got to believe me when I say it ’ south possible – we ’ re doing it, people in Our Mastermind doing it, and you can do it excessively .

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