5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Without a Bank Account (2022 Updated)

How to Buy Bitcoin without a Bank Account

We may receive advertise recompense when you click sealed products. Before jumping into this page, an authoritative disclosure. Although it may seem hard to buy bitcoin without a bank account, services that allow the unbanked to buy bitcoin often deliver your coins faster. You besides maintain more of your privacy when you use services that do n’t require a depository financial institution account There are two good ways to buy bitcoin without a bank account : with recognition poster, or with cash.

We ‘ll show you exchanges that exercise for both methods.

Credit Card: Option #1 to Buy Bitcoin without a Bank Account

Credit poster is one way to buy bitcoins without a bank account. The main benefit is that the delivery of coins is fast. The exchanges in the postpone below allow you to buy bitcoin with credit menu.

  • popular Exchanges
  • bits of gold logo Bits of gold BUY NOW at BoG ‘s Secure Site Fees 3.31 % – 5.95 % Account Minimum none promotion referral Program
    • Crypto exchange based in Tel Aviv
    • Buy with card, cash or bank transfer
    • Supports Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • SwyftX exchange logo SwyftX BUY NOW at SwyftX ‘s Secure Site Fees 0.6 % Account Minimum $ 30 promotion none
    • Crypto exchange based in Australia
    • Supports credit card buying
    • Easy to use interface
  • Luno exchange logo Luno BUY NOW at Luno ‘s Secure Site Fees Varies Account Minimum none promotion none
    • Best for Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia
    • East to use interface
    • Trusted exchange
  • eToro exchange logo eToro BUY NOW at eToro ‘s Secure Site Fees Varies by crypto/spread Account Minimum $ 50 promotion none
    • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum & 15 other coins
    • Start trading fast; high limits
    • Clean & easy trading interface
    • Does not support credit card buys for US users.

    Cryptoasset investing is unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Your capital is at hazard.

  • coinbase logo Coinbase BUY NOW at Coinbase ‘s Secure Site Fees 0 % – 0.50 % Account Minimum none promotion Earn $ 5
    • High liquidity and buying limits
    • Easy way for newcomers to get bitcoins
    • “Instant Buy” option available with debit card
  • coinsmart exchange logo CoinSmart BUY NOW at CoinSmart ‘s Secure Site Fees 0 % – 6 % Account Minimum none promotion Earn $ 50
    • Crypto exchange based in Canada
    • Very high buy and sell limits
    • Supports bank account, Interac, credit/debit

Cash: Option #2 to Buy Bitcoin without a Bank Account

Cash is the second option. Below you can find exchanges that allow you to buy with cash.

LocalBitcoinsLocalBitcoins LocalBitcoins

local Bitcoins provides escrow and offers a number of payment methods for buying bitcoin with no bank bill. Cash sediment, Western Union, face-to-face cash craft, Amazon giving card are all offered on crown of many other requital methods. local Bitcoins provides escrow, but be sure to buy from sellers with previous trade history and positive feedback. Pros

  • Can be private, fast and easy
  • In-person trades require no personal information
  • Purchases of bitcoin can be made quickly via cash deposit


  • Beware of scams; always follow the rules!
  • Harder to buy large amounts of bitcoins compared to large exchanges
  • Slightly to significantly higher prices than regular exchanges; premium for higher privacy

ease icon still of Use Hardprivacy icon privacy highspeed icon speed fastfees icon Fees lowreputation icon reputation Trustedlimits icon Limits modal

LibertyXLibertyX LibertyX

LibertyX lets you buy bitcoin with cash at a count of retail stores across the United States. You ‘ll have to verify your identity before buy, making LibertyX less private than some of the other options. You can buy up to $ 1000 worth of bitcoin. You ‘ll be charged a 1 % tip on all purchases, but if you sign up with Facebook you can buy your first $ 1000 fee dislodge. Your bitcoin should arrive a few minutes after your requital is made. Pros

  • Easy and fast way to buy bitcoins with cash
  • Low 1.5% (plus store fee) rate for cash purchase method
  • Daily $1000 limit is fairly high for a convenience service


  • Participating stores add their own variable fee
  • Some verification is required which lowers the expected privacy level of cash purchase
  • Attaching your Facebook account further degrades privacy

ease icon comfort of Use averageprivacy icon privacy averagespeed icon travel rapidly modalfees icon Fees averagereputation icon repute Trustedlimits icon Limits average

Bitcoin ATMsBitcoin ATMs

Coin ATM Radar helps you find Bitcoin ATMs in your area, where you can buy bitcoins with cash and no bank account. Pros

  • Our map makes it super easy to find a Bitcoin ATM near you


  • Bitcoin ATMs often have 5-10% fees per purchase

On top of the options listed above, it ‘s constantly possible to buy bitcoin at your local anesthetic meetup or from a local Bitcoin ATM. Use Coin ATM Radar to find a Bitcoin ATM in your area. The availability of the services listed above may vary by location.

source : https://www.peterswar.net
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