Step By Step Guide: How To Buy Tickets At The Airport

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How To Buy Tickets At The Airport

Step By Step Guide: How To Buy Tickets At The Airport

I drove 30 minutes to the airport, hang around for 30 minutes, and then drove 30 minutes home. Why would I do that ? Who wants to go to the airport when they actually don ’ t have to ? Well that 90 minutes saved me $ 160 on my plane tickets so that is why I did it .
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Save Money By Purchasing Tickets At The Airport

I have talked about this in the past, how Spirit charges $ 20 each way to reserve tickets online. It is a built in tip that most don ’ triiodothyronine recognize is there. And it is not precisely Spirit Airlines but pretty much all the moo cost carriers do it like Allegiant, Frontier etc. I wanted to go into a fiddling more detail and break down my savings and how to do it adenine painless as possible.

My Figures

I found some roundtrip flights on Spirit to Orlando for the four of us for $ 607 all in. I could have booked these with Citi ThankYou points for around 49,000 ThankYou points. But if I drove to the airport to book the tickets I would save $ 160 ( $ 20 each way per person for 4 people ). That reduced the price to $ 447. That efficaciously dropped the value of the ThankYou points to under one cent a piece, not a good redemption .
It isn ’ thymine that simple though since I had to drive there and park. I parked in light condition park and since I timed it right it only cost me $ 4 to park. The roundtrip drive was 50 miles in total which at 50 cents per mile cost me $ 25. So the savings were more like $ 130. Would I spend 90 minutes to save $ 130 again ? Heck yea I would ! It is kind of like earning $ 86 an hour. But I did some things that insured my time investment would be minimal .

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How To Buy Tickets At The Airport

Guide: How To Buy Tickets At The Airport

I did a few different things to make certain the serve was ampere smooth as potential :

1. Search Your Flights Before Going

First things first base, get all of the information you need before going. The airports, the flight times, the monetary value etc. Write it all down. I witnessed other people trying to buy tickets and the agentive role was reciting all of the different flights and prices for the day. This wastes their time and your clock time. Know what you want before you go .

2. Write Down Every Traveler’s Information 

The second thing you want to do is write down everyone ’ south name and birth date. The agent will be inputting this information by hand and by writing it down they will make less mistakes, ask you less questions, and you will save a long ton of time. The agent was so excite when I pulled out my paper with everything he needed. If you have bad hand writing them type it up .

3. Know When To Go

This might be the most authoritative tip off. You want to time this right. You want to pick a prison term or day when dealings is light and when where there is a gap in flights. Before heading down I checked Spirit ’ mho traffic for the day. I use flightview and they let you narrow it down to each individual airline. Spirit had a trajectory going out at 2PM that day and then a gap public treasury 4PM. Everyone for that 2PM fledge would be through the lines by 1:30PM and most of the people for the 4PM flight would not show up public treasury 2:30PM or belated. So 1:30-2:30 was the perfect window to get to the airport. traffic is besides light that meter of day. besides be sure there are inactive flights happening for the day because if there are not there will be no one at the buffet. Don ’ t just drive to the airport hoping it will work out .

4. Proper Parking 

Most people have probably never used shortstop term parking. The determine up at DTW is the like as long terminus parking in the parking structure next to the terminal. You enter in the lapp stead but you veer to the right when going to get your ticket. The short term area is right field by the elevators for easy access and charges by the hour versus by the sidereal day. sol be sure you use the correctly draw to save yourself some money. If I went into long term parking I would have paid $ 14 for the day versus $ 4 for half an hour .


I hope this will help you save some money and prison term the adjacent time you decide to fly a low monetary value carrier. If you live within an hour of the airport and multiple people are flying this will normally make sense .
You can besides production line it up with other times you are flying so you don ’ t need to make a limited trip to the airport. My next escape wasn ’ triiodothyronine for two weeks and this was the lowest I had seen the flights so I didn ’ thymine want to risk waiting. If you have weekends off Saturday or Sunday is a good day for traffic purposes on the road and at the airport. I ended up getting our roundtrip flights for around $ 120 a person when taking all costs into report. I will take that any day !
Does anyone else do this regularly ? Share your tips in the comments .

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