Schwab Stock Slices™ – Give the Gift of Ownership

What is Schwab Stock Slices ?
Schwab Stock Slices is an slowly room to buy fractional shares ( or wholly shares ) for a set dollar sum. You have the option to buy slices of banal in up to 30 clear U.S. companies in a single transaction. The shares you purchase through Schwab Stock Slices can be held and sold independently .
What ‘s a fractional share ?
A fractional contribution ( stock slice ) is when you own less than one unharmed share of a company. fractional shares allow you to invest in stocks based on a dollar sum, so you may end up with a fraction of a contribution, a whole share, or more than one plowshare.

What ’ s a custodial history ?
great question. A custodial account is an explanation that ’ second set up and managed by an pornographic on behalf of a young person who ’ s legally a minor. A minor is typically person who ’ s younger than 18 or 21, depending on the state. While the adult custodian controls the account, the assets in the account are the place of the minor. Once the minor reaches the “ age of majority ” ( legal adult age in their state of matter ), they will take control of the assets in the account. Learn more about the potential benefits and limitations of a custodial history .
How can I learn more about opening a custodial explanation ?
You can open and fund a custodial account on-line. In addition to information about yourself, you ‘ll need the minor ‘s contact details, parentage go steady, and Social Security total. Note that trade in the report can alone occur once the custodial report is open and fund. Learn more and open a custodial report .
Which shares are available for purchase through Schwab Stock Slices ?
You can invest in fractional shares in any caller in S & P 500 index, which covers the 500 leadership large-capitalization U.S. publicly traded companies, through Schwab Stock Slices. The S & P 500 is frequently used as a benchmark or indicator of how large-capitalization U.S. equities are performing. See a list of companies in the S & P 500 Index .
Is there a minimum or limit on how much I can invest through Schwab Stock Slices ?
Yes, the minimum for a single transaction is $ 5, and the utmost is $ 50,000 .
Is there a specify on the number of fractional shares I can buy through Schwab Stock Slices ?

No. You can use Schwab Stock Slices to invest adenine often as you want .
What happens after I purchase stocks through Schwab Stock Slices ?
The fractional share ( randomness ) will be in your brokerage account .
Do I need a Schwab report ?
Yes, to place a Schwab Stock Slices order, you will need to have an eligible Schwab brokerage house account ( for example, custodial, person, joint account, etc. ) .
Are there any fees ?
There are no commissions when you place a deal on-line through Schwab Stock Slices .
How can I let my love one know about the stock in their custodial account ?

If you use Schwab Stock Slices to buy shares through a custodial report, you can print and personalize an announcement of your purchase. See an example of an announcement .
What happens to my fractional shares if there is as breed split ?
multiply your current fractions by the whole count shares of the stock rent to see what your future hale or fractional plowshare holdings will be upon completion of the stock cleave. For model, if you owned .15 of a partake and the company announced a split of three extra shares, you could anticipate holding .45 ( .15 * 3 ) of a share when the stock separate is accomplished. If you held .43 shares of the like company, at the completion of the stock split you ‘d have 1.72 shares. This equates to a unharmed parcel and a fractional share because the split would award you an extra 1.29 shares ( .43 x 3 ) shares .
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