Plenty Stock and IPO: Can You Invest in This Vertical Farming Company?

Plenty Stock and IPO: Can You Invest in This Vertical Farming Company?

vertical farm is silent in its early stages, but Plenty is quickly emerging as one of the frontrunners. Read more to learn about your options for investing in Plenty stock or alike companies .
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What is Plenty?

vertical farm uses climate-controlled environments in large warehouses to grow produce. Because greens and vegetables are grown in vertical stacks, they use a fraction of the nation typically needed in outdoor farms .
Co-founded in 2014 by Nate Storey and Matt Barnard, Plenty is one such vertical grow company that brings fresh, pesticide-free produce to consumers. It offers several leafy greens and herbs, including lettuce, kale, and spring mixes.

vertical farm besides comes with many environmental advantages. Plenty ’ s produce contains no pesticides or GMOs. Because water is recycled and filtered, Plenty can grow its crops with merely about 5 % of the water typically used on outdoor farms .
The company claims that it can increase the yield of its crops to more than 350 times that of traditional agrarian. Plenty is besides capable of growing crops 365 days a year and avoids the risks of extreme weather conditions. It doesn ’ t topic if the weather is excessively cold, besides hot, besides showery, or excessively dry. Besides, produce can be grown adjacent to urban centers where the consumers are located. There is no need to put leafy greens into trucks and transport them for hundreds of miles while they wilt .

Where are Plenty farms located?

plenty is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and employs roughly 400 people. The first gear Plenty grow, pictured above, opened in San Francisco in 2018. There is besides a second farm and plant skill inquiry facility in Laramie, WY. The launch of the third, 95,000-square-foot facility in Compton, California, was scheduled for 2020 but delayed by the COVID pandemic. This adeptness expects to deliver its first crops in early 2022 .
The company ’ second warehouses are located near the California markets Plenty serves. Whereas traditional farming might require transporting produce over long distances, Plenty can harvest, box, and deliver its crops in vitamin a fiddling as a day. That improves the freshness of the intersection and reduces costly spoilage .

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Is Plenty different from other vertical farming startups?

  • Plenty has a special relationship with Walmart, but its produce can also be found in Whole Foods and Albertsons
  • Plenty relies on AI and robots to grow its crops
  • Farms are powered using clean energy

While most vertical farms offer environmental benefits ( less land, less water, no pesticides ), Plenty has a few singular advantages .
The first is its distribution. As share of Walmart ’ second investment in Plenty, the supermarket giant will put Plenty ’ mho produce in its stores. The current plan is for the company to supply its leafy greens to Walmart stores later this year .
once the Compton location is amply operational, it will finally be the supplier to all Walmart locations in California. As enough builds more farms – it plans on having 500 farms worldwide longer-term – it will supply more Walmart stores .
Walmart international relations and security network ’ t the merely chain where Plenty will show up. In 2020, it established an agreement to place its vegetables in blue-ribbon Whole Foods locations. In 2021, it expanded its kinship with Albertsons, including Safeway, to be a supplier to 430 locations throughout northern California. Plenty besides has a deal in topographic point with strawberry giant Driscoll ’ randomness to grow its fruit on Plenty ’ second farms .
enough is besides at the vanguard of technical invention. The company uses artificial intelligence ( AI ) and robots to grow and harvest its crops. Robots plant seedlings. AI monitors the amount of light and urine the plants are getting. Plenty ’ randomness goal is to automate as a lot of the serve as potential. Besides, Plenty ’ mho facilities are powered by environmentally friendly wind and solar energy.

Will Plenty go public?

At the here and now, Plenty is privately owned and its stock doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trade on a public exchange. It besides happens to be one of the most well-funded vertical agrarian companies. At this time, the company has not disclosed plans to go populace .
enough has raised several rounds of venture capital, including the latest series E round in 2022. In total, the inauguration raised closely $ 1 billion. Its high-profile investors include Walmart, Bezos Expeditions ( which manages Jeff Bezos ’ s personal investments ), and Softbank ’ s Vision Fund .

Make an impact with your money

Can you buy Plenty stock?

Plenty stock is not publicly traded, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean there is no way to invest. Plenty and other privately owned startups may be sporadically available on pre-IPO platforms such as Forge, which cater to high final worth, accredited investors .
Who is an accredit investor ? There are several ways of stipulate, but broadly address, you need to earn at least $ 200,000 a year for two years and expect the lapp this year, or your net worth – excluding your primary coil residence – must exceed $ 1 million .
Investing in private companies comes with add risk. private companies don ’ t have to disclose fiscal information like publicly traded companies. Their stock is illiquid. Your investment could be tied up for multiple years without the ability to sell it. And the employees or early investors who are selling you stock may know more about the company than you do. Minimum investing amounts can besides be offputting, such as a $ 100,000 minimum through Forge .

Plenty stock alternatives

first, department of agriculture investing platforms like Harvest Returns let you invest in individual indoor farms starting with $ 5,000 .
second, you may want to invest in publicly traded vertical agribusiness companies. flush though Plenty international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate publicly traded so far, there are vertical farming companies out there that are .
For exercise, AppHarvest (APPH) is a Kentucky-based vertical grow company focused on strawberries and leafy greens. It has three farms up and running, announced plans for a one-fourth and fifth, and wants to operate 12 farms by the end of 2025 .
Another alternative is Orlando, Florida-based Kalera (KSLLF). The company operates upright farms that grow a full spectrum of leafy greens. The company is already serving over 1,200 stores in the United States .
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