How To Buy Pre-IPO Stock

It ’ mho fairly easy to buy shares in a company when the broth is traded publicly. But what about pre-IPO stock from companies that haven ’ triiodothyronine gone public ? Although not angstrom democratic as buying stock on Nasdaq or Dow Jones, it ’ south frequently potential to buy pre-IPO stock when you know how to take the right approach .

What Is Pre-IPO Stock?

Pre-IPO stock includes stock in any company that has not held an initial public offering (IPO). Privately held companies have several reasons for avoiding the public stock market. For one thing, it takes a lot of paperwork to go public. Companies have to divulge a wealth of information about their expenses, revenues, market spend, and other financials. additionally, owners might want to keep the company private so they do not have to answer to new shareholders. By remaining private, they can make more freelancer decisions without concerns that, for example, bodied raiders will oust executive management or short sellers will drive the ship’s company ’ mho plowshare price lower.

Companies that haven’t gone public can still have stock. Amazon (AMZN) popularly paid many of its early employees with shares to make up for lower salaries. The employees accepted stock options because they believed in the company ’ south vision and thought that their shares would become extremely valuable one day. They were right. Shares of Amazon typically trade for more than $ 3,000. Investors can besides receive pre-IPO stock in a company. The measure of stock they own influences how much restraint they have over the company ’ s focus. Exceptions to this dominion exist. For example, Alphabet (GOOG) founders broke their shares up into two classes. The mind was that the share class held by founders had importantly more vote rights, so they would never lose control of their company ’ sulfur strategy and vision. The investors besides hope that the company will finally go public, at which target they have a clearer theme of how much their shares are deserving. Owning adequate shares in a successful company could generate millions of dollars a soon as the IPO happens .

Is It Smart To Invest Pre-IPO?

Like all investments, you never know what will happen when you invest in pre-IPO lineage. When done strategically, though, it can add significantly earning potential to your investment portfolio. The big risk in buying pre-IPO shares is that you might have limited information regarding the company’s financials, activities, strategy, vision, business model and risk factors. Without enough information, it ’ south difficult to make a bright decision. If the company goes public and a fortune of people want to buy shares, you can expect your shares to increase in value promptly. If the IPO flops and the initial shares sell below the IPO price, you risk losing money. At that compass point, you will need to decide whether you want to sell or hold your shares. If your original investment thesis fails to play out as you expect, and shares fall, it ’ second possible you don ’ t have information that other “ ache money ” investors have. Keep in mind that buying pre-IPO shares will, more often than not, require a substantial investment. Companies don ’ metric ton want to sell you a few shares. You will need to meet fiscal qualifications that show you can withstand a likely failure. few successful startups care whether they can attract a few thousand dollars from you. They want hundreds of thousands or even millions from investors will to take big bets on them .

Is It Safe To Buy Pre-IPO Stock?

It ’ south difficult to say whether it ’ s safe to buy pre-IPO sprout. vitamin a long as you know the risks and can bounce rear from ( potentially ) losing a big collocate of your investing, buying pre-IPO sprout is closely adenine safe as buying publicly traded stock. There are dangers associated with stocks that are newly public, such as insider lock-ups, however. After fixed time periods, insiders can sell shares which can act as a drag on share price. You can make investing much safe by learning a a lot as possible about the individual company before you choose to buy any shares. Depending on how much money you have to invest, you might even get to sit down with the CEO or other executives to talk about the company’s past and its plans for the future. You can besides ask to see documents showing how the company makes and spends its money. If you choose to buy pre-IPO broth, you ’ re basically entering a abridge with the company. It ’ s chic to have an know lawyer review the terms to help you decide whether there ’ s a “ satan in the details ” that you missed in your own examination. If it seems besides bad, look for other opportunities .

How Do Companies Sell Pre-IPO Stock?

There are three popular ways that companies sell pre-IPO standard. Stock options are used to compensate employees. In this case, the employees “buy” shares with their labor. They might be able to sell their pre-IPO shares on private platforms, but that depends on whether their employer forbids this. The company can add numerous restrictions that tell owners how they can use their stock options. Venture capital firms and angel investors can also buy pre-IPO stock. You ’ re going to need a identical large measure of capital to make this move, though. If you can ’ thymine commit more than $ 100,000, it probably isn ’ triiodothyronine an option for you. then again, you could indirectly invest in a pre-IPO company by purchasing shares in one of the ship’s company ’ second guess capital firms. It ’ second indirect, but it can work. last, you can potentially take advantage of pre-IPO placements. With pre-IPO placements, the company offers some investors the opportunity to purchase shares immediately before going public. You can expect to buy the pre-IPO shares at a discount. Whether it pays off depends on how the commercialize responds to the IPO. sometimes prices rocket after an IPO. sometimes prices fall to closely $ 0 after an IPO. For model, Facebook ’ s IPO famously led to lost stockholder value within the first few months as a publicly traded ship’s company, but soon bounced back and never revisited those master prices .

Platforms To Buy Pre-IPO Stock

If you want to buy pre-IPO stock without spending a lot of money as an saint investor or venture capital firm, you should turn to platforms that let stream owners sell their shares online. Three of the most democratic platform for buying pre-IPO stock are :

  • AngelList,
  • EquityZen, and
  • ForgeGlobal.

AngelList Venture

AngelList Venture lets individuals and groups invest in venture capitalist firms. In most cases, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate buy pre-IPO sprout directly. rather, you put your money into the venture capital firms that support inauguration businesses. The platform helps you find speculation capitalist firms that match your budget and investing goals. Most companies set minimum investments ( normally at least $ 10,000 per quarter, or $ 40,000 per year ). AngelList ’ s Managed Funds feature puts your money in the hands of an investment professional. This might appeal to you because the managers ensure that they diversify your investments. That way, you increase the odds that you will generate returns while you protect yourself from losses .


EquityZen provides a market where pre-IPO stockholders can sell their shares to interest buyers. You will find a wide image of options on the marketplace, including popular companies like ByteDance ( the owner of TikTok ) and SpaceX.

You can besides use EquityZen ’ s managed funds to diversify your investments in pre-IPO companies .


ForgeGlobal takes a exchangeable approach as EquityZen in that it provides a marketplace for sell and buying pre-IPO shares. Individual plowshare owners can put their stocks in the market. besides, companies can sell their pre-IPO shares directly to concerned investors. ForgeGlobal has solutions for institutional and individual investors .

How To Buy Pre-IPO Stock Directly

Depending on how much money you have to invest, you could potentially buy pre-IPO stock immediately from private companies. To do this, you will need to play the role of a venture capitalist or saint investor. The question remains : How do you find a company seeking investors ? respective avenues could lead you to a successful occupation that hasn ’ metric ton gone public .

Talk to Financial Institutions

Let fiscal institutions know that you ’ rhenium concern in investing in private companies. They might have clients looking for investors. Once the fiscal mental hospital makes the connection, you can talk to the owners and stream investors about your options .

Attend Startup Competitions

Startups frequently seek investors by presenting their products and services at competitions. Consider events like Startup World Cup, Collision, and U.Pitch. These and dozens of other events function like big versions of Shark Tank. Presenters pitch their concepts. Audience members decide whether they want to invest. Don ’ thymine expect to invest in a pre-IPO ship’s company during inauguration conventions. rather, use them as opportunities to learn about companies you find matter to. You can approach the owners during an event and schedule a suffer at a late date. That way, you can think about your options and do some research before committing your money .

Contact Companies You See in the News

Have you recently seen a news article or segment about a individual party that you think has likely ? Why not send them an electronic mail expressing your interest in becoming an investor ? This is typically a way to connect with smaller companies. A large individual company like ByteDance international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine going to respond to email solicitations. A small startup looking for investment capital, however, might want to talk to you about working together. In tax return for your investment, you can negotiate a certain count of shares in the business .

Is Secfi Safe?

Secfi has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years by releasing reports about how much money employees can lose when they do not know what to do with their stock options. The average employee who owns pre-IPO shares rarely knows how much those shares are worth. That makes it possible for understanding buyers to purchase shares for a lot less than their real values. Secfi wants to help people understand what they own so they can get a fair price for their malcolm stock options. Secfi doesn’t typically work with individual investors. Instead, it focuses on employees, startups, and institutional investors. Is Secfi safe ? Plenty of people say that using Secfi has helped them get more money for their shares. The company seems to believe in its deputation. With that said, all parties will want to use caution. There is always a risk that Secfi could get valuations improper. If that happens, you could actually end up making less than you would selling shares on a marketplace web site or holding on to your shares until the company goes public. As with anything involving shares and investing, there is some risk to using Secfi. That ’ second true of every breed buy and sell option, though, specially when dealing with pre-IPO stock .

Is Nasdaq Private Market Worth It?

Nasdaq Private Market is the private side of Nasdaq. Its software arranges share buybacks, tender offers, and similar funds. In addition to individual ship’s company sprout, it can help you invest in auction-rate securities, limited partnerships, bankruptcy claims, wholly loans, and other products. The service has been operating since 2004 ( at the fourth dimension, it was known as Restricted Stock Partners, Inc ). Whether Nasdaq Private Market is worth it for you as an investor depends on what you choose to buy .

  • Do you do a lot of research before deciding to invest in a startup?
  • Do you know how to diversify your investments to protect against major losses?

If you ’ re an know investor bequeath to put in the work, Nasdaq Private Market could work for you good angstrom well as any secondary marketplace. It all depends on how you use it .

How To Invest In Pre-IPO Stocks Indirectly?

Investing immediately in pre-IPO stocks frequently requires a set of money. If you don ’ t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, you can try investing indirectly in pre-IPO stocks. How ? normally, you would buy store in the parent company. For example, you can’t buy stock in WhatsApp, but you can buy shares of Meta Platforms (previously called Facebook). It ’ randomness normally easy to find which corporation owns a company. Just search the internet. If the parent company is publicly traded, you will find that information in a second. You can besides invest in capital investment firms with interests in a company you like. This set about will likely take a draw more time and research. Start by learning which capital investment firms are populace. then, you can review their financials to see where they put their money. If you find a caller you like, you can invest in it indirectly by buying shares of its investor .

How To Be An Angel Investor

Before you start contacting companies about becoming an saint investor, you should make sure you meet the right qualifications. The SEC has rules to protect people without enough money from becoming angel investors. It’s a risky move, after all, so the qualifications make sense.

To become an angel investor, you must earn at least $ 200,000 per year for two consecutive years ( if you ’ rhenium married, that amount goes up to $ 300,000 ). alternatively, you can prove that your family has at least $ 1 million in assets you can invest. That doesn ’ t necessarily mean you need $ 1 million in cash. The assets could be real estate, minerals, store, etc. Joining an investor network is one of the most effective ways to become an angel investor. That way, you can work with other people to get information about upcoming opportunities. You don ’ t have to do all of the legwork on your own, although you will want to double-check what you hear before you invest. Buying pre-IPO sprout is more difficult than buying stock in a public company. It international relations and security network ’ thymine impossible, though. And it could boost your ROI importantly .

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