How to request IPO shares

IPO Access lets you request shares at the IPO price before a breed is available to the general populace. once you have entree, you can submit a request or “ conditional offer to buy ” ( COB ) for IPO shares from choice companies from within the app. Visit our Help Center to learn how to get IPO Access.

How do I request IPO shares?

once you have access to IPO Access, you can request IPO shares by following these steps :

  1. Find an IPO that interests you
  2. Tap the I’m interested button
  3. Review the checklist and confirm your eligibility
  4. Read the company’s prospectus to learn more, including potential risks
  5. Tap the Request shares button
  6. Enter the details of your request
  7. Tap the Review button
  8. Swipe up to submit your request for shares

note : You can lone request shares after the insurance company sets the initial price crop.

How is a COB different from a standard trade made on Robinhood?

A conditional offer to buy ( COB ) is alike to a “ bribe order, ” except the COB remains pending and does not become an active order until the IPO is priced and set for the initial public offer. You can edit or cancel your COB until the end of the confirmation window, after concluding price. When you submit a request for shares with IPO Access, you ’ ll be creating a COB. then you can indicate the number of shares you hope to purchase. But keep in thinker that a COB barely means your orderliness is eligible for an allocation of shares and doesn’t guarantee you will receive an allocation. Two things must happen before your black-backed gull can turn into an opportunity to purchase shares :

  1. The SEC must declare the company’s registration statement effective
  2. The final offering price must be within the price range at the time you submitted your COB

If you enter a COB and you ’ ra allocated shares, your COB becomes an holy order and you ’ ll leverage those shares.

What is a confirmation window for an IPO and why is it important?

We display this date and time for you on the IPO contribution ’ s malcolm stock detail page in the app. You ’ re able to enter, edit, or cancel your request for IPO shares improving until this time ; however, once this time has passed, the request is locked until allocation is complete ( which is typically mid-morning on the list date for the IPO ). It ’ s significant to note, if the IPOing company ’ s final price is above or below 20 % of the anticipate price range, you must reconfirm your conditional offer to buy shares within the confirmation window. If no military action is taken, your request will be canceled. Don ’ triiodothyronine worry, we ’ ll mail you notifications when this happens so you ’ ll have a find to reconfirm your request at the raw price. note : if the final price is within 20 % of the price crop, you don ’ t need to worry about confirming your request ; however, you will only be given until the end of the confirmation window to cancel before the offer is locked and ineffective to be adjusted.

How many shares can I get?

We work with the insurance broker to receive a limited phone number of shares. We use the phone number of shares we receive, customer requirement, and other factors to determine how many shares you ‘ll get. You may get the wax total of shares you requested, a partial derivative measure, or none at all.

What if I don’t get all the shares I request?

If you don ’ thyroxine get any shares, or only a part of the total you requested, any extra funds that were on oblige in anticipation of buying the IPO shares will be returned to your buying power. Learn more about why you might not get all the IPO shares you request in our Help Center.


IPOs can be bad and bad investments, and may not be allow for every investor. Learn more .

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