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FinMasters content is free. When you purchase through referral links on our locate, we earn a committee. Advertiser disclosure Samsung is a family name all over the earth. The company ’ sulfur smartphones dominate ball-shaped Android earphone sales and Samsung is a leading rival in many other markets. Global technology giants are frequently great investments, and Samsung ’ s leading position has many investors wondering how to buy Samsung stock .
Samsung is a south korean caller that does not trade on a major US switch over. That makes investing a little complicate, but it ’ s inactive possible. Let ’ s take a closer count at the company and at a few ways to invest in Samsung shares .

What is Samsung?

The Samsung Group is a south korean company. It is what the Koreans call a chaebol, or diversified industrial pudding stone. The Samsung Group has multiple subsidiaries in many different lines of business.

Samsung logo
Samsung Electronics is the largest and best-known subordinate of the Samsung Group. Samsung Electronics manufactures mobile phones, memory chips, LED and LCD panels, laptops, appliances, and much more, and accounts for around 70 % of Samsung Group gross.

other Samsung Group subsidiaries include the world ’ sulfur second-largest shipwright, along with companies engaged in construction, insurance, health caution, and many others.

Samsung is the largest company in South Korea by a wide margin. Its products comprise approximately 20 % of the country ’ s exports, and its revenues account for 17 % of the country ’ s GDP .
Samsung subsidiaries trade as autonomous companies. When we talk about how to buy Samsung stock we ’ rhenium discussing shares in Samsung Electronics Inc .

Why Investors Want to Buy Samsung Stock 

Samsung is one of the world ’ second largest and most dominant technology companies. That attracts investor attention. Let ’ s expression at some of the reasons investors are considering Samsung shares .

  • Forbes magazine ranked Samsung at #8 on its list of the world’s most powerful brands in 2020.
  • Samsung Electronics is the 19th largest company in the world by revenues, according to Fortune’s Global 500 list.
  • Samsung Electronics is ranked as the world’s #2 electronics manufacturer by revenue, behind only Apple.
  • The Company is the world’s leading maker of Android smartphones, with 36.4% of the market. The next contender is China’s Xiaomi with 11.6% 
  • Samsung was the global leader in 2020 smartphone sales, with 18.8% of the market. Apple was second with 14.8%.
  • Samsung is the world’s second-largest semiconductor manufacturer, behind only Intel.
  • Samsung is a leading player in 5g connectivity and was the first company to have its 5G equipment approved by the US FCC.

These benchmarks reflect Samsung ’ sulfur military position as a global technology drawing card .

Strength in Diversification

Samsung ’ s ball-shaped reach and across-the-board product pipeline are illustrated in these charts .
Samsung Electronics Revenue by Segment ( 2016-2020 )
Samsung Electronics Regional Portion of Revenue ( 2016-2020 )
That diversity insulates the company against events that could affect one grocery store or product trace .
While the diversification of the company is noteworthy, many of its segments barter independently. Most investors would purchase shares in Samsung Electronics, itself a highly diversify firm within the electronics recess .

Financial Strength

Samsung has been a dominant allele company for many years and does not show especial growth rates. however, the company is systematically profitable and has shown resilience even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
Samsung ’ s consistent profitableness has been matched by a systematically high profit margin. Samsung ’ south Gross Profit Margin is typically within a band between 35 % and 48 % .
Samsung has a limit margin for growth due to its already prevailing position : the company needs market increase to sustain gross growth. Samsung compensates for this lack by offering a dividend of 1,416 korean Won per parcel, a render of 1.74 % .

A Potential Opportunity

Samsung stock has slumped well from its January 2021 acme .

The spend in the breed price reflects weak market conditions, but it ’ mho besides driven by alone conditions within the company .
Lee Kun-Hee, who was Chairman of the Samsung Group from 1987 to 20098 and 2010 to 2020, died in October 2020. His relatives inherited 4.18 % of Samsung Electronics, 20.76 % of Samsung Life Insurance, and smaller percentages of early units. South Korea imposes significant taxes on inheritance and the taxes on the inherit shares are estimated at close to 11 trillion Korean won, or close to $ 8.6 billion .
In ordain to cover this enormous tax placard, the recipients of this inheritance have been selling huge numbers of shares, pushing the share price down in a movement that has nothing to do with the Company ’ s fundamental forte .

How to Buy Samsung Stock

Samsung trades on the Korea Exchange ( KRX ). Unlike many major ball-shaped companies, Samsung does not issue american english Depository Receipts ( ADRs ) that trade on a US exchange. That limits the ways that investors, specially US investors, can buy and sell Samsung shares.

There are still options for those who want to invest in Samsung.

  • Samsung Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) are available to non-US investors on the London Stock Exchange. US investors are prohibited from buying GDRs by SEC Rule 144.
  • Buy shares in the Korean stock market. You will need to obtain an Investors Registration Certificate from Korea’s Foreign Supervisory Service and you’ll have to open an account with a Korean broker. 
  • US brokerage account holders can buy Samsung shares on the unregulated over-the-counter “Pink Sheet” market. There’s limited liquidity and you may not be able to buy and sell shares when you want to.
  • Invest in an ETF. Samsung dominates the Korean market, and Korea-focused ETFs usually feature significant Samsung holdings. The iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF (EWY), for example, has over 20% of its holdings in Samsung. The Direxion Daily MSCI South Korea Bull 3X Shares fund is a leveraged ETF with 22.34 of its holdings in Samsung.

For most investors, the ETF route is probably the easiest and safest. Samsung ’ south success is often seen as a proxy for the success of the korean market as a solid, and if you believe in Samsung ’ s prospects there ’ s an argument for investing in the broader korean commercialize .

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Should You Buy Samsung Stock?

All investments involve hazard. An investment in Samsung is no different .
Samsung is relatively well insulated from many investment risks. The company serves an highly across-the-board scope of markets with a very divers roll of products. Samsung is not immune to a global recession but the party is not likely to be badly affected by convulsion in one market or in one product lineage .
That protection is not complete. The mobile call market, in especial, is highly competitive and early manufacturers could introduce superscript products that would reduce Samsung ’ sulfur market share .
Samsung could be vulnerable to political upheaval or conflict on the korean peninsula.

A greater refer for US investors may be that Samsung trades merely on the korean market, which limits buying from US investors. That has kept the evaluation more modest than that of many technical school leaders. For case, Apple ’ s 2020 P/E ratio was 38.67, while Samsung ’ south was a much more modest 18.9 .
While the relatively restrict trade in the broth keeps the valuation reasonable, it besides obstructs US buy, which could push the share price up .
You should consider all of these risks and more before investing. It ’ second always a commodity theme to consult a qualify fiscal adviser before making investments .
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What is Samsung? Samsung is a south korean diversified industrial company. Samsung electronics, the largest auxiliary of the Samsung Group, manufactures mobile phones, semiconductors, LED and LCD panels, appliances, and many other products. What are Samsung’s Highlights? Samsung Electronics is the universe ’ s moment largest electronics party and 19th largest pot by tax income. The company is the leading manufacturer of Android smartphones and was the leadership manufacturer of all smartphones in 2020. Samsung is aggressively developing 5G and 6G mobile technology. How Can I Buy Samsung Stock? Samsung trades on the Korean KRX exchange. Non-US investors can buy Global Depository Receipts ( GDRs ) on the London Stock Exchange. US investors may need to open an account with a korean broker or buy shares on the OTC Pink Sheet market. It ’ second besides possible to invest indirectly in Samsung by purchasing a Korea-focused ETF. Are There Any Concerns About Samsung?
Samsung is a global, highly diversify company, which insulates it against risks in any one market or intersection birdlime. The company is systematically profitable but has not generated high increase rates, which could constrain emergence. It is difficult for US investors to buy Samsung shares, which could constrain the stock price .
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