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Trusted & Transparent Trusted & Transparent Our HELOC payment calculator provides the monthly payment required for a home equity line of credit ( HELOC ). The monthly payment for a HELOC is divided into two phases based on the point of time during the HELOC. First, the tie period which is normally 10 years followed by the repayment menstruation which is normally 15 years. In the draw period, you can borrow funds from the HELOC and are entirely compulsory to make interest payments and do not have to repay the principal. In the repayment period, you have to pay back the principal and interest on the HELOC .To calculate the eligible HELOC amount check our HELOC CalculatorHELOC Amount


Interest Rate


Draw Period (Years)


15 Years maximumRepayment Period (Years)


20 Years maximal

Your HELOC Payments

Draw Period Monthly Payment

$ 143.8

refund Period Monthly Payment

$ 288.7

full Interest Paid

$ 36,537

HELOC Payments Over Time

Month Principal Interest Ending Balance
June, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
July, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Aug, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Sept, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Oct, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Nov, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Dec, 2022 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Jan, 2023

$ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Feb, 2023 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Mar, 2023 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
Apr, 2023 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00
May, 2023 $ 0.00 $ 143.75 $ 50,000.00

year 1

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HELOC Payments

How are HELOC repayments structured?

A home equity channel of citation ( HELOC ) allows homeowners to borrow funds based on the equity they own in the base. Your HELOC terminus ad quem can be determined using the loanword to value ( LTV ) ratio and remaining mortgage balance. The HELOC repayment is structured in two phases :

Draw Period

The string menstruation is the phase where you can borrow funds from the HELOC by bank transmit, check or even a credit wag. The draw period is normally 10 years but can be longer or shorter depending on the contract with the lender. During the draw time period, you are only needed to pay the minimum interest payment on the outstanding libra and not the principal itself. therefore, your minimum monthly payment can change from calendar month to month as your outstanding balance changes. You are barren to take funds and repay funds if you choose to ; however, if you are strapped for cash and do not pay back the star you will not be fined as only interest payments are required .

Repayment Period

Repayment Period – In the repayment period you can no longer access the HELOC which means no more funds can be borrowed. During this period both the outstanding balance and interest have to be repaid. The balance is amortized over the remaining period and the monthly payment stays constant during this time period. The repayment time period is normally 20 years. For more information on amortization, take a attend at our amortization calculator to learn more about how loans are amortized .

How does the HELOC Payment Calculator work?

Our HELOC requital calculator determines the monthly requital on your HELOC. The HELOC calculator can be used to determine the sum eligible lend total. The calculator gives both the monthly draw period requital and the monthly refund menstruation requital. An model for the calculations for each period is shown below.

Example for a Draw Period of 10 Years

Outstanding balance wheel = $ 10,000
Interest rate = 5 %
Length of draw period = 10 years The monthly draw time period payment for that year = $ 10,000 * ( 4 % /12 ) = $42 Note : If the lend symmetry is higher the adjacent class, the payment is recalculated with the higher balance

Example for a Repayment Period of 20 Years

total loan measure = $ 50,000
Interest pace = 5 %
Repayment/amortization period = 20 years monthly refund menstruation requital = $330

How does a HELOC Payment Calculator help me?

The HELOC requital calculator can provide valuable information by changing the inputs of the calculator :

  1. Total Interest: The calculator can show you the total interest you will have to pay over the life of the loan and how this can change by altering the length of the loan.
  2. Interest Rate Change: If you are shopping around with different lenders, this calculator can be used to see the difference between payments with varying interest rates provided by lenders.
  3. Initial Monthly Payment: During the draw period only a minimum interest payment needs to be made, this allows you to plan the payments. If the monthly interest payments are under budget, you can choose to make partial principal repayments too, which will reduce the outstanding balance.
  4. Monthly Payment Difference: It is important to understand that the payment during the repayment period can be significantly higher than the draw period. For example, on a $50,000 HELOC with a 5% interest rate, the payment during the draw period is $208. Whereas, during the repayment period the monthly payment can jump to $330 if it is over 20 years. Therefore, this is a significant increase and can be a problem for you especially if you have other debt payments or a high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. The calculator can show you how the payment rises and then you can determine if it is manageable.
  5. Budgeting: During the repayment period if the monthly payment is too high you can choose to increase the repayment period resulting in lower monthly payments. However, if the period is extended the total interest paid also increases.

What if I cannot pay off my HELOC?

If you are ineffective to pay off your HELOC during the refund menstruation, you will be required to make a balloon payment at the end of the HELOC. A balloon requital is a collocate union requital to pay back the principal or borrowed funds during the life of the loan. If you can not make a balloon payment, consider negotiating with your lender to extend the HELOC refund period or refinance the HELOC .

Should I get a HELOC if I plan to move soon?

In most cases, no, if you plan to move from your home within a short time period of time, getting a HELOC is not a good idea. The reason being if you have a boastfully proportion on your HELOC and you decide to move then you will be required to pay back the HELOC in one adam. If you sell the home, then paying back the HELOC will eat into profits and there can be an early closure fee if you close the HELOC within a few years of opening it .


How does a HELOC work?

A home equity wrinkle of citation lets you tap into the equity you own in the home allowing you to borrow funds based on this equity. It is not like a traditional loan where a lump sum is given at the onset of the loan, alternatively a HELOC functions like a accredit card. You can take funds out of the HELOC and merely need to make minimum pastime payments on the proportion, and can choose to pay back some of the principal. The social organization of payments during the draw period is elastic allowing you to make the best use of your funds. alone in the refund period, is the monthly payment constant and is required to be paid .

HELOC qualifications and eligibility requirements

different lenders will have different requirements, however, the general requirements are as follows :

How much can I borrow with a HELOC?

In orderliness to determine how a lot you can borrow from your HELOC, you calculate the maximum HELOC amount allowed which is normally up to 80 % of home plate value, and subtract the outstanding libra. You can use our HELOC Calculator to determine the entire eligible adopt sum from your HELOC .

HELOC Limit Calculator

Calculate how a lot you can potentially borrow from a HELOCCurrent Home Value


Mortgage Balance


Your HELOC limit : $ 140,000

*For informational purposes only. We assume a credit score of greater than 620. Subject to credit underwriting restrictions. For more information, visit our For informational purposes merely. We assume a credit rating sexual conquest of greater than 620. subject to credit underwrite restrictions. For more information, visit our HELOC Calculator

Should I get a HELOC?

It depends on how you plan to use the funds from the HELOC. In most cases, HELOCs are used for renovations, remodeling, and fixing the home. This helps increase the rate of your home which will have long-run benefits and payoffs. however, if you use your HELOC for going on a vacation or buying luxury items, you can risk potentially losing your home if you can not make your payments .

Advantages and Disadvantages of a HELOC

HELOC Advantages

  1. Interest on a HELOC is tax-deductible
  2. Borrowing can be controlled as only funds that are required need to be borrowed
  3. Flexibility in repayments during the draw period
  4. HELOC fees can be waived depending on the lender

HELOC Disadvantages

  1. Your home will be collateral for the HELOC and missing payments may result in foreclosure
  2. HELOCs have variable interest rates that are unpredictable. Variable rates are linked to a benchmark index like the prime rate which is based on the Fed funds rate and can change based on economic conditions.
  3. Requires an LTV ratio of less than 80%
  4. There is a risk of overspending during the draw period as only interest payments are required.

Any calculators or content on this page is provided for general data purposes lone. Casaplorer does not guarantee the accuracy of information shown and is not creditworthy for any consequences of its use .

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