How to Calculate the Market Value of a Property

Calculating the grocery store value of a slice of property is necessary when pricing a family to list, or when considering a purchase of real estate of the realm. The market respect is what a fix and volition buyer will pay for the property in the current market. The market prize of a specific objet d’art of property is not inevitably the same as it was a class anterior to calculating the prize, or a year after.

Assessing the Property’s Features

Prepare a list of the subject property ’ second features. For case, if the property is a house, list the class it was built, number of bedrooms, entire square feet, size of garage, roof type, types of countertops and flooring, whether it has a fireplace, consortium, landscape, fencing or walls.

Finding Comparable Sales

Locate three to five alike properties that have sold in the previous 6 months. These are referred to as comparable properties, or “ comps ”. For an accurate calculation, choose properties near in proximity to the subject property. If the capable property is located in a house tract, the comparables should be from the like housing project. comparable houses should be a similar size to the subject place — within 200 square feet. It ‘s difficult to determine an accurate market price without accurate sales data on local comparables or what specific features ( such as a swimming pool ) might be worth. Swimming pools can be a plus or minus. For model, in Arizona a swim pool will typically increase the value of a theater, but it might reduce the measure of a family in a cold climate.

Comparing Comparables Against Subject Property

List the comparable properties, along with their sold price. The betray price is not the same as the list price. real estate of the realm professionals typically find these figures through their multiple listing service. Note the differences between the comparable properties and the discipline properties. Compare the features listed for the subject property with the comparable properties. For case, if the subject property was built in 1990 and the comparable property was built in 2000, note the comparable property is 10 years new.

Adjusting Property Values

Make adjustments for the differences between each comparable property and the discipline property. For example, if one comparable property sold for $ 200,000 and is like to the topic place in most respects — but is 10 years newer than the subject property — an allowance must be made. When making an adaptation, the amount is not necessarily the actual cost of the token. For case, if the comparable property sold for $ 100,000 and the subject property is like however has a freeze wall that cost $ 20,000 to build, the adjustment would not be $ 20,000 ; it would be a share of that come. Although the subject property would be worth more than $ 100,000, it would be worth less than $ 120,000.

Doing a Little Math

match up the adjustments for each property, and add or subtract that sum from the comparable property. For example, the market respect of the national property ( in the model in the previous step ) would be under $ 200,000, because it ‘s older. The actual decrease would vary by region and local commercialize conditions.

not all amenities, such as extra or newer appliances, raise the marketplace prize of the property. It may make one property show better, but it does n’t necessarily raise the full when calculating the market price.

Averaging the Property Totals

median the final totals. After adjusting the sale price ( which is the actual sale price, plus or minus the adjustments ), add all of the align prices together and divide the number by the total number of comparable properties. The final issue is the calculate market value of the subject property.

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