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How to use our mileage calculator

Simply put in your daily, hebdomadally, monthly or annual mileage and the calculator will let you know how many miles you ‘ll be driving .
The calculator works on a seven day workweek, so remember to include commutation, sociable trips and one-off travel you do .

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[ 1 ] Mileage calculator results are based on a seven day workweek, 30 day month, 365 day year. annual results are rounded to the nearest thousand .

Why use a mileage calculator

It ‘s well to know how many miles you ‘ll be driving each workweek, month and class .
You ‘ll be able to give a more accurate estimate to your car insurance supplier, giving you the right screen without overspending .
It besides allows you to work out a rough in fuel price as well, so you do n’t make changes during your policy, avoiding admin charges. You can use our fuel cost calculator to give a more accurate human body and to find tips on how to maximise your mpg .

Claiming back business mileage

You ‘re entitled to claim back some of the cost of travelling from your employer. How much you can claim depends on whether the fomite you ‘re using is yours or the company ’ south, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as how many miles you ‘re travelling .
Vehicle type
first 10,000 business miles in the tax year
Each business mile over 10,000 in the tax year
Cars and vans


You ‘ll need to keep records of your miles travelled, dates and receipts for fuel or electricity .
Check if you can claim before submitting expense requests to your employer or before embarking on a journey .

How to reduce your mileage

Use public transport

Using public ecstasy not lone helps you reduce your mileage, but lowers your carbon paper footprint excessively. The price of trail or bus tickets might not be cheaper than your fuel costs though .

Walk, run or cycle

Get fit, reduce your mileage and lower your carbon footprint by getting around under your own steam. The cost of a bicycle or running gear might seem like a large initial cost, but you ‘ll quickly make it back by saving money on fuel and car care .

Lift share

If other colleagues or friends are travelling to the lapp place, see if you can lift partake. Remember to check your indemnity policy to make certain lift share is included .

Work from home

If your employer allows you to, working from base is a big way to reduce your annual mileage. Skipping the commute one day a week could reduce your mileage by 20 % .

Plan your route

If you have to drive, plan your road. The most efficient route will help reduce your miles. You can use apps to find the shortest route or the route with the least dealings .

Have stuff delivered

Having denounce and items delivered reduces your mileage and means you do n’t have to leave the ease of your home.

Stay local

Shop and vacation locally, for case, by having a staycation preferably than travelling long-distance and visiting local shops rather than large retail outlets

Benefits of reducing your mileage

a well as saving money on fuel and reducing your carbon footprint, you ‘ll besides save money on general maintenance .
Your tyres and engine components will last long, and the general tire and tear will be less across-the-board which extends the overall life of your vehicle .

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