Calculating Payroll Taxes 101 for Small Business Owners

Hiring employees for your small business for the first meter is an excite action. It allows you to build a team, grow your clientele, and plan your occupation goals. however, that initial agitation is followed by some other tasks that might not be as exciting. Employees require paychecks, which means as a humble business owner, you ’ ra nowadays tasked with calculating payroll taxes and paying employees accurately and on clock. If you plan on a DIY payroll access, you ’ ll need the 4-1-1 on payroll taxes .

Payroll Taxes 101

There are many different components to payroll taxes. Payroll taxes include federal, state of matter, and local anesthetic taxes that need to be withheld from employee paychecks. These rates can change per annum, so for the most accurate information for the year, you ’ ll want to check in with the IRS, and applicable state and local agencies, to ensure you are remaining compliant. Payroll taxes are besides often represented as acronym, which we will break down below .


part of your payroll tax calculations includes accountancy for Social Security and Medicare taxes. These taxes fall under The Federal Insurance Contributions Act or more normally known as FICA taxes. According to the IRS, as a small occupation owner, you are required to withhold 6.2 % for social security and 1.45 % for Medicare. Your employees will be contributing the lapp sum, for a entire of 12.4 % towards social security and 2.9 % for Medicare.

Unemployment Taxes

The Federal Unemployment Tax Act, or FUTA, requires employers to contribute to the federal unemployment pond. According to the IRS, under the general test, you are required to pay FUTA taxes if :

  • You paid wages of $1,500 or more to employees in any calendar quarter
  • You had one or more employees for at least some part of a day in any 20 or more different weeks. This includes all full-time, part-time, and temporary workers.

For those required to pay FUTA taxes, the tax rate is 6.0 % and is applied to the first $ 7,000 of employee wages. Any wages earned after the $ 7,000 nucleotide engage will exempt from any other FUTA taxes .
You besides need to be mindful of the State Unemployment Tax Act ( SUTA ). SUTA taxes may besides be referred to as state unemployment policy ( SUI ), or reemployment tax. Your state is creditworthy for setting these rates so you ’ ll motivation to check in with your state specifically for guidelines, and make sure you ’ rhenium adjusting your contributions consequently .

Income Taxes

Income taxes are another contribution of payroll taxes that will vary based on submit. When filing personal tax returns, the majority of people will file for federal and state income taxes. however, several states do not require income taxes to be withheld .

Forms Associated with Payroll Taxes

Forms go hand in hand with calculating payroll taxes. Whether these are forms that will need to be completed by employees as separate of onboarding paperwork or forms that you ’ ll use come tax season, you ’ ll want to know about them anterior to starting your payroll tax travel so you know what to expect and don ’ triiodothyronine miss deadlines.

Form W-4

Form W-4 is a key mannequin you ’ ll need each employee to fill out. When completing the shape, employees provide important information regarding their personal fiscal situation, which allows you to figure out what needs to be withheld from their paychecks. Your job as a humble business owner is to withhold the decline amount as this will affect your employees come tax season. It ’ s authoritative that employees review Form W-4 every class because withhold can change based on life events like getting married or having children. additionally, Form W-4 will be what you use to produce Form W-2 for tax season so you need to ensure basic data like address and name ( if they got married ) are accurate .

Form W-2

As a small business owner, you are responsible for distributing Form W-2 to employees by January 31st each year so they can file their personal taxes. Form W-2 shows employees how much they contributed to payroll taxes throughout the year based on their withholding condition. When employees withhold besides a lot, they will broadly receive a tax refund, while others who don ’ thymine withhold as much may end up owing extra taxes. Based on their results, your employees may want to update their Form W-4 for the future year .

Form 940

You will be required to use Form 940 to report your annual FUTA tax contributions. Some good news : if you pay your State unemployment taxes on time, you ’ ll qualify for a FUTA tax accredit up to 5.4 %, which means your total FUTA contribution could be 0.6 % .

Form 941

You ’ ll use Form 941 to report income taxes, social security system tax, and Medicare tax withhold from employee ’ second paychecks.

How to Calculate Payroll Taxes

now that you know everything that goes into payroll taxes, you have one final tone : calculating them for each paycheck. thankfully, there are batch of resources online that you can use, including payroll tax calculators that will guide you through the march so you are accurately withholding and calculating the decline sum .
alternatively, if you think this is a batch to manage and would quite focus your attention on early aspects of your business you are more passionate about, there are several places you can turn for help. An accountant or bookkeeper are great options because they can besides help with other fiscal tasks outside of calculating payroll taxes, like fiscal plan. Another choice would be choosing an on-line payroll overhaul to keep you compliant and ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. I

Bottom Line

Payroll and taxes credibly weren ’ t at the crown of your list when starting your minor commercial enterprise travel, but for businesses with employees, they are necessity. If you plan to stick with the DIY payroll way, ensure that you ’ rhenium leaving yourself plenty of time to research all union, state, and local tax laws and time to dedicate to running payroll. As with anything, the more you do it, and the more you know about it, the easier the action will get and soon, you ’ ll be a payroll tax professional .

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