The Complete Guide To Cancelling Your First Data Merchant Account & Finding A Better Credit Card Processor

therefore you have a contract with First Data/Fiserv, and you want to cancel it .
possibly it ’ south because you think you ’ rhenium paying excessively much in processing fees ( you credibly are ). Maybe it ’ randomness because you ’ ve had enough of their bad customer serve and are tired of dealing with their corporate bureaucracy ( we hear repugnance stories ). Or possibly it ’ sulfur something completely different. Whatever your reason might be, you want out of this business kinship .
You may already have tried reading through your condense with First Data and found yourself drowning in 20+ pages of small write, all in dense legalese, and you hush don ’ t know how to cancel. Is there a shortcut ?

Yes ! And no .
In this article, we ’ ll explain how the cancellation march typically works. You ’ ll still have to read some of that abridge, but we ’ ll aid you find the relevant parts more quickly for quick lookups. After that, hopefully, you can cancel the contract without issues .
sol let ’ s get started .

The Trouble With First Data Contract Cancellation

A First Data abridge can be hard to cancel properly away. The chief problem is that it has an early ending tip ( ETF ), which could get pretty goodly if you cancel at the wrong time. To pay less of the ETF, you might have to wait a few months. But there are other obstacles as well .

First Data Customer Service Usually Holds You To The Letter Of The Contract

If you make a error while cancelling, it could get expensive .
For case, during the run of writing this article, we looked through customer complaints both on our web site and the Better Business Bureau web site. generally, the First Data customer service department is portrayed as hostile and closed, and holding you to the letter of the shrink. One customer service representative even told a merchant that “ It may be beneficial that you educate yourself on the MPA [ Merchant Processing Agreement ]. ” even when they do authorize a cancellation-related refund, it might not be for the entire total they took from you .
As to the contract itself, it ’ mho normally in dense legalese. This is not a commercial abridge for beginners. To amply understand it, you ’ ll need to read — and comprehend — a few sections located in different parts of the abridge before you in truth understand how these sections work together. even if you do read the contract, you might not fully understand the implications of each segment. All this can lead to expensive mistakes .

The Contract Has A Strictly Defined Cancellation Procedure & Sometimes Narrow Cancellation Widows

The contract itself uses respective ways to discourage cancellation. In accession to the ETF, to successfully cancel the contract, you must follow a stern termination routine, avoid the automatic refilling mechanism, and pay a cancellation fee ( which is unlike from the ETF ). While there might be a specialize 30-day window to cancel when First Data increases its own process prices, it is slippery to take advantage of those opportunities. Most of the clock time, the safest room to cancel is to follow procedure and cancel at the end of a term .

There Are Related Contracts That Have Longer Terms & Are Not Cancellable

To complicate matters, normally, there are several relate contracts attached to the primary shrink. One of them is an equipment lease narrow. This separate of the contract applies to you only if you signed improving to lease equipment from First Data. The gotcha, though, is that the duration of the lease might be unlike from the distance of the main sign .
normally, the lease is for 48 months and is not cancellable. The entirely means to get out of the lease early is to pay all the money due under the rent in one lump kernel. If your main narrow has a term shorter than 48 months, you might be stuck with an equipment rent narrow even after you ’ ve successfully canceled your main shrink .
possibly you only signed the equipment rent because you liked the Clover equipment. We agree that the Clover pipeline of hardware and software ( Clover POS, Clover Go, and Clover Flex ) is reasonably nice. The trouble is, Clover is proprietorship to First Data, so you can ’ metric ton use it with another processor. If you cancel your First Data contract and wish to continue to use the Clover equipment and software, you might have limited choices on where you can go ; ultimately, you ’ ll have to connect in the backend to First Data. ( fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and we will discuss it late in this article. )
As to the other refer contracts, the agreements we looked through allow First Data to cancel at will. If you wish to cancel, however, you typically have to use the main contract ’ second cancellation mechanism. There might be extra procedures in these sections that you must follow a well. Because your version of the contract might be different from the versions we were able to find, constantly double-check your interpretation to understand your own obligations .

Even After You Successfully Cancel, You Might Still Not Be Done

last, in our quick review of customer complaints, a merchant is sometimes not mindful that they will have to return the leased hardware after the hardware agreement is cancelled, or they ’ ll continue to be billed for the equipment lease. Some merchants fail to understand this ; others attempt to return the hardware but the equipment gets lost in the mail system somewhere on its means. All this can result in extra charges, which the First Data customer servicing department apparently holds you to .
nowadays that you have an idea of what you might be up against, let ’ s keep these possible issues in take care and go through the specific steps to cancel the First Data agreement while avoiding the issues above .

How To Cancel Your First Data Merchant Account In 11 Steps

To write this article, we did a quick Internet search and grabbed some First Data agreements from the First Data web site. however, there are no direct links to these agreements from the First Data home page or menu, so, while we know the agreements are from First Data, we do not know under what circumstances First Data passes the agreements out, to whom, or how current they are .
From the file names, we do know that these agreements are tweaked to fit the needs of particular regions of the global. For case, we found a version that seems to be for independent salespersons in the US. There ’ s a interpretation for Canada, a translation for the UK ( might be used for the entire European Union ), and another version for the Asia Pacific region .
To write this article, we looked through all these agreements. This article is meant to give you a general sense of these agreements, so please be aware that we haven ’ t dissected each paragraph or sentence. You may besides have signed an older or newer version of these agreements. so, if you have specific questions about your specific sign, please consult a lawyer to get the “ very ” answer for your situation .
As we already mentioned earlier, the most pain-free room to cancel the First Data agreement is to wait until the end of the contract ’ mho term, so this is what we ’ ll focus on below. If you need to terminate your contract with First Data because you need to declare bankruptcy ( e.g. because of the economic crisis from COVID-19 ), please be mindful that termination due to bankruptcy will put you on the MATCH number, and you ’ ll have trouble setting up a new card process account in the cheeseparing future. Be certain to talk to your bankruptcy lawyer about this issue and see if he/she can think of a way to avoid the MATCH list .
Bearing the above in mind, hera are the cosmopolitan steps to cancel a First Data Merchant Processing Agreement ( MPA ) .

1. Find Your Merchant Agreement

You should have a copy of your MPA. It might be in newspaper form, or it might be in electronic phase. You might have to go through previous emails. If you can ’ thyroxine find it, you might have to contact First Data for a transcript. likely, you ’ ll need your MID for them to be able to pull your contract, indeed be surely to have it at hand when you call. You should be able to find your MID in your affirmation .
You absolutely can ’ metric ton skip this dance step. Each shrink has specific details that tell you when you can terminate your contract without penalty. If you try to cancel your agreement without looking up these specific details, you might be hit with a boastful requital on something completely evitable .

2. Find The Effective Date

Finding the effective Date is very crucial because this is the date when the clock starts ticking towards the end of the term of the abridge. normally, the compress will define/tell you how to find the Effective Date—it ’ ll either be in the beginning few paragraph of an agreement, or it ’ ll be in a section called Term and Termination or exchangeable .
With First Data, the Effective Date is typically the date they approved the agreement, but this varies by region, so be certain to double-check by looking at your agreement. If you ’ re in the US or in Canada, you might have to look through your physical file or old emails from First Data ( or its independent sales representative ) for a letter telling you that you ’ ve been approved to do commercial enterprise with First Data in orderliness to nail down the demand date .

3. Find The Initial Term & Calculate The End Date Of The Initial Term

In the same Term and Termination incision, you should normally see how initial Term is defined. sometimes, it points you to another section to look up the count. other times, it ’ ll tell you an accurate number starting from the effective Date .
For the First Data agreements we looked at, the Initial Term might be something your salesperson fills out in your application ( so you have to flip to your application form to check ) or sometimes it ’ s specified as a share of the definition of initial Term. The typical number we ’ ve seen is three to four years.

once you have your effective Date and the distance of your initial Term, you can calculate the end of the initial Term .

4. If Necessary, Determine The Renewal Term

once you have the initial Term, then it ’ randomness comfortable to determine if you ’ re still in this initial term or you ’ re outside of it. If you ’ re still in the initial term, you can skip to the next footstep. If you ’ re outside the initial term, then continue to read below .
If you ’ re outside of the initial Term, determine how farseeing you ’ ve gone into your reclamation Term. Renewal Term should besides be defined in this section ( sometimes it ’ south in a section or two below the initial Term section ). Look for it. It should be comfortable to find .
For the agreements we looked at, the Renewal Term can be anywhere from month-to-month to up to six months at a clock time. You might besides have an earlier version of the First Data agreement, where your Renewal Term is defined differently. Double-check the contract and determine the end of the particular Renewal Term you ’ re in .

5. Determine The Notice Period & Calculate The Exact Date By Which You Must Give Termination Notice

In the like Term and Termination incision, you should besides be able to find precisely how First Data wants to receive a notice of ending. For contracts in general ( with any company and not only with First Data ), the notice normally must be in writing. typically, the shrink will besides spell out how many days in improvement of end point they have to receive the detect. With First Data, typically this is 30 to 60 days in progress, but you should constantly check to make certain the phone number of days specific to your agreement. With month-to-month agreements, the notice menstruation is typically 30 days .
normally, companies want to have the notice in their hands by the notice date, so if your poster deadline is 30 days, preceptor ’ t send the notice out on the thirtieth day. Send it out sol that they get the notice at least a few days before the deadline .

6. Go To The Notice Section & Find The Form & Format You Must Use To Give Notice

now that you know by which date you must inform First Data that you ’ re terminating the compress, go to the Notice section in the contract to lookup more specifics. This section is normally lumped with all the many-sided legal boilerplate language .
In the Notice department, you will learn how you have to give notice. typically, your notice must be in writing and must be sent to a particular address by some specific pitch method—e.g., by mail, by messenger, by fax. Follow that section to the letter. Given how rigorously First Data holds its customers to the sign, you ’ ll want to follow this part precisely .

7. Calendar That Date

immediately you know the deadline date by which First Data must receive your notice of end point, where to send the detect, and how you have to send it. If that date is respective months away, you might want to put the deadline on your calendar so you don ’ t forget. note again that the deadline is typically the date by which First Data receives the notice, and not the date on which you send the notice .
fortunately, you ’ re absolve to send your notice any time earlier than the deadline date. however, park sense says you might not get the best avail from a company that you have told you no longer wish to do business with, so you might want to hold off sending the notice of ending until just a few weeks before the deadline .

8. Note If There Are Cancellation-Related Fees Such As The Early Termination Fee & The Cancellation Fee

If you terminate your First Data agreement by finding the end date of your initial Term or Renewal Term and by following the procedure above, you shouldn ’ t have to pay an ETF. Of course, if you don ’ t mind paying an ETF, then you can terminate any time by providing First Data with a written poster, following the routine in Step 6 above .
If you ’ re remember of paying the ETF, read through that section carefully therefore you understand how much you ’ d have to pay if you terminate early. This could get expensive, so think it through carefully before you do it .
notice that, when you cancel your agreement, First Data will besides charge you a Cancellation Fee. The Cancellation Fee is separate from the ETF, and normally it ’ s a flat tip. Be prepared to pay this price .

9. When The Time Comes, Send the Notice of Termination

This is a pretty self-explanatory step, but an important one. Send the detect of result. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate put it off. Given how First Data customer service is described on the BBB ailment site, they ’ ll testify you no sympathy if you don ’ triiodothyronine get this done correctly. Do it early and do it right .
Another thing to remember about the notice is that you should be very specific about the date on which you want to terminate service. Make certain there is no ambiguity on the survive date of service, so first Data can ’ triiodothyronine extend the condense for longer than you wish or even mistakenly terminate the compress early and care you an ETF .
Whether you send your notice by your area ’ randomness chain mail system or by secret messenger ( e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL ), be surely to request a signed receipt so that you have proof First Data did get your notification and on what date. Too much, people claim they never got a piece of important commensurateness, so your return receipt will come in handy to prove that you sent your notice of ending by the notice deadline and to the right address .

10. Return Equipment If Called For By Equipment Lease

If you leased equipment from First Data, be certain to check all the ending linguistic process in that part of the contract. An equipment lease is typically not cancellable during the initial lease term ( which is typically 48 months ). You could cancel subsequently, but there are particular steps involved, and possibly even a separate notice procedure. One of the most significant things is that you might have to return the equipment, or pay for it outright ( yes, you ’ d have to pay for the equipment that you ’ ve already paid for several times over during the initial term of the rent, which is why we hate leasing ) .
When you return the equipment, be surely to request a delivery receipt. This way, First Data can ’ triiodothyronine title that they never received the equipment or that somehow it got lost in transportation system .

11. Keep An Eye Out For Unauthorized Withdrawals & Dispute If Necessary

last, don ’ t trust that First Data will close your score correctly. once you get the manner of speaking receipt of your notice letter, count for something from First Data acknowledging the contract termination. If you don ’ t become anything, bid to follow up .
Keep watching your bank account to make sure they stop taking charges from your account. They might have to withdraw some processing fees from the final day your account was active, and things like chargebacks might happen months after the end point. But if you have any questions, call and talk to them to make sure they ’ rhenium not withdrawing money that they ’ rhenium not entitled to. It ’ s your money, so you need to be responsible for catching their mistakes .

How To Find Alternatives To First Data Merchant Services

Before you completely terminate your business kinship with First Data, we hope that you ’ re already think of which payment processor you ’ re going to use following. After all, requital processors are a necessity ! It ’ mho closely impossible to do clientele these days if you can ’ metric ton accept credit rating or debit cards .
fortunately, there are a batch of reputable providers out there, and we can help you find the one that makes sense for you. We recommend you start your research with this Best Of list ( here ’ s one for bad businesses as well ) and go on from there .

Can You Reuse Your Existing Clover Equipment?

As mentioned above, Clover hardware and software are proprietorship to First Data, so you can ’ triiodothyronine use them unless, somehow, they ’ rhenium connected to First Data in the backend. This means that if you have Clover equipment and wish to continue to use it, you ’ ll have to find a central processing unit who does business with First Data. One direction to look for such a processor is to investigate whether they sell Clover equipment. If they do, then it ’ second about certain that they do business with First Data .
But if you couldn ’ thyroxine get a capital deal with First Data by signing with it directly, what hope do you have for a bang-up deal if you go through a contact ? While we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how the business relationship between First Data and its front-end processors truly works, from what we have observed ( and from the types of offers advertised on some of these processors ’ websites ), some front-end processors may indeed have a better deal with First Data than any individual merchant working with First Data directly could always get .
This makes common sense, actually. Front-end processors can promise a certain volume of clientele to First Data. These processors can besides provide their own customer support, so First Data doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to spend clock or resources dealing with these issues. In any event and whatever happened behind the scenes, some of these processors—including our highly-rated ones like National Processing, Payment Depot, and Dharma —can even offer month-to-month contracts and no ETF when you sign up with them. These processors besides let you buy the Clover equipment outright, without a awkward and ultimately expensive equipment lease. It often makes more sense to work with First Data through a interlocutor than dealing with it immediately .

Are Offers Of Early Termination Fee Reimbursement Too Good To Be True?

We sometimes come across processors that promise to buy out your ETF so you can terminate your existing merchant agreement early and sign up with them. Be careful with these promises. sometimes, there ’ s a hard crown on how much they ’ ll pay, indeed be sure to beginning understand the amount they ’ re will to pony up before you cancel with First Data. Keep in mind as well that signing with them might mean signing another long term contract that ’ randomness difficult to terminate—a contract that has its own ETF.

Be leery of any extend to buy out your exchange traded fund, in short. While sometimes the offer is veridical, other times you might be jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire. Get all the facts and do your mathematics before you make a concluding decision .

Cancelling Your First Data Merchant Account Isn ’ metric ton Easy, But It Is accomplishable

First Data is a large multinational company, and it ’ south one of the most “ corporate ” processors we ’ ve come across. It is, therefore, fitting that they ’ d have a very conventional compress broad of gotchas that newer business owners aren ’ triiodothyronine used to dealing with. While early ending penalties, stern end point procedures, and precise notice requirements aren ’ t unusual when bombastic businesses work with one another, they can be shocking to a modest business owner who just isn ’ thyroxine used to business-to-business style contracts. ( If you wish to learn more about how to read merchant agreements, check out our usher on merchant agreements. )
But every contract can be cancelled, and the First Data contract is no exception. You will have to read the abridge very carefully to find out the accurate operation and then you might have to wait a few months, but when the timing is right and you follow the routine rigorously, terminating the contract is actually fairly easy. so don ’ triiodothyronine be intimidated. If you have specific questions about your contract, it ’ mho best for you to consult a lawyer, but if you have stories about contract cancellation with First Data, we ’ five hundred love to hear about them. good leave us a note below !

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