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Are you thinking about cancelling your GEICO car indemnity policy ? Once you decide to cancel your GEICO policy, it will be in your best pastime to look up all of your options and research other policies before making the decision. differently, you could end up with a elapse in coverage on your insurance history, which can lead to higher premium costs down the road. This article will take you through the steps on how to cancel your GEICO car indemnity and the assorted options potentially available to you .

Reasons to cancel auto insurance

several reasons could motivate you to cancel a cable car insurance policy, such as customer service dissatisfaction, moving to another state, getting a fresh car or selling a car, overpriced premiums, a change in marital status or finding a bum policy. Each indemnity company differs in fees and requirements for cancellation. Once you decide you want to cancel your GEICO car policy policy, it is typically best to act cursorily and set up modern insurance prior to cancelling .

How to cancel GEICO auto insurance

Cancelling your GEICO car indemnity involves a few easy steps, and alone takes a few minutes. While each policy company is different, GEICO provides a dim-witted process without requiring a cancellation fee. To cancel your policy, you ’ ll motivation to have your GEICO policy number on hand and call to speak with a accredited agent. Follow the steps below to cancel your GEICO cable car insurance :

  • Call (800)-841-1587
  • Ask to speak with a licensed agent.
  • You may be prompted to speak with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Say “cancel insurance policy” and then “auto.” 
  • Be ready to state your GEICO policy number

Can you cancel GEICO auto insurance online?

GEICO does not presently offer a feature that enables you to cancel your car policy on-line. The only choice is for you to call GEICO directly using the count listed above. You ’ ll need to either speak with an agent or use the steps guided by the automated feature of speech to cancel your GEICO car policy.

Does GEICO have a cancellation fee?

You will not have to pay a GEICO cancellation tip when terminating your policy policy. Once you call to cancel, the following steps are pretty simple. You may opt to cancel your policy at any time immediately, or set a future cancellation go steady .

Considerations for cancelling your GEICO policy

GEICO offers flexible solutions for some of the reasons that would make you want to cancel your car insurance. You should consider researching your options with GEICO if you have moved, changed marital condition, won ’ metric ton be driving temporarily, can ’ triiodothyronine afford your car indemnity or have found a cheaper car insurance policy. Whether it ’ s removing a kin penis from your policy, looking for discounts to make your GEICO cable car insurance cheap or receiving a reduce rate, GEICO provides solutions for all of the listed reasons above. You can call the company for aid on identifying ways to change your policy to fit your needs. It is always best to do your research and shop round for other car policy policies before making the decisiveness to cancel. Comparing different policies and what they offer is the best way to decide whether your current car insurance is correct for you. If you ’ re disquieted that you ’ re paying more for car policy than you should be, investigate the factors that contribute to the average cost of car insurance and see where you might be above average for your circumstances ; breaks down car indemnity rates by state and driver demographics to assist with this work. We besides offer a list of the top 2020 car indemnity companies, which may be utilitarian if you ’ rhenium considering option providers .

Will I receive a refund or owe money if I cancel?

Whether you will receive a refund or owe money to GEICO depends on your status with the policy payments. You may be entitled to a refund under certain conditions. For exemplar, if you have already paid up battlefront for your stallion premium, GEICO will issue a refund for the unused dowry. If you are current on all of your payments, you will likely not owe any money. however, if you are by due on any of your payments or recently added a new vehicle to your policy, you will be required to pay the remaining counterweight in full before cancelling your policy .

Where does GEICO require additional information?

GEICO will probably ask you for your policy count when you cancel. It is constantly good to have your it on hand when cancelling your GEICO cable car indemnity. If you do not have your policy number on hired hand, the agent may be able to find it for you by verifying your personal information.

Can someone else cancel my GEICO policy for me?

GEICO requires that only the policyholder cancel the policy. The party will not allow anyone else to cancel the car policy policy, unless the individual has legal Power of Attorney for the policyholder .

Be sure to have another policy before cancelling

If you are set on cancelling your GEICO cable car policy policy, it ’ second significant to note that you should set up a policy with another car policy supplier before cancelling. The recommend course of legal action is to have a day or two of overlap between the two policies. even a day without having an car policy policy is considered a backsliding in coverage and can affect you negatively when searching for car insurance in the future, a well as affecting rates. insurance companies determining your premiums will look at multiple factors, including drive phonograph record and insurance history. A backsliding in coverage can mean that you have been driving uninsured or can ’ thymine keep up with your payments. As a consequence, you may be charged a higher pace .

Consider suspending your policy instead of cancelling

possibly you are satisfied with your current policy and do not want to cancel it, but there are other reasons you nobelium longer need an active policy or the lapp level of coverage. What can you do if you are not planning to drive your vehicle for 30 days or more, are traveling for an unfold time period of time, have a suspended license or necessitate to repair your car ?

Depending on the circumstances, your policy company may allow you to suspend your policy — one of several flexible options to help your policy fit your needs. In order to find out if you can suspend your cable car insurance policy, call a GEICO agent to discuss your options .

The takeaway

  • You may choose to cancel your GEICO auto insurance policy if you are dissatisfied with the customer service provided, moving to another state, getting a new car or selling a car, having trouble paying your premium or if you have found a cheaper policy.
  • Cancelling GEICO car insurance is a fairly quick and easy process, and does not require a cancellation fee. However, you cannot cancel your car insurance online.
  • GEICO offers flexible solutions under certain circumstances like a change in marital status, keeping a car in storage and relocation, but the best way to explore your options is to call a GEICO agent. 
  • It’s important to have another insurance policy before cancelling your GEICO car insurance to avoid being identified as a risk to insurance companies for having a lapse in coverage.
  • If you like your current policy but will not be driving your vehicle for 30 days or more, look into suspending your policy as an alternative.

There are multiple reasons why you may need to cancel your car indemnity policy. Each insurance company has its own specific requirements for cancellation, so it ’ second constantly best to do your research and call your policy agent to understand the process. GEICO makes the cancellation march easy, although there is presently no option to do therefore online. Be certain to have your GEICO policy number on hand when you call because you will probable be asked for it. however, GEICO offers flexible solutions to fit your changing needs, so before cancelling your car policy policy, call a GEICO agent and find out what alternatives may be best .

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