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Happy family with children Around 20 % of Americans don ’ t have a bank account*. But that doesn ’ thymine mean they can ’ t cash a pay match or indemnity village control. There are many ways to cash a number of checks without having a bank account .

Can I cash a check without a bank account?

Whether you ’ re a temp or contract worker, and you have a payroll check, or an income tax refund check, you don ’ t have to go to a bank or need a bank account to cash it .
just take it to your nearest money Services localization for it to be processed with our assay cashing service. As we ’ rhenium unfold evenings and weekends – unlike most bank branches – you can cash your check with us even if the bank is closed .

Where can I cash a check without a bank account?

There are a total of places and ways you can cash a check, including :

  • At Money Services. You can cash a range of different checks at your local Money Services, including payroll or government-issued checks. Find your local Money Services using the store locator.
  • At the issuing bank. If you’ve received a check from the bank, you can usually cash it there, too. Remember to take your ID.
  • Using Prepaid Cards. You can load the value of your check onto a prepaid card at Money Services, to be spent at your local grocery store or to withdraw in cash at an ATM.

What type of checks can be cashed without bank account?

You can cash about any type of assay without a bank report .
At Money Services, you can cash the follow checks :

  • payroll
  • income tax refund
  • government
  • insurance settlement
  • 401 (k), retirement disbursement
  • business
  • Western Union® or MoneyGram® issued Money orders.

You can besides unload or get cash off your debit card at Money Services up to $ 5,000 or get cash off your card when buying groceries for up to $ 300. We don ’ t accept starter or personal checks, or third party checks at this time .

How to cash a large check without a bank account

Checks of a value over $ 5,000 are considered ‘ big checks ’, and the summons of cashing them is slightly different.

If you want to cash a confirmation that ’ s over $ 5,000, you ’ ll normally need to visit a bank and you may have to wait a while to get your money. Under Regulation CC, banks may take up to seven business days to process large checks .
If you want to cash a big check without a deposit report, you ’ ll need to visit the bank or credit union that issued the check to you. If you ’ re not an report holder, you may besides be charged a tip for the serve. These vary count on state of matter and store .
The want ID will vary depending on where you ’ re planning to cash your check. You will need a valid photograph ID at most stores, and at places like the Bank of America, you ’ ll need two forms of ID – one of which will need to be photograph ID.

To find out more, visit our see cash foliate .
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